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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Stockgrove Park

Yesterday was a day off work, so I took advantage of the sun and the rest.

There’s a Country Park near me called Stockgrove, which is a great favourite with dog walkers, and of course birds. What makes it special for me, is that most of the birds are used to people, and not too shy when it comes to having their picture taken, or letting you get close to them. Not all of them of course, the Jays are still very wary, and the Woodpeckers still prefer the sanctuary of the woods; but a lot of what I’d call ‘garden birds’ will come and see what you are about. And one of the reasons for their friendliness is lots of people put some seed in certain places for them, so it makes getting some shots quite easy.

So here are a few of the posers.

The shy Jay
Blue Tit----'now then, what's he got for me?'

Female Mallard


Great Tit


  1. Oh you got some Great Photos! Great color on them!

  2. Lovely set of pics matey. That Great Tit is awesome.

  3. Thanks Dixxie :)
    They're coming up to their best now, to attract their mates I guess.

  4. Thanks Nick :)
    He was quite bold, and seemed to enjoy posing lol

  5. Nice series! Beautiful sharp captures. The second with the blue tit is awesome.

  6. Thanks Andor, and thanks for visiting.
    The Blue Tit was in one of those 'irresistible' poses :)