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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Stewartby Lakes

Wasn’t too bad a start to the day this morning, dry, but a bit overcast, so I headed off to Stewartby Lakes. It’s about 10 miles from me, on the way to Bedford. Last time I went I saw quite a few different species, and I was hoping to see a few water birds today as well. Well, it is quite a big lake.

Got off to a good start, with plenty of Willow Warbler singing

and Chiffchaff calling.

About 3 Terns flew across the lake, as I got down to the waters edge. There’s been a sighting of Arctic Tern nearby, but they were so distant and fast, I couldn’t tell who’s Tern it was. No picture either.

I watched some Swallows for ages, reeling and swooping over the treetops; marvellous aerobatic display.
Now the lake is large, but for some reason, today, there wasn’t very much present. A few Swans swanning around, Coots scuffling, and a couple of Great Crested Grebe ducking and diving. Undeterred I carried on round the edge, following the path through the trees and bushes. A Blackcap was telling the world how good life is, so I stopped to listen.

I really like their singing, so melodic I think. One of the best.
A few Bullfinch along the way, but camera shy as always. There’s quite a large Rookery along part of the path, so I stopped a while to be entertained by their antics and shouting. Such a contrast to the Blackcap!

Further on the pathway, I stopped to talk to a man walking his two dogs. We politely passed the time of day for a while; then I carried on. Didn’t get his name either. Oh well. Almost a complete circuit done, and then just ahead a Willow Warbler was announcing his presence again. I stopped to listen, camera at the ready, and right on cue he dropped down in the trees for a photo call.

Really pleased with that one.

Then he started singing.

Even more pleased with that one.

A few hours had sped by, so it was time to head home for something to eat. Then off to a local lake, number 2, but I’ll do that one another day.


  1. That last photo of the willow warbler is brilliant. There are a few terns passing through here in shropshire - I had a commic tern last week at a local lake, they never stop long enough for a good ID!

  2. Sounds like a rewarding walk Keith and I always enjoy your posts - you write so well.

    Some stunning pictures there and I have to agree with Chris - the singing Willow Warbler is brilliant! You should be more than pleased with that one in particular :D

  3. Fantastic pic of the WW. Well done Keith.

  4. Wow! The Willow Warbler photos are amazing Keith, really beautiful. I loved the Blackcap too.

  5. Thanks Chris. The Willow Warbler was an excellent model.

  6. Tricia, thanks for those kind words. I do enjoy writing when I'm in the right mood :)
    It was a very enjoyable day, topped off nicely with the co-operative Willow Warbler.

  7. Thank you Frank. He's one of my favourites, and I was very pleased how it came out.

  8. Thanks ShySongbird, really appreciate the comments. :)

  9. Great SHOTS..all of them. The WW is fantastic.

  10. Terrific willow warbler pictures - they've only really arrived up here in the north-east during the past week and I've been trying to photograph one this morning, with no success; it was just too elusive amongst the unfurling hawthorn leaves.

  11. Thanks Greenfingers. They can be a bit secretive disclosing their whereabouts at times. I was really lucky with this one; he dropped down the bush right in front of me.
    Right time, right place moment ;)