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Thursday, 12 February 2009

The weekend is coming

And a good job too. Had a lousy day at work; that’s not to say it’s usually good, far from it, but today was especially bad. I won’t go into details, but as a shop steward it’s certainly varied, and some days downright tough.
Today was a tough day.

The long awaited phone arrived yesterday, and it’s pretty good; almost. It seems it has developed a ‘beep beep’ every so often. No idea what it is, but dam annoying. I’ve tried unplugging the mains adaptor for the answer phone, but it still beeps. Must be the line and the Internet connection clashing? No idea, but it’s driving me nuts.

Watched the birds in the garden for a while when I got home, and I’ve noticed the Pied Wagtail has been absent for the last 6 days, along with the Dunnock, for the last 4. I do hope they’ve not perished in this cold weather. The Long Tailed Tits are down from 9, to 4 too. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing; I hope.The usual regulars are still appearing though, along with a male Blackcap today, who was around for about an hour. Hopefully the last of the really cold weather is over, along with the snow, and the rest will return.

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  1. Love that Male Blackcap. Sorry to hear you had a crappy day at work, but at least you can watch the backyard birds when you get home.