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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday at Caldecote

Tuesday was another gloriously hot day; this can’t possibly last, can it?

A bit later than normal, I set off to the local, to have a nosey round. I think the birds were feeling the effects of the heat, because there didn’t seem to be as many about as normal. Plenty of singing going on, but keeping well hidden. Probably wisely keeping to the shade of the trees and bushes; unlike myself, melting in the heat.

There were plenty of Damsels amongst the long grass, taking to the air as I approached, and settling tantalisingly just ahead most of the time. I did manage to get a few though, more by luck than anything else.

The Cow Parsley looked splendid with the sun shining off its flat heads.

At least that stayed where it was, apart from occasionally swaying in the refreshing breeze.
A pair of Mute swans glided past, proudly showing off their four cygnets.

They seem to have grown so fast, and were happily ducking their heads, looking for their own food, under the careful gaze of mum and dad.

I’d quickly reached the lakeside pub, and was greeted by Canada and Greylag Geese, plucking at the short grass, in the sun. A small group of Greylag began to herd the young goslings towards the water, as I slowly approached along the path.

Six adults, and quite a few young, some looking much older than the others.

The bigger ones made the water first, leaving the smaller ones behind with five of the adults, one of which quickly turned on one, making it clear he was not welcome just now.

Family feud perhaps?

I stopped, and waited while the rest of the group eased into the water. As the last one swam away, the reject decided he’d take his chances with the group, rather than face this human stood watching on the path, and he followed at a discreet distance.
I made my way further on, to where the river runs close by the lake; separated by some very long grass now, and plenty of flowers tempting the passing bees.

A stunning crimson flower, dotted throughout the grass, really stood out.

Maybe a vetch? I’m not sure, but the flowers looked like jewels, scattered around.
A great swathe of Buttercups, shining in the sunlight, were just ahead,

and in its own little group, Ragged Robin.

I’d almost completed the circuit by now, and stopped off to look at the ‘horror’ tree.

Still covered in its plastic like film, and still a few caterpillars crawling around its branches, but the tree was fighting back, with new leaf shoots.

Amazing to think this looked dead a few days earlier.
Stopping near the car park, for one last scan of the lake through the binoculars, I noticed this handsome chap, peering at me from behind some grass.

A Shield Bug. A Hawthorn Shield Bug, I think.

We gazed into each others eyes for a few moments,

and then I left him to get on with what ever Shield Bugs do.

And the last scan of the lake revealed a male Tufted Duck

slowly drifting by.

And it was time for me to drift by too.


  1. Wow! Love those flowers and bugs. I never really watched bugs before (they sort of creep me out), but I just keep seeing more and more stunning portraits of them and am starting to see a lot of beauty in them. I'm starting to take photos, but I'm using my 70-200 mm with the 2x converter still. I need to make the switch to macro.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I leave the macro on my old camera, saves lens changing, but awkward carrying two around at times :)

  3. Your macro shots are teriffic!!!
    The"horror tree"is nicely turning green with new leaves.The bug somehow looks kind of nice:)The goslings are really cute.Here in Oman we harldy get to spot birds now as it's very hot(we are at 50+*C)so we enjoy your beautiful bird images.Thanks

  4. Brilliant collection there Keith. Some very vibrant colours !
    Gotta love spring eh :-)

  5. Another brilliant set of photos Keith. Love the goslings being herded by the parent birds. It is amazing how plants recover. My blackcurrent bushes are doing the same at the moment. A massive infestation of greenfly killed off the leaves but new ones are now growing.

  6. I am surfing blog comments and thought yours sounding interesting (have seen you around for several days now.) I enjoyed the photos and will come by again. the shield bug is amazing. How did you learn all the names? I have another favorite blog you might like
    to visit - http://bosque-santa.blogspot.com/
    have a great day

  7. What a wonderful day you had. This goslings are lovely.

  8. Brilliant set of images Keith - I know what you mean about the damsels being active in the sunshine. Great close up of the Red eyed damsel.

  9. Wonderful macros on those shield bugs, we call them stink bugs if you handle them they throw off a not so pleasant scent. ITS been so hot here...one could def melt...love the shots of the Cyg's they are growing so BIG! Enjoyed this very much.

  10. What a treat! I have enjoyed browsing through your blog. I like the bugs the most. Looking at them I am reminded there is a piece of the world we usually walk over or squash! Thanks.

  11. NatureStop, thank you. That certainly is hot where you are! Too hot for me, and I guess a lot of the birds also.

    Nick, thanks. I just love this time of year; always so much to see.

    John, thank you. Nature has a way of recovering usually. Makes you wonder why so much is spent on pesticides. It was funny to watch the goslings being ordered away to safety by the adults like that.

    Ginger, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’ll pop over to yours soon, and the link. Learning the names takes a while, still learning, but some good books and the internet usually get me there eventually. :)

    Emma, thank you for stopping by also. The goslings just beg to be photographed; definitely got the ‘cute’ factor.

    Matt, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

    Dixxie, glad you enjoyed your visit. Thank you.
    Not sure if these bugs give off a smell; I didn’t touch lol

    David, thank you. I think I’ve noticed more bugs and things since I’ve been taking pictures. amazing what is around us when we stop to look. Thanks for your comment.

  12. WOW - this is a stunning set. The geese shots were just amazing. They all were, but I like fuzzy animals more than goggle eyes insects, LOL! Don't get me wrong, the insects are cool too.


  13. Jen, thanks. The Geese were quite funny to watch as they headed off to the safety of the lake.

  14. Keith, I do like that first shot of the Shield Bug peering round the leaf - a real gem.

  15. It's like a fireworks show of beautiful colors and photos on your blog! Especially enjoyed watching those geese!

  16. This is the first time I have visited your blog, and I love it! I definitely will be back in the future!

  17. Another fabulous walk-about.
    Thanks for the up close and personal.

  18. They are great photo's - and you were right, the weather (hot) didn't last, and rain for the weekend too :-c

  19. Rob, thank you. Yea, I quite like that one too. Made me smile when I took it.

    Shelley thank you, very nice of you to say that.

    Squirrel, thank you for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to come back whenever you wish. :)

    Andrea, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

    JPT, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. It does look as though the weather is turning. Surely that wasn’t our summer? :(

  20. Dragonflies are the best. Good job!
    www.rmn1.blogspot.com - about macrophotography;)

  21. RMN1, they can be difficult at times, but very rewarding. Thank you.

  22. i dont like bugs, but honestly,i appreciate what you have shared with us,i can get enough of it Keith.....thank you!

  23. Thank you lolit, very kind of you. :)