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Sunday, 22 March 2009

A well kept secret

That’s what one of my books says about this 95 acre reserve, managed by BBOWT. It’s also what a gentleman said whilst I had a brief chat with him. He was one of 4 people I saw all day. There’s only room for about 3 cars in the off road parking space, so it’s probably just as well hoards of people don’t descend on the place. The wildlife probably agrees too.

The place is called Calvert Jubilee, in Buckinghamshire, and it’s a little gem of a place. A large lake, apparently about 80’ deep, (according to another gentleman I spoke to, and spent some time wandering around with there). He was the odd job man, he told me, and certainly knew a lot about the place.

The lake covers about 50 acres, and the rest of the reserve consists of woodland, left to do its own thing, which was great to see, and a large ‘heath’ type bit of land.

The 'wild wood'

One of the paths through the wood

The 'heathy' bit

Got off to a great start with 4 Buzzards soaring in the sky, and later, over the lake, a pair of Red Kite.


Buzzard again

The Red Kites

Lots of Chiffchaff singing, and he told me quite a few other warblers visit through the summer too. One bird that eluded us both, despite his frequent calling though, was a Cetti’s Warbler.

One who wasn't too shy to sing, the Robin

Maybe next time I visit, I’ll see the Cetti’s Warbler, because it’s certainly on my favourite sites list.


  1. That looks like a great place to explore, and that is one deep lake !
    Lovely shots.

  2. Thanks Nick. Certainly has a wild and undisturbed feel to it.

  3. Great Buzzard shot Keith, they never come anywhere near me unfortunately.

  4. Thanks Roy. Magnificent birds to watch.