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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Saturdays Tern

Well the Terns have arrived at Willen Lake, Common ones, and yesterday there were quite a few swooping and soaring in the air. I’ve never been very successful with ‘flight’ shots, especially when they change direction so quick, but…..

There’s a few small rafts out on the lake, which the birds appreciate, especially the Terns.

The butterflies were out in force too, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

And the tree blossom, (I’m sure it’s got proper names),

The Cetti’s Warbler continued to tease, and the Little Ringed Plover continued doing large stone impressions across at the island

but one bird did oblige, for a few quick shots. The Long Tailed Tit, normally very flighty, but he was happy to pose a while.

And then it was time to go, for both of us.

But I did go back this morning, which deserves its own story.


  1. Lovely collection Keith. I love those Long-tailed Tits.

  2. Oh Keith - those Tern shots are fantastic!! Getting any pic of a tern is definitely on my wish list.

    And what an obliging LTT!!

    Can't wait for the next episode........

  3. Thanks Nick. Smashing birds; they remind me of teddy bears on sticks. :)

  4. Thanks Tricia.
    Next episode? That'll be tomorrow, with a surprise. hehe, ;)

  5. Keith - what a tease you are!!! LOL

  6. I think you owe the LTT's a few bob for those poses. Can't imagine what you've got up your sleeve!

  7. all are amazing! can't help but mesmerized by these great pictures,hmmmmm only if i am near you, i would ask to teach me how to get a good pics by force lol. why not?

  8. More lovely photos Keith, particularly liked the open beak Tern one (sorry not very grammatical!).
    That lovely Speckled Wood gets everywhere and would have been on my last post but came out blurred!

  9. Cheers Frank. They don't keep still for long usually do they do.

  10. Thank you lolit for your kind words.
    I doubt I would be a good teacher, I'm still learning myself. :)

  11. Thank you ShySongbird. Hopefully get some more practice on the Terns when the rest arrive. We get quite a few at this lake.
    The Speckled Wood seem to be everywhere when the sun comes out to play.

  12. Very good photos!...Terns can be such fun to watch what amazing flyers they are...the TIT is awesome.

  13. Thank you Dixxie for your comment.
    The Terns are very entertaining to watch, with their aerobatic displays.