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Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Grand Day Out

Well, I thought so.
Went to my local patch this morning, Caldecote Lake; a day off work, but dull and cloudy. Not ideal conditions for pictures; or anything else for that, but it’s been close on 20 days since my last visit, due to work and mainly the snow. Thankfully that’s fast melting now, but bringing with it the problem of flooding. Most of the lake edge was accessible, parts with care, but one area near to the river was completely flooded, which involved a large detour through a very muddy field, and a road. Got back on track eventually.
Saw most of the regulars whilst out, a total of 32, plus a couple of Gulls, which I’m hopeless at identifying; especially when they’ve got immature plumage. I’m guessing they were Great Black-Backed, or Lesser; possibly Herring in there too.
Maybe this year I should make more effort to hone my ID skills in their direction?
Anyway, some of the highlights this morning, for me,
A Chiffchaff, usually a summer visitor, but more and more are spending their winters here. A fleeting glimpse of the Bittern again, which was good to see. A pair of Goosander fishing was enjoyable, and a lone Shoveler with a group of Pochard.
And, a first for me, a Pintail. He was swimming with the Pochard too, a fair way off in the lake. Thank goodness for binoculars, or I may have missed it! All in all, worth getting wet feet for. A few pictures of the highlights, not brilliant, but serve as record shots.

The Bittern escapes to the reeds before the Gulls spot him.

Goosander pair

Handsome male Goosander

Shoveler with the Pochard

And my first Pintail!

Quite a crop, but I think I got away with it.

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