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Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunday at Willen Lake

Sunday morning, still feeling a bit rough, I thought a quick visit to Willen Lake in the sunshine would help a bit. It did, and it didn’t. It was an enjoyable visit, as always, but by Sunday evening I was feeling rougher than sandpaper.

Mums always give the best advice don’t they? She always used to tell me, ‘if you’re not well, stay in.
I’ll remember next time.

But Sunday morning, here I was, walking through the damp grass amongst clouds of Damsels, and quite a few Cinnabar moths.
Last year I saw plenty of the black and yellow caterpillars, but no moths; so it was good to see where they had come from.
Another dainty little moth landed close by in the grass,
but no idea what he’s called. Delicate feathery antenna though.
Past swathes of Common Melilot growing by the edge of the lakeside,
and sunning herself in a bramble bush, this beauty.
A Black-tailed Skimmer. First time I’ve seen one.
As I got nearer the hide, a group of young Long Tailed Tits, were noisily collecting food. This one had his tail fanned out like a Peacock.

But as I stopped to take some pictures, he must have felt a bit self-conscious, while this strange looking creature was pointing something up at him. He drew his feathers in, and turned to look at me.
And then seemed to say, ‘this is how I really look.’

Very nice.’ I said, taking a few more shots, before I carried on.
I settled into the hide, and had a quick look across the lake. In the distance I counted six Little Egrets, flying around on the mud spit,
and a few Herons, that had since left the safety of their nests, Canada Geese, Swans, and a lone Oystercatcher. Good to see the usual gang.
Just in front of the hide, a pair of Black-tailed Skimmers were doing their thing in the long grass, under the gaze of a passing Damselfly.
The Damsel soon left, leaving me a clearer shot of the action.
Just to the side of the hide, one of the young Herons was adopting the classic hunting pose.
A couple more appeared in front of the hide, to look for some food. And then my imagination began to run away with me.

Anything here?

Oh no, what’s my brother up to now?

He was slowly creeping up on a Coot, sitting on its nest.The Coot was not happy with this, and sat up and began inflating itself to almost double its size.

closer and closer he crept, until,

Oi! Leave it! you’ll never swallow that!

The brother stopped, and turned,

and the older, wiser brother, got back to his fishing.

But occasionally keeping one eye on his wayward brother.

He turned to look at me, as he mumbled,

Kids! He’ll learn. One day, maybe.


  1. Haha , great photography and some hilarious stuff going on there :-) Bravo mate.

  2. The Heron pictures a great, so is the story telling. After you left the heron went back and started trouble again, am I right! Thanks for the inspiration to shoot wild birds. I have something new to learn, the name of the bird(s) I capture.

  3. You are a great story teller:)Really enjoyed the Heron and Coot story as well as the pics.the shots of the Long Tailed Tits are excellent.Get well soon and take care.

  4. I love how that long tailed tit smoothed his feathers for you! And I was anxious to see what that heron was going to do creeping up on that poor ole cute! Great stories and photos!

  5. Cheers Nick, glad you enjoyed it.

    David, thank you, for your compliment. The Heron probably did return; they can be a bit inquisitive at times.

    NatureStop, thank you. Glad you enjoyed my bit of nonesense there. :) Thanks for the get well message.

    Thanks Shelley. I sat watching that Heron, and was thinking, 'Surely he's not going to go there' I'm glad he didn't in a way.

  6. Another marvellous account and pictures of an exciting field trip.

  7. Hope you're feeling a bit 'smoother' now!

    Loved the Heron banter & all the pics of course. FAB

  8. Cheers Pete. :)

    Thanks Emma. Was a good couple of hours.

    Cheers Frank. Still got a few rough edges; but getting there ;)

  9. Fantastic collection of Images, all look fab.
    Congrats on winning your Award you deserve it, well done.
    Your Moth is a member of the Wave group,i think.
    Anyway well done.
    Cheers John.

  10. Awesome shots Keith!...AND such an imaginative story line for the Great Blue!! I hope you take what your Mum said to heart and take care of yourself!! Feel better soon.

  11. smiling Keith on the other pics,funny,hmmmmm....get well soon Keith and take care< mama is right.

  12. Fantastic Keith...just fantastic!

  13. Hahaha! Your heron story made me laugh.....great photography as well. I think you have another children's book on hand. You could create a great story line from this post!
    (Do take care of yourself. Don't do what I did a few weeks ago and keep pushing yourself. It took antibiotics before I was well, but maybe if I had rested...yada, yada you know the rest!)

  14. Great stories Keith and smashing pictures. And that little long-tailed Tit's a real cutie :)

    Hope you're on the mend and feeling better!

  15. John, thank you. Appreciate your comments. And thanks for the pointer on the moth. There’s so many, I always struggle to ID them; even with a book.

    Dixxie, thank you. Glad you liked the Heron shots. It was interesting watching them.
    Feeling a lot better now thanks. Had a couple of days off work; I think that helped. :)

    lolit, thank you. Mums certainly know their stuff :)

    Lenora, thank you. Appreciate your comment. :)

    Thanks Kelly. Glad you enjoyed the little bit of nonsense to go with the Heron pics.
    Feeling a lot better now, thanks. Think I needed the rest more than anything.

    Tricia, thank you. Those little Long tails really are photogenic, and full of curiosity at that age.
    Couple of days off work have got me on the mend; and a chance to catch up with stuff at home too. Thank you. :)

  16. This is an amazing collection of photos. I liked every one of them but especially the long-tailed tit.

  17. Abe, thanks for your comment.
    Those little Long tailes are lovely little birds. Always remind me of teddy bears on sticks. :)

  18. Great set of images, looks like a great place. Love the Longtailed Tits.

  19. Thanks Paul. There's a good variety there, from waders to woodland birds, and in between. Part of the lake can get very busy with people some days, with all the activities going on, so an early start is always best.

  20. Great stories! I especially like the pics of the Long tailed tit. I don't think we have a long tailed bird here in New England.

  21. How delightful! I loved them all, and the one with big bro yelling advice made me laugh!

  22. Thanks Andrea. They're lovely little birds, usually arrive in small gangs; and quite vocal too. :)

  23. Thank you Helen.
    Those Herons can certainly strike up some unusual poses. :)

  24. Thanks for the giggle! Hope you're feeling better now, and yes, mums do know best, at least that's what I tell my kids.

    Te invito a mi blog........

  26. Omi, thank you. Much better now thanks; and yes, mums do have that knack of knowing best.

    pedro, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. I'll return to your blog for a look later, after work. Thank you.