Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 8 March 2009

I saw one

Actually, quite a few. Skylarks, that is.

Yesterday I spent a couple of good hours at the RSPB Sandy, on a guided ‘Skylark Safari’, along with about 15 other interested people. Jill was our very informative guide for the couple of hours we looked for our quarry. A very sunny morning, albeit a bit windy, and we hoped not too windy, for the little song makers.

Quite a few Fieldfare out in the field, plenty of Great Tits along the path, and a couple of Buzzards riding the wind in the distance. And then I saw one.
“There’s one!” I cried, like an excited child, pointing ahead of us, as one began his song, as he climbed into the air. Binoculars were raised to eyes as we all scanned the sky. I closed my eyes and was transported back in time to when I was a kid, on warm sunny days, when the only sound was the Skylark singing for all he was worth whilst climbing ever higher. It was a great feeling, seeing and hearing one again. It was more years than I care to remember since I last saw them, and this was a moment to savour.

Then another began to rise to the heavens, to perform a duet. Sheer magic!
We continued our slow walk as more began to rise and fall, with their exuberant song.

No pictures from my camera, only the ones etched in my mind once again.

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