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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Another day

Well when this week is gone, it’ll be February. Time certainly seems to go at a faster pace as you gain the years under your belt.

Did my garden bird watch yesterday, and logged my results at the RSPB. Still today to go if you haven’t done yours yet. Worth doing; I even found out how big my garden was. I went out and measured it out of curiosity. I knew it came under the category ‘small’, but I thought it was wider than fifteen feet, (give or take a few inches). Still, I managed to get ten different species drop by in the hour I counted. Ten more than I used to get, so heading in the right direction.
Couple of things I noticed too. Mrs. Blackbird, a regular visitor, had a handsome male friend with her; maybe spring is on its way.

And the regular pair of Magpie’s were joined by another, much to the disgust of one of them.

A game of chase round the garden ensued each time he/she appeared, annoying the Starlings who were more intent in squabbling with each other.

These shenanigans were very off putting whilst concentrating on hogging all the food.

I don’t know if anyone is reading any of this, but if you do stumble onto here, enjoy whatever you have you planned for the rest of the day.
By the looks of the weather outside this morning, I won’t be doing very much.

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