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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Caldecote Lake

A mid week jaunt to the local whilst the sun shone in between the showers this week.
The birds were still in short supply, but the Damsels, Dragons and Butterflies were taking advantage of the warm sunshine. And the day flying Moths.

Six-spot Burnet. Their red on black markings were really standing out in the light.

The Comma Butterfly seemed to be everywhere,

taking advantage of the bramble flowers.

A Small Copper,

looking very handsome. And sharing a spray of yellow,

a Small Skipper and a Gatekeeper.

But where’s the birds? Well a young Coot sat still long enough for a quick shot,

before mum called him away.

Someone else called away was this young Great Crested Grebe,

who dutifully swam over to mum and dad.

The usual Mallards were swimming around, Common Terns in the air with some Swifts, and the always present large numbers of Geese.

Apart from another Grebe still sitting on her nest,

nothing much else caught my eye; or camera.

The Caldecote Arms looked as inviting as ever,

but I resisted the temptation, and carried on searching.

A small piece of water that runs off from the lake, was covered in green pondweed or duckweed.

That caught my eye, for whatever reason. It all looked very mysterious, and peaceful.

As I neared the car park, a large patch of Cow Parsley had all but finished its display in the tall grass, and was being upstaged by masses of Field Scabious,

and small clumps of Herb Robert, (I think)

The perfect setting for the Dragons that hunt here. Constantly flying over the tops of the plants, and occasionally settling.

A Migrant Hawker.

Oh well, always another day.


  1. You seem to have an abundance of things to take pictures of. And the variety is amazing too. I liked the butterflies and here there is a shortage of them like the birds never returned like they have in past years. I did like that photo of the windmill too. I didn't realize they were to be found in other places besides Holland or he Netherlands. Your dragon fly is spot on perfect as far as I am concerned. I don't know how you could make it any better.

    Thanks for your visits to my blogs. I always look forward to seeing your name there. I am trying a new blog out with the goal to see if it is possible to get 10,000 visitors in a short period of time. And I suppose if each one who sees it tells their friends, then it will be possible. It is called Pick a Peck of Pixels. http:pickapeckofpixels.blogspot.com

  2. Gorgeous photos Keith, the moths on the teasels are really beautiful! I really don't think the flower is Herb Robert though, I think it is one of the Mallows.

  3. Wow, you have so many good ones. I love the coot and herb. I think I have a soft purple herb pic too. I especially like the green woody marsh.

    And thanks for all of your wonderful comments on my blog...they're much appreciated! Keep coming by!! Have a great rest of the day.

    Your friend in Caly.

  4. The young Great Crested Grebe is stunning. His plumage is so different from the adults...love those black and white stripes! The butterfly shots are beautiful and the Six-spot Burnet looks like he's dressed up and ready for a party in those polka dots. I'd like to see one of those.

  5. Keith,the Six-spot Burnets,the butterflies and dragonfly all look great.I specially like the lake with pondweed and you got a great shot.As if it has a story of its own to tell:)

  6. what absolutely breathtakingly beautiful images - and for those of us for whom access to the naturalworld is limited, even more gratifying - thanks for sharing! jenean

  7. A nice set of images Keith, even though the bad weather was around most of the time this week. Glad to see you resisted the temptation. {:)

  8. love the pic of the Caldecote Arms. the windmill is fantastic!

  9. Great post again Keith. The Comma on the brambles is the tops!! The Six-spots are so photogenic too.

    And you resisted the pub?........Well done me lad! (Stronger willed than me obviously :) )

  10. Abe, thanks for your comment, appreciated as always.
    The windmill in the picture is a bar/travelodge, and has a children’s play area; very popular at weekends with families. It’s built from authentic parts from Holland, and styled on a Dutch barn; apparently. They do some good food too. ;)
    I’ll pop over to your new blog later.

    Thanks ShySongbird. I think you’re right about the flower. I keep looking, and the more I look, the more it looks like something else. I’m hopeless with plants. lol
    I’m thinking now, possibly Musk Mallow.

    Lenora, thank you, appreciate your comments.

    Thanks Kelly. Those young Grebes always remind me of humbug sweets when I see them. lol

    Thanks NatureStop. That area with the pondweed is very dark and mysterious looking, even in the daytime. My imagination jumps into overdrive sometimes at that spot.

    Jenean, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I’m hoping to get out again tomorrow somewhere; not sure where yet though.

    Thanks Roy. Difficult to resist that place at times, especially on a hot day. :)

    Thank you Doreen. The Caldecote Arms is a very popular spot, and set in a lovely location.

    Thanks Tricia. I’ve seen quite a few Comma’s about recently, even had one stray into the garden briefly the other day. I love their ragged looking wings.
    Aaaaa, the pub……..good aint I? lol

  11. Hi Keith,
    I would never have guessed that's a young Great Crested Grebe - dazzling. Burnets on Teasels are a beautiful colour combination - I've never seen those two together. The weed-covered water resembles the green baize of a snooker table.

  12. The young coot is quite a site. Who knew they were punk? The duckweed covered backwater looks to be enchanted, mystical. Each shot is a treasure, no surprise!

  13. Lovely pics and story as always Keith. I couldn't name some of those flowers, or insects, so presumably you bought guide books on those ?
    Thanks for sharing your neck o' the woods with us all mate .

  14. Thanks Rob. Yea, those G C Grebe chicks look nothing like the adults they'll turn into.

    Thanks for your comments Wilma. The Coot chicks do look strange for a while.

    Cheers Nick. I've got a couple of books on each subject, but I still struggle with the new stuff sometimes. lol

  15. Wow wonderful shots!!! What an amazing place to play!!! I love the red butterflies - I can't say I have seen many of those around here!!
    We have a very large lake a few blocks away - which I adore..not many marshy spots though. I think we will take a tootle down that way today!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    Namaste, Sarah

  16. Thank you Sarah. It is a great place to explore, and just a short walk, or drive away from me.

  17. Lovely photos Keith. The young coots always look as though they have stuck their heads in a tin of red paint.
    That final dragon shot is brilliant. Don't often see side on photos of them.

  18. Thanks John.
    I tried moving around the dragon, clicking as I went, but he took off before I could get behind him lol

  19. the young coot is spectacular... lucky you.
    by the way what does an 'old coot' look like?

  20. another marvelous work of art,i told you,start a book for this,need to consider that.

  21. Thanks Ginger.
    An old Coot, hmmmm; he's quite large, all black, with a white shield on his face. One of the 'label' links should take you to some pictures. Or some would say I'm an old coot lol

    lolit, thank you. Yea, maybe I should. Was thinking of doing something just on Caldecote Lake. Thanks. :)

  22. What a show!! Im in love with that little fuzz ball he is so cute..I missed this post while my modem was fried on that Friday that I mistook for the 13th..what a Flash of lightening---it took me several tries and a few Recovery's to get my PC to connect to the Net again..but it seems all ok for now. Just another note the butterflies n moths shots are fantastic also!