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Saturday, 11 July 2009

A bit more messing

Last lot from the garden the other day for now, till I get round to sorting out this mornings batch.

A short sequence of the female House Sparrow feeding the youngster.

And then he was left to see how he got on by himself.

I don’t think he was too impressed.

Another one of the Goldfinch,

and the last one, as he launched himself from the feeder.

A 'lucky' shot really.

While all this was going on, a couple of the neighbourhood cats were eyeing up the possibilities of a quick snack,

until Jim spotted them, and told them to 'clear off'. Good old Jim.

And last lot for now; good old Starlings.

A colourful grown up, with two youngsters.

Take off.

A brief rest, between squabbles.

Oooops! Almost a perfect landing.

And them, watching me, while I watched them.

And after all the rain while I was out this morning, the sun has decided to come out.
Oh well.


  1. I am sure you must know this ....... these are just fabulous!!

  2. Well done Jim for a successful cat patrol! These photos are lovely Keith, the young Sparrow looking straight at the camera is so funny, what an expression :) I love all the 'action' shots, brilliant!

    So sorry to have missed commenting on the latest Solaf episode, I read it yesterday and thought it was great fun but have just realised I forgot to comment! Anyway I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  3. Love the photo of the young sparrow not being "too impressed" with the idea of feeding himself! Funny and a perfect shot. Give Jim a pet for me for protecting the little birds!

  4. As entertaining and competent as ever, all the best.

  5. Yup I agree - amazing!! I looove your photos!! The stories make me smile. I love the expression on the young sparrow - priceless!! Yes, those cats have that - "Ooooooo buffet" look about them!! Wonderful post, thanks for sharing!! Sarah

  6. A great "action packed" post Keith. {:)

  7. A great set of photos, Keith. The Goldfinch really shows off its colours. Love the Sparrow feeding set and especially the last one of those. Nice captures of the take off shots as well.

  8. Doreen thanks for your comment, appreciate it.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures,

    ShySongbird, thanks. Jim has his uses, although he’d run the other way if a cat stood its ground. Lol
    No problem with the story comment; it steps up a gear next week ;)

    Thanks Kelly. That little Sparrow looked a little surprised when his mum left him to it.

    Thanks Adrian. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Sarah, thank you for your kind words.

    Cheers Roy, appreciate your comments.

    Thanks John. I think the Goldfinch is one of our most colourful birds we have. It’s really good to have them visit so regularly.

  9. Hi John, I must admit your photographs are interesting, taken from different angles to the average photographer. Loved the Goldfinch, one of my favourite birds. I have to come back to see more.

  10. Thanks Val, glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for commenting.
    The Goldfinch is a real beauty, and always brightens the garden with their visits.
    Come back anytime; always welcome. :)

  11. Wow, the photos are wonderful! You perfectly captured the motion of the birds' wings (like I can hear them flapping), the "expressions" on their faces (the bird in the fourth photo just knows how to look at the camera), and the first one is veeery sweet! I hope the cats would just leave the birds alone..^^
    The shots were perfectly taken on great timing, bringing the photos into life! :)

  12. The expression of the not to impressed House Sparrow is cute:)Your lucky shot of the Goldfinch and the Starling landing are cool.Here we have found a few birds and I google like one possessed trying to figure out their names(still a long way to go I guess).Glad to learn a lot of names of birds from your blog.Thanks!!

  13. Birds are really interesting to watch and see them do things that we humans do but in different ways.

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  14. SO Impressive! I am in love with your Goldfinch, what a beautiful bird! You got some very good stop action shots--those are fun and not in the least LUCKY shots!..Very well done. Thanks for the visits and comments I do appreciate your input.

  15. A great post as always Keith. Our House Sparrows are also feeding their young'uns right now :-)

  16. Sashindoubutsu, thank you for your very kind comment. Appreciate it, and thanks for stopping by and following. Hope you enjoy it.

    NatureStop, thank you for your comment. I’m still learning names all the time. Especially Gulls and Waders. I’ve a lot to learn there.

    Abe, thanks very much.
    And a very Happy Anniversary to both of you.

    Thanks Dixxe. I think the Goldfinch is our most colourful bird here. Watching two on the feeders right now :)

    Cheers Nick. Busy time at the moment for a lot of the birds raising their young.

  17. Aw Keith - those House Sparrows are really cute and as for that Goldfinch - right place and definitely the right time - great shot! The last pic of the two young starlings - don't they look like they've got the grumps!! Lol

  18. Thanks Tricia. The Starlings do look grumpy sometimes; they certainly act it. :)

  19. Excellent - I like the feeding mother sparrow but also the expression of the cat ;-)

  20. Andor, the cats were in deep concentration; till Jim intervened. :)
    Thanks for your comment.