Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Like a moth to the flame

Elephant Hawk Moth


Well, I'm back. Not dead yet; although I did feel like it just before I came back from Wales. Chest pains for a few days, that gradually wore off.
I put it down to indigestion.

My wallet is certainly dying though, along with the car. It's back in the garage Wednesday for another examination, and the insurance is due for renewal next month. A bit of an increase because some foreign bastards decided to cause an accident last November by stopping suddenly on a roundabout, causing me to run into the back of them.
Such pain and damage they are claiming for.

 It's the glass thingy in the middle, in case you're struggling to see it.

Today is a Bank Holiday here today. It's a day when all the banks close, to see if they can come up with any other ways to screw the rest of us; their customers. 
My bank, Barclay's, has recently announced that they are reducing the interest paid on my savings account. They must be struggling to make ends meet.

I must admit to neglecting this, and my other blogs though.
Most of the pictures I've taken over the last few weeks have been posted on my Flickr pages, and then some posted out on Twitter.


Wheatear, juvenile

Common Sandpiper


I do find my Welsh visits a great source of inspiration photographically.

Something currently in the news. The ice bucket challenge.

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a bit bored with all this ice bucket bollocks?
All these people in the public eye having their egos wanked by being showered with alleged 'ice cold water' in the name of ALS; that's Ayotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a form of motor neurone disease. I doubt if most of them know what it is anyway.

Personally I think they'd be better off doing something useful, like community work in run down areas, or helping out at animal charities for a day. Or how about going round their local cities/towns/villages with a collecting bucket for the charity.
Or is that not high profile enough for these tossers?

I see in the news that Pamela Anderson has turned down the challenge though, on the grounds that ALS do animal testing. Good for her. She does a lot of work for PETA.
Although maybe someone should explain to her that the silicone that makes her tits, has a history of being tested on animals.

I'll finish on a little animal, happy in the knowledge that they won't be tested on.

 Baby Bank Voles

Grown up Bank Vole

They might finish up as lunch for a Tawny Owl though.

Right, off for a vegetarian sausage sarnie.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

It's been a while

Well, I've been back in Wales for a couple of weeks. To begin with we had no internet connection for a while; it's back on now, but now my car is playing up.
Still, I've managed to take a few pictures when it hasn't been raining.
A big downpour passed through this morning, along with a thunderstorm, but it seems to have settled down a bit now.

Anyway, here's a few pictures; and I'll do my best to catch up a bit when I can.

Lots of boggy/marsh plants around here. The last one, I finished up waist deep after taking the picture. Hadn't noticed where the squishy bit ended, and the very wet bit started. Grace might enjoy these.

Marsh Cinquefoil

Bog Asphodel

Marsh Willowherb

Marsh Bedstraw

She's my constant companion while I wander the local fields.

There's half a dozen juvenile Jays around the garden at the moment. Very noisy, but great fun to watch. Here's a couple.

A visit to RSPB Conwy the other day; always something good to see. I think Theresa might enjoy this one. Two of the four ponies on the reserve posing for the camera.

An interesting bug turned up one day whilst getting some logs

about two inches long

I'm told it's a Pine Wasp

I put the moth trap out a couple of times whilst I've been here, and had some interesting visitors.

Poplar Hawkmoth
Quite a biggy.

Coxcomb Prominent


Gold Spangle

Burnished Brass. 
The yellow on this one really shone when the daylight caught it.

The next two are from the Little Tern colony at Gronant beach.

Little Tern

and last one for now

Ringed Plover

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Some July stuff

Today it is pouring with rain, but yesterday, by contrast, the temperature was 27/28 C.
Bloody hot.

The hot sunny weather tends to keep the birds lying low, but the insects love it.

Common Darter

Green-veined White

Large Skipper

A frazzled looking Four-spotted Chaser

Amongst the reedbeds, I found this rather lovely flower.

Not got an ID yet, but it looks like it could be part of the 'pea family'.
(I could be wrong though)

Ringlet; upper and lower wings.
You can see how it got its name

Comma; upper and lower wings.
Got his name from the little 'comma' mark on the underwing.

(sometimes they co-operate)

Banded Demoiselle

(male and female)

Common Blue Damselfly.

(Sowing the seed for the next generation. Sadly they will never witness the fruits of their labour. Sad)

Southern Hawker

Nearly there, bare with me.

Black-tailed Skimmer

And the last two coming up.

I wasn't trying to be flash or anything with these, it's just that they just wouldn't settle, and it was the only way to capture them. Quite a special dragon too; only found in a few locations in the east of England.

Norfolk Hawker

I'm gonna slip one more in here, 'cause I like it.
It wasn't taken yesterday in the sun, but a few days ago in my garden.
I get regular visits during the night from these, and usually get them on my night camera when I set it up. This particular morning, I was up early, and he was still around. He'd managed to catch a frog for breakfast.
No frog eating, (I've got that on video for another time maybe), but for now, just a cutesy pose.


Have a great weekend

Friday, 27 June 2014

Normal service resumes

Well it looks like Blogger has calmed down, so I'll do another post while the goings good. The dashboard still gives me the occasional 'no blogs following', but a quick hit on the refresh button a couple of times usually sorts that one out.

An over the shoulder glance from a Kestrel, ready for a take off over the rocks at the Great Orme.

A Chough that did launch.

An interesting plant this. (to me, anyway). Like a miniature Foxglove, but with different shaped leaves. Even grows in the cracks of a wall. Navelwort.

Another interesting plant. A common one. It has an inflated calyx that becomes brown and inflated in 'fruit', (that's the fat bit behind the yellow flowers), and the seeds rattle inside; hence the name, Yellow Rattle.

I try and make a point of not doing 'captive' birds on here, but I must admit to having a liking for this particular shot.

A Flamingo from a visit to Martin Mere.

A summer visiting male Scaup, that was visiting RSPB Conwy when I popped in one day. Usually a rare winter visitor to our shores. Perhaps he's like me, and enjoys it there.

A Crow that has managed to acquire an egg for breakfast. My guess is a Mallards egg.

Usually this bird is associated with thieving. The much maligned, by some, 'thieving' Magpie. This one has a lot to learn yet though; a juvenile.

On a hot sunny day, it's not just dragons, damsels and butterflies on the wing. There are some beautiful moths about too. A Yellow Shell.

Two more day flying moths to finish on.

Burnet Companion

The Cinnabar

See ya

Have a good weekend