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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The family

I had to take the old cat to the vets the other day, to have her claws clipped. She’s getting on in years now, 16 this year, and seems more lazier than ever. Eat and sleep seems to be the order of her days now, which suits the birds in the garden.
Her temperament has also mellowed with her passing years; not such a bad thing. She’s never been a ‘friendly’ cat, even to the point of ‘biting the hand that feeds her’; me. Being deaf, she has always gone on the offensive, sudden movements startle her into action.
I got her from a rescue home when she was a kitten, nobody wanted her. I soon learnt why when she took her first swipe at me when I tried to make a fuss of her. Now though, she allows me to stroke her a few times, before letting me know when to stop.

And the dog, Jim, certainly gives her the big respect she commands. Even though he now towers above her, I’m sure he still remembers the day I bought him home when he was a puppy, and she chased him round the garden thinking he was dinner. I had to rescue him before he went the way of the rabbits she used to hunt.

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  1. 2 handsome beasts :-) I had to laugh about your cat. I like how she's 'tolerant' of you now that she's older.