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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Life throws some............

Spent the day yesterday in one of those meetings at work that you don’t want to be in. Not just because the sun was shining outside in a cloudless sky, (although that didn’t help); no, because of the emotive issue that was on the table. Our ‘sick scheme’, or how to preserve and hang on to what we have.

For a long time a few people have abused a very generous scheme designed to help people that fall ill and need to be off work. Well the time has come when the big men in big suits have said, ‘enough’s enough’. Added to that, the need to cut costs in this current economic climate, the axe is falling, fast. Not good.

When I eventually got away, and returned home, more ‘news’ lay on the doormat inside a white envelope. It seems the half rent I pay on this ‘half share buy’ property is set to double next month. Up £100 a month. I need to make a confirmation phone call sometime today to make sure I’m reading this letter correctly, although it does seem pretty clear to me, no matter how many times I read it.

Anyone know of a field my cat, dog and me can pitch a tent?

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday, taken round the garden and on the feeders, whilst I’ve still got them.

Hungry House Sparrow

Hungrier Starling

A lucky shot, as he flew past

Collared Dove joining in

Starling being a car alarm from the roof

And a lucky shot


  1. Very sorry to hear what a bad day you had yesterday, it always seems to happen that if a day starts badly it gets worse! I really do hope it doesn't come to you losing your home, I suppose it's too much to hope that the contents of your white envelope were someone's sick idea of an April Fool joke?
    On a lighter note, lovely photos again, I really liked the ones of the Sparrow in flight. Starlings really do come up with some funny noises, I could have sworn I heard one imitating the noise of a camera shutter once!

  2. Hi Keith, it seems that everyone is out to make life as miserable as possible at the moment. The greedy just get greedier, even though times are hard for everyone. I hope that you can sort this problem out, another £100 per month takes some finding.
    Smashing photos, by the way.

  3. Hi Keith, it seems everyone is under the cosh at the moment. Hope you can sort something out.
    Lovely series of garden visitors.

  4. Keith - sorry to hear of your news; and news of a hike in rent like that you could have understandably done without! And abusers of sickness schemes ought to be "dealt" with; as usual the minority spoil it for the majority which makes my blood boil!!

    But - your pictures are great and the Starling is really having his say :D

  5. WOW that shot of the House Sparrow is awesome...brilliant, please send it to Birds N Blooms Contest I bet you could win some of that rent money back..details are here.

  6. Lovely selection Keith. If I had a spare room here , you and your pets would be most welcome mate.
    Hope all goes well , and you can figure out some way to deal with the situation.

  7. Thanks ShySongbird. Great mimics Starlings, I love them.
    The letter was their error apparently. Had me worried for a while though.

  8. Hi Graham. Seems their department made an error with the figures, awaiting confirmation today.

  9. Thanks Frank. Watching some Goldcrests on the feeders at the moment, while a pair of Wood Pigeon hoover up the dropped bits. Makes a dull day brighter.
    And the problem, sorted, I think. :)

  10. Thanks Tricia. I know what I'd like to do with the minority of abusers, but I'm not allowed.
    Rent hike sorted, I think. I hope :)
    That Starling was certainly making his presence known!

  11. Thanks Dixxie, and thanks for the link. I'll have a look at that.

  12. Thanks Nick, and the offer :)
    Hopefully all sorted now.

  13. Love the Sparrow action shots.

  14. Thank you for dropping by John, and your comment.
    Caught in a burst of shots, I think it was one of those 'lucky' ones. :)