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Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday morning

After an enjoyable week off last week, it was time to get back to the usual routine of work and daily life. Well sort of.

It’s been a strange week this week.
A normalish day Monday, with a late shift.
Tuesday, a day shift, with a meeting.
Wednesday, a late shift, with gardening in the morning.
Thursday, another day shift, with a meeting.
And then today, a late shift.

Well, variety is supposed to be good, but I’m not sure where I am this week.
Jim had me up early, as usual, and the sun was starting to claw its way through the curtains; so an opportunity not to be missed. The local called. Caldecote Lake.

By the time I got there, it was blue skies and sunshine all the way. The pub was reflecting on the lake,

and a few boats were happily bobbing in the water.

I didn’t have a lot of time, so I thought I’d just quickly check on a few areas to start my day.
No sign of the nesting Swans; I think they may have given up after two attempts, so I made my way further along, to see if I could get an update on the little gold Mallard chick. And I found him, sitting with mum, and a couple of brothers, or sisters, under a footbridge.

The gold chick was now a small white duckling, looking very handsome, and just along from them, a Moorhen swimming along, with one of her chicks.

Blue Tits were flitting from tree to tree, searching for breakfast, a Song Thrush was singing high in the trees, letting the world know a new day had started, and a handful of Swifts were circling overhead.

Mindful of the time, I slowly made my way back to the car. A longer visit would have to wait for another day.
Reed Warblers were calling from the edge of the lake, and as I stopped to listen, I saw the stars of the morning. A small group of youngsters were busily searching for food, blissfully unaware of my presence.

They entertained me for some time, but time wasn’t something on my side this morning, so reluctantly I eventually had to leave.

But a good start to any day.


  1. Isn't it great to get out early in the morning before the stresses and chores of work.
    These photos prove why.
    I love the Reed Warbler chicks !

  2. Great way to start your day.By the way the first pic is amazing with just the reflection speaking volumes.The gold chick is indeed looking very handsome now.

  3. Great photos of the youngsters. That early morning / late evening light is so much kinder than the harsh midday Sun. Lovely reflections in the lake. Is that a working windmill? There are a few in this part of Lincolnshire.

  4. Beautiful photos, I loved the lake reflections and the young Reed Warblers, I also loved the previous Robin post, I think you could interest Christmas card manufacturers in those!

  5. What a way to start the end of the week!! After a week off it's always so hard to get back into the daily grind!

    Lovely pictures (as usual) to illustrate your walk and great to have "got" the Reed Warbler chicks!

  6. I'm a early morning person too. These are great!

  7. Those reflections are so sharp they look like a photo upside down!...Great blog as always Keith!..

  8. I really admire the effort to take such an early walk, the effort obviously was worth it. The white duckling looks great and I also like its contrast to the Moorhen.
    The reflection is enchanting, was that a windmill?
    By the way, your new header caught my attention immediately, it's fantastic... :-)

  9. A great start Keith and the windmill reflection image is brilliant.

  10. Cheers Nick. Early mornings are the best time I reckon. Not so many people around, the light’s good, and the birds a pretty active. It’s a shame work gets in the way. lol

    NatureStop, thank you. It certainly is the best start to any day. I was a bit surprised that the gold chick has turned white. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

    Thanks John. It was beautiful light this morning, and those youngsters were very co-operative. The windmill isn’t a working one, it’s more for show as part of the hotel, but it’s made with authentic parts from Holland. A very popular place, especially at weekends.

    ShySongbird, thank you. I was pleased with the way the reflection shots came out.
    If only I could get card companies interested in those Robin pictures; I could retire. lol

    Thanks Tricia. It’s been a tough week this week, and a welcome weekend off coming up. Glad you liked the pictures. Those little Warblers were great to watch.

    Lenora, thanks. Early mornings are the best time of day; it’s like a different world, isn’t it. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Dixxe, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post, and the reflection shots. :)

    Petra, thank you. I have a lot of help with early mornings; my dog Jim :)
    He enjoys them as much as me I think.
    Yea, that is a windmill. Part of the pub/restaurant that is very popular there.
    Glad you like the header; thought it was about time I had one ;)

    Thanks Roy. First time I’ve tried a reflection of that place. Got loads of ordinary ones, but it somehow looks better like that I think. :)

  11. This entire post made me just feel good! Everything was lovely, and the last shot of the little warbler is perfect!

  12. That reflection shot - the very first one on this post made me gasp aloud at how stunning it was. very VERY nice.

  13. very nice - i think I love reflections above all else. something mysterious about them - second sight.

  14. A marvellous morning out - pity about having to go to work afterwards though. The reed warbler pictures are outstanding.

  15. Thank you Helen, glad you enjoyed it.

    Jen, thank you for your kind words. Glad you liked the reflection.

    Ginger, thank you. The reflections seem popular. I must admit, I was pleased how it came out.

    Emma, thanks. Work has a habit of getting in the way at times :) Glad you liked the Reed Warblers; it was great watching them going about their business.

  16. Just the ticket to start the day Keith. If only we didn't have bills to pay...don't work too hard!

    There is an AWARD on my blog for you. Please check it out.

  17. Cheers Frank.
    An award? Oooo, I'll go have a look :)