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Thursday, 21 May 2009

The last bit

From Summer Leys

I reached the hide with the feeders as the rain joined me for a brief shower. This time a friendlier bird watcher was there, and we had an interesting chat, in-between photographing the birds. He was local to the area, and told me of a couple of places worth a visit.
The first visitor in front of the hide, was one of my favourites.
A stunning male Pheasant, resplendent in his colourful plumage, making his way through the nettles, to pick up the fallen seed.
It was show time, as more of the smaller birds came down to feed. This is what I’d come to see; especially the Tree Sparrows.

The Greenfinches were putting on a good show too,

eyeing me up constantly, and posing like true models.

And sometimes rather cheekily.

A Great tit was rather shy at first,

but eventually turned round for me.

Another rustling in the grass below, revealed this little chap, foraging for any leftovers.

A male Chaffinch joined in, showing off his beautiful plumage,

and a little Blue Tit grabbed himself a seed, took it to a tree stump, and began pecking at his prize.

Then cheekily turned round, to show me his other side.

I spent a long time enjoying the company of both man and birds, but eventually, saying my farewell, had to leave. Making my way back to the car, with aching feet, I noticed a Dunnock, resting his too.

his body dropped down, and taking the weight from his tiny feet. He gave a quick glance,

and he was gone.
Me too. I’d had a really good day.


  1. WOW - that's some day's birding Keith. Really enjoyed your series of posts about it and your great pictures.

    It's fascinating watching the smaller birds especially the blue tits when they cleverly hold their "meal" in their claws to eat it.

    Your Greenfinch looks very haughty posing for his picture!

  2. A wonderful series of photos Keith. As you say the colours on the male Pheasant are stunning.

    I love watching the small, 'ordinary' birds as I never know what they will get up to next and when they strike a post they always look so endearing.

  3. What a lovely set of photos Keith, the Pheasant really is a spectacular sight, but I especially enjoyed the little birds. Sadly I haven't seen a Tree Sparrow since I was a child. All the photos look as if you could just reach in and touch the birds, I noticed the Great Tit was ringed.

  4. ...what a fun and beautiful post. I really enjoyed the narration and all the very nice accompanying photos...the Blue Tits are very cute! As I see more and more photos of Greenfinches on everyone's blogs, it seems they are funny little birds with almost always a sour expression!

  5. Keith, these are fabulous set of stunning photos, one and all. The pheasant is brilliant. The Tree Sparrow, well you are so lucky, I just don't see them anywhere.

  6. Very nice Keith - I particularly like the Tree Sparrows.

  7. OH what a fabulous set of photos!..Every single one perfect!..YOU had a an awesome trip I would say, and the bunny was an extra special addition.

  8. Very pleasant virtual escape from my desk.

  9. Tricia, thank you, glad you enjoyed the pics.
    I can’t wait for a return visit, to see what other gems are around.

    Thanks John. A few years ago I lived on a country estate, where they raised Pheasants for shooting. I’ve always had a soft spot for them. I used to have one hide in my garden, behind the greenhouse, on shooting days.

    ShySongbird, thank you. It’s a great place to visit just to see the Tree Sparrows. There’s quite a few there, and always brings back childhood memories of when I used to see them often. Shame they are in decline, but good that they have a stronghold in some places.
    There were a few ringed birds there that I noticed; even on one of the Redshanks.

    Kelly, glad you enjoyed it. The Greenfinches do have an expression all their own I think. Lovely colours this time of year; and the Blue Tits are great acrobats at times.

    Roy, thank you for your comment, appreciated. Summer Leys is quite well known for its Tree Sparrow population, and they can usually be seen there.

    Thank you Matt, they are smashing little birds.

    Dixxie, thanks very much. It was a very enjoyable trip, and there are always a good variety of birds there. Can’t wait for a sunny day, as there is an area set aside specifically for attracting Damsels and Dragons.

    Andrea, pleased you enjoyed your brief escape from your desk. I hope to provide more ‘escapes’ again ;)

  10. Thanks Birdlady for your comment. Appreciated.

  11. llllllllluuuurrrrrrrrrvvvvvvveeeeeeeellllllllyyy


  12. I think you have the best birdy outings out of anyone I know! That pheasant photo was magnificent - so lovely to see him this close and all his gorgeous colors!

  13. Thanks Pete :)

    Thank you Shellmo, very nice of you to say that.

  14. You really do have a nice set of photographs for this post. All of them are new to me except the pheasant.

  15. Such great shots..specially the cheeky Blue Tit:)

  16. Thanks for your comment Abe. Glad you like the pictures.

    Thank you NatureStop, pleased you like them.