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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 25 April 2009

A Saturday stroll

After not being able to get out with the camera all week because of other commitments, I was determined to break free Saturday, when I finished work, even if it was just for a couple of hours.

I made my way to the local; the clouds above, every shade of black, through to white, with splashes of blue sky thrown in between like a demented artists pallet. The sun was playing hide and seek through the cloud, and every so often shone long enough to try and fool me into thinking it was summer.

I walked towards the lake edge, through nettles and cow parsley that was knee deep,

and was desperately trying to smother the Cowslip;

but it was still hanging on in places, shining in the sporadic sunlight defiantly.

This would soon become the land of Dragons and Damsels; but for now the Butterflies were the star attractions.

Speckled Wood

Green-veined White

and Orange Tip.

A white female landed close by, and with a flick of her wings, magically changed to show off her mottled green underside

Small wonder the male finds her so desirable.

I stopped to listen to two Robins in deep conversation in the bushes, about twenty feet apart. One would call, the other would answer, their trickling song, backwards and forwards, as the sound of the traffic disappeared into the air. I wasn’t going to walk all the lake today; my plan was to check on the Swans nest I’d discovered a couple of weeks ago. I made my way through the bushes, and there it was.

Abandoned. Maybe they’d decided on somewhere else, or maybe something more sinister had happened. The last time I’d seen it; she was gently turning an egg, so who knows.

I carried on a little further round the lake, and twisting and turning in the air were a dozen or more House Martins. The blue on the pallet was slowly taking over, and the sun was winning its battle with the cloud.

I stood watching the Martins display for ages, and tried to capture them with the camera.

A Swift had joined them; my first sighting this year, but too fast for a photo call. Another time hopefully.

A Great Crested Grebe lazily swam by in the sunlight, as I made my way back to the car.

and hidden amongst the reeds…..

another, was quietly settling down on her nest. A Reed Warbler was serenading her further along, being very inconspicuous amongst the reeds, and a Heron lazily flew across the lake. Almost back at the car now, and one last look along the lake edge. And there, almost hidden amongst the reeds, was the next generation of Coots.

I counted nine in total, and wondered how many would survive to be parents themselves.

An enjoyable end to the day.


  1. A good day by the sounds of it Keith; Lovely to see yet another nesting Great Crested Grebe and what a family of Coots. There seem to be so many about at the moment - so it's hardly surprising if they're producing in those numbers!

    Lovely pictures as usual; especially the Grebe :D

  2. Brilliant photos - you have captured the butterflies perfectly. Haven't we had some great weather?!

  3. Thanks for your comment Tricia.
    First lot of chicks I've noticed round here; they must be a bit behind.
    Can't wait for the little Great Crested Grebe chicks. Love the way they carry them on their backs when they're first born.

  4. Thank you Chris.
    It's been excellent weather hasn't it, but I'm sure we'll pay for it soon.

  5. What a great set of photos. Lovely low shot of the young Coots. Nice one with the House Martins. Last year I spent much time unsuccessfully trying to photo Swallows.

  6. Thanks John. I bin so many of these flight shots; thank goodness for digital. :)
    One day I'll get something I'm really happy with.

  7. That grebe photo was so wonderful - I felt like I could reach out and touch him! Also loved all the butterflies - have never seen any of these but they were all beautiful.

  8. Thank you Shellmo for your comment.
    Seems to be more and more Butterflies on the wing everyday now when the sun shines.

  9. can't wait to have more of it Keith, you are really taking your time and taking advantage of the good weather huh! keep it up!

  10. Thanks lolit. Unfortunatley the weather has changed to being dull and rain showers at the moment. The garden needed it, even if we didn't :)