Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 6 April 2009

Sundays plan……..

was to get up early and explore pastures new. New to me, anyway. I did get up early, or rather Jim got me up, he wanted to go out. So 3.30 a.m. saw me bleary eyed, groping my way round the place looking for some clothes. He had his run, while I ambled along, and when we got back I settled down with some coffee. Where to go? Should have sorted that out before I went to bed. The time was racing forward and I was still none the wiser where to go. It was getting lighter outside and it looked as if it would be a nice day. Inspiration kicked in with the next coffee; the local, for a sunrise. Looks like it might be a good one, and be a shame to miss it. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door. I could see the beginnings of a ‘glow’ in the east; this was going to be a race now.I pulled into the car park, and made my way to the west shore of the lake. An orange glow above the tree line. Orange? I wanted red! Oh well, I’m here now, and fired off a few shots.

A few moments later and it was all over. I walked back to the car, and decided to go round the lake from there. The sun hadn’t reached the Cowslips yet, and their droopy heads were sparkling with the frosty covering.

The local hunter was eyeing me up. He’s been around for a few years now, and I hadn’t seen him since the bad weather back in February, so I was secretly pleased he’d survived.

He’s a stray, living wild in this part of the lake and very wary of people. He looked fit and healthy though. I pushed on, taking in the singing birds and catching glimpses of some Bullfinches. Still waiting for a decent shot of these, but they are so shy.As I crossed over one of the bridges I spotted a Great Crested Grebe with some breakfast.

I missed the focus on his head, but you get the idea. I had a little smile, because further up the lake were some fisherman, not having as much luck as this little chap.

I moved further along, listening to the Chiffchaffs yelling from the treetops, and a couple of Song Thrushes trying to out sing each other. Some Tufted Ducks were drifting aimlessly in a small group. A few joggers passed, panting, followed by a panting dog. Looks like hard work to me this jogging lark. I’ll stick to walking.

A Mute Swan drifted over towards me, probably thinking I had some bread.

He happily posed for some shots, then realising he wasn’t getting fed, drifted off again. I carried on; the sun shining low in the sky now, and very welcome.Almost a circuit done now, and there up in a tree, a Chiffchaff was still practicing his song. Only two words, chiff chaff, but they still practice like crazy.

A Carrion Crow was doing Hercules impressions, snapping off branches from a nearby tree, no doubt for his nest building.

Strong birds these. I’ve seen them move large lumps of wood before, to get to the insects underneath.Back at the car park, and one last look round the trees. And there, tucked away in the thicket was a Collared Dove sitting on her nest.

I left her to get on with it, and headed home.
A good day.


  1. Great post!

    Whether you wanted red or not, that sunrise looks pretty good to me and well done you on getting a Grebe with its meal.

    Wonderful pictures as ever (love the eye of the swan) and thank you for a most enjoyable walk Keith.

  2. Another lovely post and photos. I particularly liked the Grebe with breakfast and the Dove on nest.

  3. Beautiful, inspired shots Keith.
    All our hirundines disappeared today, hopefully they are heading your way.)

  4. Thanks Tricia. It was a lovely morning, and worth venturing out early. Maybe a red sun another day :)

  5. Thanks ShySongbird. I got lucky with the Grebe, I'd just turned the corner and there he was. Love to get a shot of the weed dance. :)

  6. Thanks Graham. I keep looking for the Swallows; hopefully they'll turn up soon.

  7. I love that warm morning glow Keith and a pleasant walk around your patch again. Have a stress free week.

  8. Thank you Frank, glad you enjoyed my stroll. :)

  9. A wonderful collection that tells a great story of a days birding Keith.

  10. Thanks Nick, it was most enjoyable. Especially as a spur of the moment outing. Sometimes the best kind.

  11. Great stroll with so interesting observation and photos, Keith. A few days ago I got a postcard with a picture of a ladybird sitting in the midle of a flower and with the following words: "The person, whose heart is open for beauty, finds beauty everywhere." That's it... :-)

    By the way, the most impressing picture is for me the one of the swan, with the details of water drops on its head and detailed structure between its eyes and the beak.

  12. Thanks Petra, and how true are those words in your card.