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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Another week starts

Had a good weekend bird watching, one day local, and yesterday somewhere new, for me.

Started Saturday at a local lake, and spent an enjoyable few hours watching the residents. The Herons are starting to construct their nests of sticks high in the trees on the island they call home and share with some Little Egrets. And some goats. Yes, goats. They’ve been there for some time now; the idea being to keep some of the vegetation down. Seems to work ok. A few Snipe in the reeds; I counted eight, but an entry in’ the book’ at the hide, registers 47 a couple of days ago, and another highlight for me, was watching the antics of some Goldcrests high in some trees.
I met a fellow picture taker whilst wandering round, had a chat, and he mentioned a place not far from here where there are quite a few Tree Sparrows. These are on the ‘red’ list in the UK, so I was very interested. They used to be a common sight when I was a kid, but now in decline, and very localised. In Britain and Ireland their numbers have fallen by 93% since 1970.

So, Sunday I set off in search of the Tree Sparrow. The destination was Summer Leys Nature Reserve, in Northamptonshire. And I wasn’t disappointed. My first visit, and won’t be my last. A very well managed reserve, with some large, smart hides. And the people I met were very friendly and helpful too. A pity the weather wasn’t so good, dull and cloudy, not very good for pictures, but I persevered.
A number of birds on view and of course, the Tree Sparrows.

A selection of pictures below.


Reed Bunting female

Reed Bunting male

Chaffinch male



Tree Sparrow watching a Greenfinch

Tree Sparrow

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  1. Nice pics matey. Sounds like you had a great weekend.