Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday morning

The only sound I could hear as I opened the door to let the cat and Jim into the garden this morning was a singing Robin. It was still dark, save for the blue glow cast by the solar garden lights in the pre dawn darkness. Four a.m., and the last day of earlies for this week. Seven days, and I was now ready for tomorrow’s day off; but today, the routine of getting ready for work.

By 4:45, Jim was leading me to the field, for his morning run. The sky was much brighter now, and I could hear so many more birds, singing along with the Robin. Once off the lead, he ran off to explore the new smells. I watched as he rolled around in the grass, and then dash off again, to see what else attracted his nostrils.

The sun hadn't climbed into view yet, still hidden below the horizon, but the sky all around was confirming its grand entrance. A red cast all along the horizon, spreading upwards, and gradually blending into the blue sky. This was going to be a good day. The birds were confirming this, as I tried to pick them out by their song.
A Great Tit, a couple of Blackbirds exchanging conversation, Sparrows chirping in the bushes, along with a Chaffinch. Crows were lazily flying into the field of short grass, calling as they came, to join the others already there, prodding and probing for something to eat.
I turned a full 180 degrees, and slowly sinking, directly opposite to where the sun would soon announce itself, was a large red faced moon. Like a giant red dinner plate, hovering in the sky. A pair of Mallards flew overhead, to the direction of the lake just up the road. A night on the town maybe?

I called Jim, and we made our way back towards home. We had the street to ourselves, sharing it only with the orchestra of birdsong.
Just ahead, a couple of male Blackbirds were having a minor disagreement over who actually owned the piece of land in front of my house. It was soon settled, as one eventually flew off to the other side of the road. The key turned in the lock, as we stepped inside.

The cat glanced up from her chair, then got back to the business of sleep again, and I got back to the business of going to work.


  1. A beautiful piece of descriptive writing Keith.

  2. Lovely description Keith though you will have a hard job to convince me there is more than one 4:45 in a day :)

  3. Thanks for the virtual trip out with Jim!..Your report sounds peaceful and a pleasant way to start the day, wonderful descriptive writing. Sometimes when Im walking I have this running commentary going on in my head, as if I'm writing a page in my diary...it helps me find the right words.
    The last time I got up at 4:45 I had to catch a plane...but I'm normally up by 6! Hope your workday was uneventful.

  4. ShySongbird..........Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit rushed this morning; hopefully pictures next time.

    John..........Thank you. I think that particular 4:45 is the best one of the two. :)

    Dixxie...........Thanks. It was a beautiful morning here, spoilt by work. lol Never mind, always tomorrow.

  5. Another really enjoyable trip out with you Keith. The early morning is the very best time of the time and you obviously put it to very good use! Just a pity it had to deteriorate into a working day.

  6. Wow...you are a fabulous writer. I always enjoy reading your descriptive text. It's interesting because you have a way of coming to a description from a different angle.

  7. Tricia.........Thanks. As much as I dislike having to get up early, you're right, it really is the best part of the day.

    Kelly...........Now you've got me blushing. :)Thanks for that compliment, much appreciated.

  8. Early morning here is about 5:30 AM when I just get into my home office and the windows are open and I can begin to hear to birds as they greet the new day. It is a lovely chorus those sleeping in never get to hear and our Robins are 'almost' always the first to ring the bell with their singing. They are like the CQ in the Army who wakes everyone up -- or in the old days they did.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. My Birds Blog

  9. The getting up is always the difficult part. Once you're in it there is nothing more rewarding. For reasons unknown I've been waking at 4ish almost every morning for 2 weeks. I think the day is calling.

  10. Abe.......Thanks. A great start to the day, listening to the dawn chorus, with a sunrise for the backdrop.

    Andrea..........Thank you. The calls louder each morning it seems. :)