Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 28 March 2009


After a weeks appearance money at work I needed to get out and blow the cobwebs of ‘work’ off me, so what better place than my local, Caldecote.
Sun peeping through the black clouds as they were thrust along by the wind, rain ever present; but who cares? I had to get out.

I wandered round just part of the lake, (I was tired), and dodged the joggers and dog walkers. Saturday afternoon this is a popular place. This is my time to unwind, and what better way than to just take in what’s offered by nature. The distant clouds looked ominous, but I carried on.
Over one of the footbridges towards where I’d previously seen a Bittern, but nothing.

An elusive Robin was singing, but he didn’t want to show himself.
The Hawthorn was out in flower, and I could see an old nest amongst the bushes. The sun was pushing its way through the cloud, and everything was good.

I sat and made a cigarette, (yea I have some bad habits), and just watched the lake in front of me. A couple of Great Crested Grebes cruising along, some Coots shouting from the reeds and Gulls soaring overhead. No idea what they were; not very good with Gull ID’s, but they looked big, so not Black Headed Gulls.

I made my way back towards the car, the sky was getting darker now, and I didn’t fancy a soaking.
One minute dull, the next sunny…….the weather couldn’t make up its mind.

Close to where I’d parked was some grass, leading down to a small bit of water that runs off from the main lake. A Kingfisher usually frequents this part, so I wandered down there, scanning the bushes as I went.

It’s amazing to think in just a few weeks this part will be waist high with nettles and plants with small white flower head clusters the size of dinner plates. (no, I don’t know what they are, but they’re quite common).

But for now the Cowslips are laying claim to this part of land. And they look beautiful, with the sun shining on them just now.

Over in the lake, some Tufted Duck are ducking and diving, along with a lone Great Crested Grebe.

The sky is beginning to look rather angry in the distance and I’m thankful the car is only a short sprint away now.

A Swan decides that the one near him is a bit too close for comfort, so decides to show him this is his part of the lake. He noisily takes to the air to chase off the intruder, and gives me an opportunity to record the event.

Suddenly I hear a high-pitched whistle, and turn to get a fleeting glimpse of electric blue flash past. The kingfisher. No picture this time, but this year, he is my target bird.

I’ve too many ‘blue’ flashes recorded, I want a decent picture.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your amble for some fresh air and oh, how I know that need! Some great pictures there Keith and I, like you, would like a good Kingfisher pic!

    (any reason why your pictures don't enlarge when clicked on? they're so good I'd have liked to see the detail)

  2. Well the weather down south has been drab & wet so a day indoors. Enjoyed your stroll & particularly the close-up of Cowslip. Like Tricia I don't yet have a shot of Kingfisher - I may have to stake-out the river at work, time permitting.

  3. Thanks Tricia. My plans for some sunrise shots have taken a knock back this morning, it's so cloudy.
    The enlargement thing is interesting. I did save them a bit smaller than usual before I put them on here, and I've tried clicking them myself this morning using IE, Firefox and Opera, but they don't seem to enlarge. No idea why.
    My cat and dog pictures are at the old saved sizes, and only the dog enlarges. Strange.

  4. Thanks Frank. My local Kingfisher is pretty elusive, but I'm determined to get a decent shot this year.
    The Cowslip was interesting, I lay down on the grass to get level with that one. Had some strange looks, and when I went to get up, I think my body reminded me I'm not as young as I used to be. Ouch!

  5. Very enjoyable walk but that sky looked jolly threatening. I may be wrong but I suspect the plants with the dinner sized flower heads are Cow Parsley or Keck as it is also known.
    Lovely pics of the Cowslip, we have had some self set ones growing in our lawn for years but they are not out yet. The head on shot of the Swan is really beautiful.

  6. Thanks for your comment ShySongbird.
    I think you're right with Cow Parsley, I'm still struggling with plant ID. :)

  7. Although the weather wasn't that good, your photos are colourful and picturesque. I like especially the one with the footbridge and the one with the table and benches, their colours make me feel good.

    By the way, when I was a small girl, I had a book named "How a kingfisher was roaming Prague". I've never seen any kingfisher and it makes me wonder whether kingfishers are to be seen in the Czech Republic. I'll have to find it out...

  8. Thanks Petra. The light was pretty good when the sun decided to show through the cloud. I'm pretty sure the Kingfisher can be seen where you are.