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Friday, 24 April 2009

A few birds from the garden

Another life milestone today, and they seem to come round quicker every year. And for today’s special day? Work. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will still be good enough so I can get out, and blow the cobwebs of the working week away. It’s been a particularly long week this week, the main job, and the gardening job after that for a few hours at the beginning of the week. It seems to get harder every year, but still as enjoyable. The only downside, it gives me less time to go out with the camera.

Enough whinging, I’m sure there’s worse off than me.

I was looking through some pictures I’ve taken this month around the garden, and was thinking maybe that shutter finger gets carried away sometimes. I’ve a mountain to get through still, but I thought I’d pop a few of the highlights on here.

Hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Wood Pigeon. They always remind me of a football, rolling round the garden. Still, they pick up all the dropped seed, so that's one good thing.

Mrs Blackbird had found herself a nice juicy worm for breakfast.

This Goldfinch was busily pruning my Honeysuckle for me, for its nest building.

House Sparrow enjoying the fat balls before the Starlings arrived.

The Robin surveying his garden.

Starling patiently waiting his turn on the feeders.

Collared Dove, posing for me.

and the Siskin. A brief, but very welcome visitor this month. I wonder where he's gone now?


  1. A goodly selection of garden visitors Keith; if you've a Sparrow or two to spare, my garden would be delighted to welcome them ;)

    I do hope your weather is better than mine today though Keith.

  2. It's nice to have such a birds in the garden. Some of them we have also, but robins and starling no. The starling photo is excellent - nice composition and colors.

  3. A year older & .... never mind, Happy Returns. I also thought that as we got older we would have more free time, so what went wrong!

    Thanks for sharing your garden visitors.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday, Keith. That Starling shot is a cracker.

  5. Another year rolled over, and all is well!...Congrats on that...the photos are great. Your Goldfinch much different than our American Goldfinch, and the Robin too very different, thats why its so great that you post these awesome photos, I can see the birds from the other side of the Atlantic that otherwise I would never see!...Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  6. Thanks Tricia. I get quite a few Sparrows in the garden; they seem to be doing well here. I'll send a few down. ;)
    Had a fair bit of rain this morning, but the sun burst through in the afternoon, so I was able to get out for a while.

  7. Thanks Andor. I really like Starlings myself, such character, and very colourful when the sun catches them.

  8. Thank you Frank. Yea, I just don’t know where the time goes; and I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to do.

  9. Thank you Graham. Glad you like the Starling picture.

  10. Thanks Dixxie. The years keep rolling by. :)
    I agree with you, it’s always interesting to see birds from other countries, something I’ll probably never see for myself.

  11. A lovely variety Keith. Keep them coming mate .

  12. Thanks Pete. I think they have lovely markings for a plain little brown bird.

  13. Belated birthday greetings! We have wood pigeons nesting in a garden conifer that brought out their two fledglings about ten days ago - they must have laid very early this year. The hoover up the sunflower seeds on our bird table, which probably puts them in fine fettle for early breeding.

  14. Thanks Greenfingers.
    I think between the Wood Pigeons and the Magpies, I get very little waste from my feeders.
    There's a place for all of them. :)

  15. A great set of photos of your garden birds. I think that Starling is doing its Oliver act. It looks fat enough to be looking for seconds.
    I'm envious of the Siskin photo as I have yet to see one.
    Funny how those life milestones seem so far apart when young but seem to rush past as we get older.

  16. Thanks John. Those Starlings certainly are greedy. Looking outside at the moment, there ia a dozen fighting over the food. It's a wonder anything else gets a look in.

  17. what a nice feeling to see birds in the garden, lucky you have them.enjoy the weather too.

  18. Thank you lolit. It's very rewarding when they visit, and add their magic to the garden.