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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 15 May 2009


Not a very nice morning today, with constant rain, so no nipping out to take some pictures before work. I suppose it would be an ideal time to catch up on some housework; but then again……..

Nah! I decided instead to have a look back through some old pictures I’d taken a couple of years ago, in 2007. I’d recently treated myself to a Canon 400D, and was trying to get back into taking pictures again. I didn’t really know what I was doing properly, (still learning now), and I wasn’t sure exactly where my interest was going to lead me. Anything was a target for my lens, from bugs to birds, and everything in between; but I knew I really wanted to capture the birds I’d always loved.

A small selection taken throughout the year, complete with dodgy first attempts at processing.

and the last one, for now

I can’t take all the credit for the last one. I was about to take a shot of the full globe, when Jim dashed over to see what I was doing. He shoved his nose into the seed head, and then ran off, looking for more mischief to get up to.
I took the shot anyway, called it, ‘It’s six o’clock somewhere’, and used it as a header for my website.
Good ol’ Jim.


  1. A nice mix of great photos.Love the head shot of the swan.

  2. These are good photos and I had never seen the tongue of a goose before today. Nice show of early works.

    Abraham Lincoln

  3. Thanks John. It was a lucky capture, that one. As I was taking it, a dog came up behind me, and the swan began hissing at it. The dog soon left :)

  4. Thanks Abe, appreciate that.
    Yea, that tongue looks pretty rough.

  5. ...a very nice series of photos--and funny too. I love the swan sticking out his tongue and the horse laughing! Your pup, Jim, is artistic, as the spent dandelion head may be more interesting to look at than a full one!

  6. You have some really brilliant images there Keith.

  7. nice photos Keith, now it has a variety....i wonder what kind of plant is that with that one below the swan?

  8. I just love your close ups - made me chuckle when I saw the swan w/ his mouth open - he must've been talking to you! Love all these photos!

  9. Well! if they were 'dodgy first attempts at processing' then there is no hope whatsoever for me!! I thought they were all stunning Keith, I really wish I understood what I was doing like you do :-(

    Just beautiful, all of them!

  10. Interesting to see the serrated, grippy edge of the swan's beak - never noticed that before. Great pictures.

  11. Wow Keith - some stunning pictures there. Not only lovely content but you can see your humour coming through in some of them - like the laughing horse!

    Keep them coming please..

  12. First visit to your blog , very nice photos !

  13. Beautiful group of images, love the smiling horse!

  14. Kelly, thanks. Have to agree with you, I think Jim made the dandelion look better like that.

    Roy, thank you. Appreciate that.

    Lolit, thanks. The picture after the swan is a mushroom called ‘Coprinus Comatus’, better known as ‘Shaggy Ink Cap’. It’s supposed to be edible, but I wouldn’t fancy it myself.

    Shellmo, thank you. I’d just bought a macro lens when I took those; nothing was safe for a while :)

    ShySongbird, thanks. I used to spend ages trying to figure out what I was doing when I first started. Very hit and miss at times. Still not 100% sure lol

    Greenfingers, thank you. It wasn’t till I’d looked at the swan after I took it, that I noticed that too. I bet they could give a fair nip with that beak.

    Tricia, thank you for that. The horse was a great poser.

    Babzy, thank you for stopping by, and your kind words.

    LBJ, thanks for your comment. The horse was well behaved; I think he sensed I was a bit nervous lol

  15. You got a neat camera and great shots!!! Loved and laughing horse and the swan.

  16. Ive been running around busy and unable to visit for a few..so glad I got here to see these!..There is no way Id call these novice attempts!..all wonderful shots...love the way Jim set you up, very good of him!

  17. Thanks for your comment NatureStop. Appreciated.

    Thanks Dixxie, very kind of you.
    Yea, Jim's not a bad lad really :)

  18. thanks Keith for the reply to my query, hmmmm looks good to be an ornamental than be eaten,lol.