Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 3 August 2015



Time flies when you get old.

Had a few sunny days recently, so I've managed to get out with the camera, and not take pictures of Whisky; well, none for on here.
He's doing well though, and growing so fast I'll need a saddle for him soon.

Common Knapweed


I finally got to see a Brimstone butterfly this year at last

Red Admirals are always good to see

A Green-veined White and a Large White

The next one, I am reliably informed, by people who know more about these things than I do, is an Essex Skipper.

 At this point it would seem logical to put a Small and a Large Skipper for comparison purposes.

So, I'll chuck in a dragon here to break the monotony; a Migrant Hawker

 (Lots of migrants coming your way soon)

Back to the butterflies, and one I do know for certain, a Gatekeeper

Ringlets are easy too; they have 'rings'.

Next one is a 'two for one'. A female Chalkhill Blue sharing a Common Knapweed with a bee
I'm glad I managed to get the bee before our government kill them all off with a banned EU pesticide, which in their infinite wisdom, and against their own scientific advisors, they have allowed the NFU to use in some areas.
Nothing to do with large sums of money exchanging hands though.

Another Chalkhill Blue picture. This time some males, enjoying the delights of crap.

A Silver-washed Fritillary

A Small Copper

That's it. A lot of butterflies, I know, and if you don't like butterfly pictures, well, never mind.

I did say none of Whisky, but I'll sneak this one in. I caught him bird watching in the garden the other day.

Bye. Enjoy your week, whatever you are up to.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another post

Whisky is certainly keeping me busy ......... in the best possible way.

He continues to grow, and is really settling in to the life here, away from the open fields of Wales that he grew up in.

We did make a brief visit back there recently, when my friends dogs had succumbed to some poison. It was touch and go for one of them; but thankfully to the skill and dedication of the vets, all three dogs made a full recovery.

While I was there, I managed a couple of pictures.


Juvenile Blackbird

He had a damaged foot, and I think he had fallen from the nest too early.
Despite the best efforts of the adult male feeding him, and us putting him in a safe area, he sadly died a few days later.

The moth traps had a couple of outings while I was there, although the weather was more like winter, than the summer I left behind. Nothing special to show, but when I got home, a few interesting moths were revealed when I put a trap out.

Large Yellow Underwing

Elephant Hawk-moth

He appeared after I had watered one of my pots of plants.

Dot Moth

Dusky Sallow

Honeysuckle Moth

I've had a few visits to my local lake recently, (once the car had been fixed; fuel injectors. Bloody expensive these cars!), and a couple of the highlights have been ..................

A Tufted Duck, and her seven ducklings.

Juvenile Long Tailed Tit.

And some butterfly pictures from the garden

Holly Blue

 Feeding on some of the rubbish scooped from the pond. Yuck!!

Large White


That's it for now, from me and the boy

Enjoy the rest of the day

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A post

I've been back in sunny MK for about a week now, so here's a quick post.

Firstly, Whisky traveled back home from Wales under protest. He misses the green fields and other dogs. So do I.
He still does not like travelling in the car, despite short trips every morning to Caldecotte Lake, in the hope of him getting used to it.
(I will manage a new blog post on there soon, but there just seems so much to do in the days now. Still, it's better than being sat in front of a computer screen for too long.)

Once we get to the lake though, he loves to be able to run around and have fun.

The warm sunny weather recently, has been great for the butterflies and damsels,

Marbled White

Small Skipper

Common Blue

and even some day flying moths.

Shaded Broad-bar

The night time moths have been really good too.
Managed a few excellent nights with the traps whilst in Wales; most of the results have been posted on my website. I'm finding these Lepidoptera fascinating, even though some of them can be a bugger to ID.

I've not forgotten the birds, although I'm finding myself less worried about seeing new species now.

The first two are a couple I took in Wales before I came home.

Sedge Warbler


Next three are from our recent visits to the local lake.

Moorhen on a log

Long Tailed Tit  juvenile.

One of the two Oystercatchers that have bred there again.

I'll finish on a bug from one of the moth traps.

Thanks to Trevor for the ID on this one:

Ophion luteus

Till the next time ......................

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


As promised/threatened here's a few pictures of the new boy, Whisky.

Posing with brother Obi.

Obi is now at his new home, and settling in well.

Playing with Obi

With his Aunty Ellie and two brothers, Obi and Thistle.

Ellie has been amazing with the puppies. When they first arrived she was very wary and nervous of them, to the point of being quite stressed; although curious. Once they were all introduced, she has been like a mother dog, playing with them, and watching over them constantly. She'll even let them 'steal' food or toys from her mouth.
Bud, the other adult dog of the house, has been a little different. He's not too fussed about them, rather keeping his distance, or grudgingly tolerating their inquisitive attentions.
Only when they get too close if he's eating, on a couple of occasions, then it's a case of 'back off'!!

More play, this time with Thistle

Chilling with Obi

Whisky, chilling.


They were all taken in May, and the next few are from this month; and they're growing so fast.


Time to relax.

This was from 7th June, and there's a bit of room in the basket.

Same date, and time for bed, with brother Thistle.

Move on a week, and playtime with the very tolerant Ellie.

Whisky, taking a break.

The next two are chilling with Bud. He's top dog, and does let them get close when he's got a chew; sometimes.

The next one is from a couple of days ago.

Filling the basket rather well now.

Walking on a lead is an ongoing process at the moment. There's plenty of open space here to explore, but when I get back home, the lead will be a necessity.

As will the journey home in the car. He's not liking short car trips very much.
Hopefully he'll get used to it eventually.

But for now .......

we'll enjoy the freedom and open spaces.

Hope you enjoyed this rather indulgent post.

Have a good week