Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 12 April 2014

I feel a blog coming on

Hopefully tomorrow, my computer will be restored back to full health; one way or the other. Been kind of lost with it only working for an hour at a time. The upside of all this though, is it's given me more time to do other things, instead of sitting staring at a screen most of the day.

Anyway, here's a few pictures from recentish days past.

Back to January, and a Black-headed Gull regurgitating a food pellet.

I've seen Robins do it too, and I thought it was just Owls that did that.

A Red-legged Partridge that posed for some pictures.

Into February

A Shoveler, shovelling in the sunshine.

And having a good splash around.

March gave me some lovely birds in Wales.

A Siskin, telling it like it is.

A Yellowhammer, who looks like he's heard it all before.

A singing Skylark

This Goldfinch seemed to be frowning.

Or maybe it's just me.

'Bird on a stick' ........... but a nice bird. A Stonechat.

and as I left Wales, some snow on a mountain.

Back home to Milton Keynes, and a quick visit up to Summer Leys in Northants to see the Long-tailed Duck.

Picture not brilliant, very distant, but a lifer for me, so it's in.

A male Red Crested Pochard feeding his mate with some weed. A bit of spring bonding perhaps?

This is definitely some spring bonding.

A pair of Pheasant continuing the line

And to end the March selection, a pair of Adders.

The male is black, the female brown. I learnt later that the blue eyes of the male, mean he is soon to shed his skin.

April next time.

Right, I'm off to have a bath. It's not my birthday yet, but it is soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 4 April 2014

An assortment

A few older ones from Wales, but I'll start with a few from this morning.

We've had a lot of pollution recently hanging in the air, coming from Europe, and in that general direction. Coupled with the fog, it doesn't make for ideal conditions for pictures.

First up is lifer for me. A Dartford Warbler.

The same bird that Trevor featured in his blog a little while ago.

It seems this bird has been here all through the winter, and calling every day, in the vain hope of finding a mate.

Sadly, so far, he's been out of luck.

A quick visit first thing though, to Woburn Deer Park, produced a couple more birds for the annual 'tick' list.

A pair of Black Swans, have managed five healthy looking cygnets.

I don't think these are on the British List yet, even though they seem to have been breeding successfully for a few years now.

Another bird that took the year list upwards was Mandarin Duck.

Rubbish picture, but good to see a few enjoying the foggy/polluted morning.

And it wouldn't be right not to have at least one deer picture.

Plenty around this morning.

Back to Wales for the rest.

Flint doesn't have a particularly good reputation for some reason; but I rather like it there.

Across the Dee from Flint.


There's a beauty in everything, and everywhere; if you take the time to look.

There's a place near Conwy, on the north coast, that is famous for its Hawfinch.

I visited there early one morning. It's called  Caerhun Church, down a very narrow track, off  a minor road.

Despite looking, I couldn't find any Hawfinch though. Maybe another visit is required.

Still on the north coast, and when there was some welcome sun, three shots of three different birds.



Little Egret. This one had a couple of rings. I must get round to finding out some history of this bird.

A bargain next.

Purple Sandpiper on the rocks, with four Turnstone.

Last one from February, is this young Kestrel that was around the cottage where I was staying.

Nearly done.

A couple of birds from March next.

Yellowhammer. Fortunate to see anything up to a dozen of these around the cottage.

Lesser Redpoll

Reed Bunting, foraging on the beach at Talacre.

And I'll finish with an all too brief encounter with a Hare that I had one morning.

He starts to come towards me under the fence, unaware of my presence. It had been snowing a little too.

Suddenly he stops dead. I've been spotted.

Then he's off!!

And so am I. Probably too many pictures, but never mind.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Aggressive birds

I've recently watched quite a few birds behaving badly.

Goldfinches can be pretty aggressive when they are on the feeders, as can the larger Greenfinch.

Siskins can certainly hold their own in a dispute, but the most aggressive I've come across, has been the Chaffinch. He'll pick a fight with anyone; and seemingly, anytime.

This selection was in much better light than the previous post.

and my favourite .......

Have a peaceful weekend, and play nice.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mistle Thrush

A member of the 'Thrush' family, strangely enough, and apart from the vagrants and rarities that turn up here occasionally from other countries, the largest of our two resident species that have Thrush in their name.

Song Thrush, at 20-22cm, and the Mistle Thrush, at 26-29cm.

A fine melodic singer too.

Whilst walking along a footpath at Llanfaifechan recently, that borders a woodland, I saw a different side to them though.

I guess most birds 'fight' at some stage in their life; be it over food, or a partner, and Robins, in particular, have been known to fight to the death.
This pair were doing a pretty good job of it when I saw them.

They would tumble, from a tree branch, fighting, and continue the fight on the ground.
As soon as one broke free, the other would chase him back up in the tree, and the process would continue.

Have a peaceful day.