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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The middle

Well, it’s the middle of the week already, and I’ve done nothing on here, so maybe an update of sorts is in order.
After Saturdays visit to RSPB, and the hope of seeing Skylarks, they remained elusive as ever. I did see some Siskin on the feeders outside the shop, so that was something. A lone and very vocal Nuthatch was also present. Managed to get one or two pictures, more of record shots than anything else, but something.

Siskin on feeder

I joined one of their ‘guided walks’ around a part of the reserve not yet opened up to the public, and the lady who guided us around had a wealth of knowledge about the area we were in of the flora and fauna. A most enjoyable two hours, which included some distant Fieldfare and Redwing. Spent some time in the shop after, looking around, and then I made for the quarry area. A quick visit to the hide, and then back home.
Blue Tit

Maybe this coming Sunday will reveal my target on the 'Skylark Safari', which I’ve booked my place for.
Sunday was a pretty dull day weather wise, so I used it wisely, by backing up the computer, and generally tidying things up. And watching the garden visitors too.
After a week off work, it was back to the madhouse on Monday, for a late shift. Of course it was a beautiful sunny day, typical when you have more mundane things to do, but undeterred I headed off to one of the local lakes for a couple of hours. Willen always produces some interesting birds, but sadly no Skylark that I could see. There were a few Snipe, Teal and Gadwall visible from the hide; and some time spent watching the Herons coming and going with their nesting materials. Thirty different species to watch, to get me ready for a days work.

Tuesday was more the typical British weather, wind and rain; so confinement to the house before work, and then on to today. Another beautiful sunny day, but a day of meetings, so the only observing I was doing was words.
Looking forward to this coming Sunday.

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