Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tiny time

Back to work today, but still not firing on all cylinders yet. Still, I had to go back some time.

But yesterday, I sat in the garden, doing nothing much at all, except staring into space and doing more thinking than is probably good for me, when I spotted something.

Something tiny; hence the title of this post. On closer inspection, and a lot of pictures, (it wouldn’t keep still, and was swaying in the light breeze), this tiny garden spider.

And he was busily making a tiny web, I presume to catch even tinier food. Something so small, just starting out in the big world, and yet it somehow knew all about constructing a web.
I found that quite amazing.

I sat back down again, doing some more staring, and thinking, when something else caught my eye. Something moving across the grass. Something tiny; again. Smaller than my fingernail in fact.
A perfectly formed tiny frog.

I watched him, or her, as it made its way from the pond, across the garden. Big jumps, for such a tiny little thing.

Determined jumps.

Finally it made it to the other side, and a small border by the fence that divides my garden from next doors.

Sitting for a while, probably thinking more interesting stuff than I had, he slowly made his way into next doors garden.
(I do hope she likes frogs; I’ve got a pond full.)

I felt a moment of humbleness. This tiny little thing, had started out as a blob of jelly a few weeks ago, and was now embarking on its greatest adventure of its tiny life. The exploration of a completely new environment to the one that had been home just a short while ago.
And no-one to tell it what to do, where to go, or how to survive.

I felt a little proud too, like a proud parent, watching their offspring venture into the big wide world for the first time.
Go on my son! Make it big!


  1. Awe, I have tears in my eyes! That's really lovely. Another great post.

  2. Good thinking, Keith. Nature just gets out of the nest and goes for it. We humans are very poorly equipped to get on with life by comparison, I think; I can't cope with the day if even my marmalade is not right.

  3. this goes to say that, we will not be staying kid forever, eventually we will get out from our nest and explore the world,learn to survive and conquer the world,no matter what.

  4. I love your tiny captures today - and such sweet thoughtful words - I think I love that frog too! :)

  5. ...such a tiny frog...sounds like it was no bigger than a cricket. The photos of him are spectacular. Just sitting and doing nothing lets you slow down enough to notice these tiny things (that are really huge). Loved the post.

  6. Thank you Omi. :)

    Rob, thank you. It was a moment that made me reflect on my own life, in a way, and realise just how lucky we are sometimes, compared to the tiny pieces of nature that make this world.

    lolit, thank you. I hope ‘my’ little frog makes a big success of his life.

    Thank you Shelley, appreciate your comment.

    Kelly, thanks. I think they were a reminder, in a way, that whatever our own troubles or problems are at the time, they pale into insignificants when you see new life like that entering the world for the first time.

  7. Hey Keith,
    Hope you are feeling better now.How is Jim doing?Today's was indeed a lovely post and looks like you have been doing some serious thinking and leaving others to ponder on.The frog's really cute and so is the spider.

  8. The small world is fasinating! I noticed in the first froggie photo some sort of insect in the background...so you got a twofr--I hope Froggie goes forth and prospers!

  9. What a photographer you are Keith! stunning photos of the spider and the frog and I loved your words too. Your last post was no less amazing with the Heron 'story' and the LTTs I have never seen one with its tail feathers spread like that.

    I do hope you are feeling better than you were and that Jim is improving too, also thank you very, very much for the award. I am no good at all at that sort of thing but was extremely honoured to be picked by such an amazing blogger as yourself, I don't feel worthy at all as I am not even approaching the league you are in but I am very flattered.

  10. Thank you NatureStop, we're both on the mend now :)
    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Dixxe, thank you. I think the insect was an aphid. I hope the frog comes back some day for a visit.

    ShySongbird, thank you for that lovely compliment, it means a lot. I'm not sure if it's all deserved; I just try and have some fun, and hope others enjoy it too.
    Jim and myself are both on the road to recovery; he's back to his usual mischief, and I even took some pictures today. All's well :)
    And I think you do deserve the award.

  11. :) What a cute post. After the spider part. I felt like it was on me.

    I am home, and catching up on everyone else's life. I wanted to let you know, your comments mean a lot, and I really appreciate them. :) Thank you.

    I am glad you are feeling better - Jim too. :)

  12. Some lovely pictures, Keith. Spider is great, I like it's patterning, and the frog, something charming about frogs and toads - especially the young ones.

  13. Thanks Jen; sorry about the spider lol
    And congratulations on your well deserved award.

    Les, thanks. The little spider was so delicate looking, and swayed in the slightest breeze, it was a job to get any sort of picture.
    Thank you :)

  14. Just wonderful Keith. Its amazing what catches your eye when you can just sit back and ponder life.
    We are very lucky to have back gardens, and I think that every day.
    I've been spending alot of my time in mine, as birding can be fairly slow at this time of year.

  15. Cheers Nick. It is good at times, to just sit and watch what unfolds before your eyes.
    I think I'd be lost without my garden lol