Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Time to reflect.

It’s just over six months since I started this, and nearly a hundred posts later.

If I’m honest, I was never sure what, or how, it would turn out.

I used to do a blog about 4 years ago on msn; lots of random stuff, me being me and saying things I felt at the time. A good way to get things off my chest, and out of my system. It’s a wonder it wasn’t shut down. My last entry was in Feb 2007; for eighteen months I had a riot, but I think I eventually burnt out, and lost interest in it all.

During Jan 2006 I started another, which ran till Sept 2008; more of a way to display the rapidly growing wildlife pictures I was accumulating on my hard drive.
Quotes, quizzes, facts and fotos, I was the anonymous creature from the swamp, squelching my way through the internet and splashing about having a great time.

Throughout it all, I was trying to deal with some very personal issues that were complicating my life during 2007. My great time wasn’t shared apparently, (it never is), and the muddy waters of the swamp eventually settled, and the ‘complication’ left. The swamp was finally put under lock and key.

My website was thrust upon the world just before Christmas 2007, and I could finally indulge my passion of the natural world around me in pictures. My words still needed somewhere to go though; I missed writing.

Enter my faltering steps into blogland again, here.

So, the point of this post?

Aaaa, good question. I’m not sure there is a point, or why I’m writing this.

Well, yes there is. There’s always a point, or there should be.

I’ve watched this grow over the months, and people with similar interests to myself, join, and follow my journey. So many wonderful people from around the world sharing a common interest.

A big thank you to everyone that stops by; and all the comments. I really do appreciate it. I’ve learnt so much, and seen so much, through the words and the eyes of the blogs I visit.
A big thank you for that too.
I even got to meet a fellow ‘blogger’ recently, and we had a great time. Thanks for a great day Frank.

And now?
Life still has the odd blip, the odd hiccup; but the old wheels turn a bit smoother now. When I stop to look at the natural world around me, and soak it up, everything else seems forgotten for a while. Insignificant. I’m in a place I’ve always wanted to be.


Thank you.


  1. It's always refreshing to read your blog and I for one am glad to pop in and out to see what you're doing and where you've been. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well Keith, I for one am glad your blogging as shared experiences in our common interests are the best way to learn about the subject. Its also good to know what's around in our country. We are a bit like a chain of listening/watching posts on nature as it changes in the seasons. Your photographs are always a clear representation of birds etc and your artistic interpretation (such as the image above) is exceptional. Thanks.

  3. your blog is definitly one to keep watching and reading, thanks for the personal glimpse.

  4. I feel privileged to have shared those thoughts with you Keith. It has been a pleasure these last few months to visit your blog and share your insight into Nature. As I have said many times your photographic skills are exceptional and your beautifully descriptive writing a joy to read!

    I think perhaps many of us in 'blogland' find shelter here from the harsher realities of everyday life, I know I do.... and to find like minded people who share a passion and wonderment for the beauty of the natural world around us is a truly rewarding experience. Thank YOU Keith, I look forward to spending many more enjoyable times in your company :)

  5. What a beautiful post. Thank you for putting those thoughts out there. ...I always look forward to coming to your blog. I love your narrations as much as your photos. It's always a good read. Finding so many people with similar interests blows my mind. (They certainly don't live around me...it's fun to meet people all over the world, like you say, to share experiences with--and know they really enjoy hearing about them!!) Glad you started this one...

  6. Wise words my friend, and your blog cheers up my day, reminding me of home and gives me a chuckle from time to time with your writing style.
    I hope you choose to keep this particular blog " Holding Moments' , for many more moments to come :-)

  7. Your posts never fail to inspire me, Keith, and you do that while gently slipping in the 'learning' with your observations of animal behaviour, plant life and the habitats where it all happens. Thanks mate,
    Rob :)

  8. Keith,
    That's a very touching post.We love to visit your blog and have learnt so much(pretty new here:)).Love your sense of humour and the terrific photographer that you are.Glad you started holdingmoments!Hope to share many more posts and friendship.
    Arunava and Shantana

  9. Hi Keith, Yours is always the first blog that I visit. I find it inspirational. I used to get my natural history fix from wildlife documentaries and magazines until I realised how stage managed they are. Blogs are the real deal: real people, real experiences - and yours is a gem. Thanks.

  10. I'm glad the wheels are turning a bit smoother for you now, Keith, and I'm glad you started this blog, it's a treasure. Your words and photographs are captivating.

  11. Whatever muddied the water for you in the past Keith, I'm pleased it's settled now.

    You have a wonderful way with words and a way which I admire very much.

    It is good to be able to commit one's thoughts to "paper" and it's not necessary, IMHO, to have a point to our writings; or, perhaps, the point is that we CAN write about our sentiments, thoughts and deeds and those visiting our blogs then have a choice of whether to read or not.

    I could never fail to read your posts/blog Keith. You write with feeling, pathos and humour; I am always entertained. (And the pics aren't bad either :D)

    So please keep it up my friend (and fellow Canon user!! Lol) and don't forget if you're ever "down my way" again..........

  12. Just in from work, and read all these lovely comments.
    Thank you all very much for taking the time to leave such encouraging and complimentary words. Forgive me if I don’t leave a line or two individually on this occasion, but all your comments are really appreciated.
    Emma, Roy, Ginger, ShySongbird, Kelly, Nick, Rob, NatureStop, Phil, Omi and Tricia.

    Well, I’d better crack on with the next hundred. :)

  13. Like you Keith I had no idea how a blog would develop. I too have found it a wonderful way to share our experiences of nature and in the process find a group of blogging friends. Keep up the good work. Your entries are always interesting both in text and picture content.
    I look forward to the next 100.

  14. John, thank you. It certainly is a good, feeling being part of such a worldwide community of like minded folk.

  15. Hi friend, sorry to be late catching up with you. You have a great talent, both words & the flair for capturing 'the moment' and I can feel priveledged to have spent some time with you and hopefully we'll do it again soon.
    Keep chatting & snapping & I'll keep watching. Cheers FAB.

  16. Frank thank you for that. Hope you had a good time while you were away.
    And I'll look forward to our next meeting. :)