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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday?

Well, work is done for this week, and I can look forward to a few days off; and hopefully getting back out again. It’s been a busy week at work, with lots of Union duties to fulfil; a bit more than normal. It all culminated yesterday with the representation of someone who had had a minor accident at work. No serious injury, but it meant he had to take some time off work.

Of course the employers believed he was putting it on, even to the point of not believing he’d had an accident at all. When he came back off the ‘sick’, he was immediately suspended, pending investigation. If they could prove that he'd faked it all, then he’d be dismissed for gross misconduct. And my goodness, did they try!

The investigation dragged on for 4 weeks, in which time various interviews conducted, statements were gathered, and accusations were made. Yesterday was the day of the disciplinary meeting, and four hours before it, I got my first chance to see all the paperwork, not just my own notes taken during various interviews with the ‘victim’.
All along I had a feeling they had nothing, no proof, just supposition. And I was right.

The meeting lasted almost an hour, with the big boss presenting his mass of paperwork. His whole case revolved around did the accident actually take place. In his opinion, he didn’t think so.
My turn, and I loved every short minute I had. I tore it to pieces, picking more holes in his pack of ‘evidence’ than a rusty colander. When I’d finished, we adjourned, for him to make his decision. This usually involves various guidance phone calls, and discussions with the note taker. A lengthy process.

Five minutes later we were called back in for the answer.
‘No case to answer to.’
I couldn’t resist a smile, but stopped short of saying ‘I told you so.’

Well, I still have to work there, and it certainly was a Good Friday.


  1. Well done, Keith.
    It makes my blood boil at how some employers treat their staff.

  2. Very well done indeed, I know there was a time when some unions had too much influence but it seems to have gone so far the other way now that it's just got ridiculous.

  3. Thanks Graham. For the #1 supermarket retailer in the country, their staff relationship certainly leaves a lot to be desired at times.

  4. Thanks ShySongbird. I've always beleived in the 'talking' approach to settle disagreements, etc., and try to see both sides of the argument. A few of my 'colleagues' disagree with that approach, but compromise doesn't always mean defeat.
    And before I ramble on anymore..... lol