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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A bit of good news

….for a change.
For me, anyway. The Dunnock, who has been absent for a few days from the garden during the snowy weather, finally put in an appearance yesterday……..with a friend. This will no doubt confuse the resident Robin, who seemed to take great delight in chasing him round the garden whenever he appeared before. Safety in numbers, perhaps? All I need now is the wayward Pied Wagtail, and the garden ‘family’ is complete.
A few scuffles broke out between the Blackbirds yesterday too. Five turned up in the morning, three males and two females. The two females have been fairly regular, and chase each other on occasion when getting too close whilst feeding.
A couple of the more macho males decided to flex their muscles yesterday, and perform some brief aerial combats. Staking their territory, or just impressing the ladies?

Not sure, but who needs television, when all this real life soap opera is being performed right before your eyes.

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