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Friday, 1 May 2009


A late shift later, and a mountain of things to do, and catch up on at home, but the sun came out early, so an all too brief visit to the local this morning instead.

What priorities?

Anyway, I quickly checked on the nesting Swans, to find they were still there. Good news. The invisible Whitethroat was singing in the bushes still, so two bits of good news. Then quickly to see the Coots.

Good and bad news I think; and something a bit strange.
The good; they’re still there, swimming around, but sadly two young seem to have disappeared. I only counted seven, instead of the original nine. No matter how many times I looked, and counted, still two short.

I watched them for a while, whilst the adults dived for food, and then called them over, to feed them. Fascinating to watch.

Then something unusual happened. Never seen this type of behaviour before. One of the adults chased after a young one, and seemed to ‘bite’ its head.

They eventually vanished into the reed bed, and appeared a bit later.
Corporal punishment for chicks?


  1. That lovely first photo certainly endorses the saying 'bald as a Coot'. Great sequence. I have never seen them in the flesh so enjoy reading and seeing others' encounters.

  2. Mother knows best perhaps?

  3. Interesting observation of bird behaviour. Well noted, and a cracking first photo there - look at that bow wave.

  4. Great photos, yet again, Keith.
    Very strange behaviour, but I expect it's like all kids, they can push you to the limit. Obviously Mum cracked this time.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Thanks John, they do look a little strange when they’re young, and then grow into something looking quite different.

  6. Thanks Andrea. It seemed rather rough, but like you say, ‘mother knows best’

  7. Thanks for your comment Rob. Certainly a big wave for a little guy.

  8. Cheers Graham appreciate your comment.
    It did seem odd, and I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time to capture it.

  9. Great photos Keith. I dont know what you think, but to me "Young coots look like young moorhens" and "Young moorhens look like young coots."

  10. Thanks Roy.
    Spot on with that observation. I totally agree with you. They used to confuse me for ages.

  11. Great set of pictures Keith.

    Some remarkable behaviour from the mother coot. They're aggressive birds in my view so hope this was just an admonishment to the youngster!

  12. Thanks Tricia. It did seem strange, watching it, but I guess it's all done for a reason.