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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday at home.

Poor old Jim has got himself an ear infection, so a visit to the local Vet this morning.
How come I can get a quicker appointment at a Vets, than I can at my own Doctors for myself?
Anyway, after leaving there forty quid lighter, and ear drops to apply twice a day for him, we headed home. Not feeling too good myself, I decided I’d have a day in, and poke the camera around the garden.

Here’s Jim, after having his first lot of drops.

Not the best patient; I think he shook most of it out. And to redress the balance, one of the cat, doing what she does best.

If I’m honest, that’s what I felt like doing, but I figured some fresh air, even if it was just in the garden, would do me more good.
I started with the pond. Plenty of water snails going about their business.

At least they’re not too fast, and stay put long enough for a picture. I’m surprised just how many there are; they must have come in on some of the plant I bought. And they appear to breeding faster than rabbits.

Quite a few of these floating around also.

I think they’re gnat larvae, or something.
While I was crawling around on the grass at the edge of the pond, a few Hoverfly settled to bask in the sun.

The tadpoles seem to be doing rather well, and appear to be at various stages of development. A few still swimming about, with little back legs starting to appear, and others with all their legs, and a long tail,

and exploring the pond edges; and sometimes beyond.

Interesting to see how they develop. I don’t think this one will be long before he’s off to find a nice damp area, to continue growing up.

Once I started to look, they were everywhere, peeking out from the stones.

Whilst all this crawling around was going on, the birds were keeping a low profile, except for the odd young Starling, intent on scoffing the crunchy peanut butter spread around various places.

They love it, and it gives the other birds a fighting chance on the seed feeders.

I haven’t many flowers out at the moment, no matter what I do; I always end up with gaps of nothingness. Even the early bulbs I planted last year have refused to make an appearance. But there are a few bright areas.
Last summer I bought a couple of Pyracantha for the birds to have some berries in the winter. A red one, and a gold one. They didn’t produce much, but I think this year will be much better, judging by the number of flowers on each plant.
Hopefully all these tiny flowers will become luscious berries,

It seems the birds have been doing some of their own gardening here too; either bringing the seed by natural means, or flicking it out of the mix in the feeders.
Some rather nice Honesty plants are springing up all over the place.

A few seeds I scattered around the garden myself are starting to come into flower now also.

Candytuft. Quick to grow, compact, and producing lovely flat heads of tiny flowers. I hope the butterflies and bees enjoy them as much as I do.

A lone Sunflower is coming along nicely,

and the scrambling Honeysuckle is also beginning to come into flower now.

The garden is slowly coming to life with a bit of colour, helped by these little faces springing up in the grass.

Daises are always welcome in my ‘lawn’. I hope some Buttercups find their way here too.

I spent an enjoyable few hours exploring my own garden for a change, and each time I took a rest, with a coffee, on the swing seat, I came under the watchful gaze of the young Starlings.

They seem quite brave at the moment.


  1. Looks like you have a fantastic day at home! Lovely pictures, esp the tadpoles. You took some very nice plant/flower pictures too. I like the candytuft, very lovely colour they have.

  2. Sorry to hear about Jim.He will recover soon am sure.You have a beautiful and lively garden.The Candytuft blooms are lovely.Enjoyed the images of the snails and tadpoles.

  3. I do sometimes wonder why we travel about so much when we can have such a lovely time at home. From Redesdale, beautiful though it is, everywhere else is so far away. Love the dog and the sleepy cat, the daisy and the peek-a-boo frogling.

  4. Great morning at home Keith and lovely pictures to illustrate your day. I love the candytuft - which was a good reminder to get some for the garden. Thank you.

    The same is happening with my pond; I've never seen so many snails as this year! And my Grandson and I were watching tiny frogs this morning too; and as you say - all at different stages of development. Ain't life grand! :)

  5. Your garden looks like the perfect retreat, Keith. I've never noticed a blue area in the middle of a sunflower.
    A little pondy-marshy-boggy bit is missing the garden here - must do something about that.
    Get well soon, Jim.

  6. I really enjoyed my relaxing day in the garden with you Keith. Poor Jim, I do hope he feels better soon and you also.

    Lovely photos, Loved the froglets and that Pyracantha is going to be a picture, the flowers a magnet for bees and the berries obviously for the birds. My friends have one growing up the wall of their house, he loves it for the birds it attracts, she hates it for the bees it attracts as she has a huge wasp and bee phobia! Like Rob I've never noticed the blue in Sunflowers.

  7. Les, thanks. Made a change staying at home. Still didn't get anything done round the house tho'.

    NatureStop, thank you. Jim seems a bit better already. He doesn't like his ear drops though. :(

    Emma thanks for your comment. The cat is pretty good at sleeping; lots of practice. lol

    Thank you Tricia. Candytuft is a great little plant, and so full of colour. I used to grow it when I was a kid.

    Rob, thank you. The pond was a great addition; if you do one, you won't regret it.
    I think the blue bit in the middle of the Sunflower, was a dodgey bit of processing by me. Bit too much contrast I think.

    ShySongbird, thanks. We're both a bit better today, me and ol' Jim. Must be the sunshine. :)
    Haven't seen many bees on the Pyracantha; maybe they come when I'm out.
    Aaaaa, the blue in the Sunflower; hmmmmm :(

  8. Welcome to UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers!

    By the way, I think the hoverfly in your pictures is called Helophilus pendulus.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Roger, and the welcome.

    Thanks also for the ID on the Hoverfly. Cheers.

  10. A varied and stunning set of images Keith.

  11. Great workout with the Macro!! Your garden if full of life, your flowers look great!! We had to cut down the last pyracanthar here it was diseased...You'll get some great "berry pickers" come fall! Poor Jim Hope he is on the mend soon!..

  12. Roy, thank you. I was a bit surprised to find so much to take pictures of. I suppose I look at the garden everyday, but don't always see just what's there.

    Dixxie, thank you. I'm really hoping for plenty of berries this year on the Pyracantha. It seems there will be.
    Jims getting a lot better now, thanks. But he hates the ear drops. Quite a struggle. :(