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Thursday, 25 June 2009

More Tring

After my recent visit to Tring Reservoirs, (which I’ve since found out were declared a National Nature Reserve in 1955, and redesignated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1987), I thought I’d put up a few of the pictures I didn’t use in the last post.
Don’t worry, not as many as last time, but it was such a great place to explore I, wanted to share a few of the ones that got away last time.

The female Red Crested Pochard, displaying her latest ‘punk hairstyle.’

I saw this house alongside the canal, and fell in love with it. It’s even got a ‘for sale’ board outside.

Not sure of the practicality of its situation though. Couldn’t see any sign of roads to it, or where to park a car; but what a place. It even had a small garden, though being in the middle of a reserve, you’d call the whole place ‘the garden’ wouldn't you.

I could imagine during the summer months, and weekends though, the amount of ‘visitors’ would probably drive me mad.
But just imagine the conversation when yer out.

Where do you live then?
On the canal, in a nature reserve.

Envy. lol

One of the Reed Warblers, about to take off,

and a lucky shot of the Grey Wagtail flying towards me, with his breakfast for the little ones.

One of the paths around one of the reservoirs eventually veered off into a wooded area. I walked this for a while listening to so many birds singing, and watching them going about their routines. At one point, just beyond some bushes, a few houses nestled at the edge of a field, with a footpath running alongside the back gardens and disappearing into some woods beyond. A place for future exploration I think, but I stopped to watch this little chap, before making my way back to the waters.

He looked like a young Song Thrush with his facial markings.
And to round off, a couple of the cruising Gull.

Okay, so I chopped his wings at the tips on the last one, but I like it.
With a few days off work coming up, I may venture there again.


  1. That was indeed a long walk but a lovely one.That house really looks cool.Maybe they use a raft:)The punk hairstyle suits the Red Crested Pochard.The gull pics are great.We somehow have this fancy for birds in flight and they are so difficult to capture.Lucky you,off from work...good for us,we will see more posts:)

  2. Looks like a great place and that house does look a bit special. The grey wagtail image is superb.

  3. The head on view of the Red Crested Pochard is striking.
    Wouldn't that be a heavenly place to live, in good weather anyway. Not so sure about mid winter for food, fuel, etc. though.
    Love the other bird photos as well.

  4. What a magical home it would be Keith....

    The young song thrush is a beauty even if it does look a little grumpy!! And the Wagtail really does mean business caught on camera as he flies away!

    Were you swimming in the lake to get that "low down" picture of the RC Pochard?

  5. I would have no problems living there Keith...just build a dock and get a nice small boat for making trips to "town". I'm trying to catch up after a few days away..Great photos you have up today! This spot sounds like a great one to explore!

  6. Hey, I see you got to Tring without me & obviously had a great time.

  7. You must have the best birding places by you as well as the best eye! Loved that pochard!

  8. Thanks NatureStop. A good few hours seemed to fly by while I was out. Always a good sign of a good visit I think. The Gull was a perfect subject; he just kept lazily flying around.
    I just hope the weather keeps dry over the next few days so I can get out again.

    Matt, thanks. The Wagtail shot was one of those ‘lucky’ ones I think. :)

    Thanks Abe. The little Song Thrush posed quite nicely for me for a while. He kept turning one way, then another. A little star.

    John, thanks. I think I could suffer the winters in that place, just, it seemed so perfect.

    Tricia, I think I might do the lottery this week :)
    I had to lean over the edge a bit for the Pochard shot; almost joined her in the water. lol

    Thank you Dixxe. It was a great place, and so much to see. And that house; I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ‘for sale’ sign :)

    Hey Frank, yer back!
    It was a great visit, but certainly worth plenty more. Just let me know. :)

    Shelley, thank you for that. There are some great places to visit here; I keep discovering new ones all the time.

  9. That really was a walk and a half, loved the Gull photos and the Wagtail was a great capture!

  10. Thank you ShySongbird. I needed new feet after that little stroll. lol
    A posing Gull, and a lucky shot of the Wagtail, made for a good day. :)

  11. I used to bird at Tring when I was a teenager. Some great photos!

  12. Thanks David. It's a great place, with plenty of variety isn't it.

  13. I got as far as the photo of the house then couldn't focus to read the rest.... buy it - buy it. is that a canal next to it, maybe you would have to take a row boat to work - the good life. you could have a small B&B with guided nature walks and photo ops.... you would be (maybe penny poor but) a rich man.

  14. okay I went back and finished the rest of the post, I love how you get such close ups of the birds. nice camera - good eye

  15. Milton,

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


    Field of View

  16. I love that house too. I can totally imagine summer morning there, relaxed and slow paced. (But then that tourist thing would get in the way). It's beautiful and makes me think of something out of a Jane Austen novel (which has inspired me to haul out "Pride and Prejudice" and get my yearly read of it started!).

  17. Thanks for your comments Ginger, and you really make it sound like the right thing to do, lol, and believe me, if I could, I’m pretty sure I would. The canal runs right in front of it; a lovely spot.

    Field of View, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Thanks Kelly. Apart from the tourists, summer would be idyllic; but winter a bit bleak I think. Good to dream though ;)

  18. That is a great shot of the G Wagtail Keith.

  19. Thanks Roy. The shot was a complete accident. He took off just as I pressed the shutter. I bet I couldn't have got it if I tried. lol

  20. Hi Keith, I was the same as GingerV, saw the photo of the house and just stopped. Had to lean into the screen and study every detail - even imagined having breakfast in the bay window overlooking the canal, lol! Another lovely post.

  21. Thank you Omi. I think it's one of those houses that you can easily fall in love with.
    I did lol