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Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Goldies came for dinner

About 6 p.m. this evening the Goldie family came to dinner. Mum and the two kids.

A lot to choose from. I see Brian is showing off again.

Mum! Mum! Up here!

Yes son, I hear you.

Now listen. I’ll explain this again; and stop all that wing flapping. It’s annoying at times.

Open your mouth, for goodness sake.

The wings Brian, the wings.

I’ll just stretch mine a little while I wait for Brian.

Do hurry up Brian. This bloke wants to take our picture together.

How’s that?


  1. Hilarious captions Keith - thanks for brightening up my day :D :D

  2. it is so funny Keith! like they are talking really, hahaha. ok, but don't forget my favorite swans,,,missed them already.

  3. very good, the birds are beautiful aren't they?
    clever dialog also.

  4. Haha! Adorable......loved the photos and your commentary. Very cute and entertaining.

  5. Ha ha ha!!!Thanks for making me laugh!!Great captures as usual.I really liked Brian flapping his wings:)Looks so cute.

  6. Excellent and very entertaining, Keith.

  7. A delightful entry Keith. Great captures. I have what appears a devoted pair of adults visit every day but haven't seen any youngsters.

  8. Loved that... I could imagine them really talking.

  9. beautiful beautiful images!!! and the dialogue superb!

  10. I love goldfinches!!! These guys are so cute! :-D They remind me of my own pet bird who's a part goldfinch and a part canary... he still does that wing flapping whenever I feed him and he's 11 years old!

  11. Thanks for all the comments. Had a busy day watching waders, and spent ages going through all the pictures trying to ID them. I give up! lol


    Tricia, thanks. glad you enjoyed it.

    lolit, thank you. I’ll sort out some Swans for you. :)

    Thanks Ginger. They are lovely birds, and great to have them visit every day.

    Kelly, thank you. A couple of adults are on the feeders right now. No kids though. :)

    Thanks NatureStop. Thought I’d try something a little different. :)

    Emma, thank you. Was a spur of the moment post.

    Thanks John. It took a while before these brought the young ones round, so you may get them visit soon.

    Valerie, thank you.

    Jenean, thank you. They are great subjects.

    Mirela, thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment. That’s quite an age for your pet bird.

  12. cute! I like how you put words to the pics. very creative. crisp clear shots. how do you do that? I am still learning and my camera does so much and I don't know how to work all the stuff!!

  13. Thanks Doreen.
    A large portion of luck with the pictures; but it wasn't with me today on my outing lol

  14. OH they are so sweet! What great photos you got!! I just love your Goldfinches...they are so colorful--enjoyed the humorous captions too...very inventive!

  15. Giggle..wonderful shots and I love the story too!!!
    Great post! Thanks for popping by my Quilting Bee. Sarah

  16. Adorable and funny! Nothing beats seeing the baby birds w/ their parents - such sweet moments!

  17. Really lovely photographs of the 'Goldies' Keith.

  18. bufffff i can't tell you anything of this pictures... bufff great photos..., but... i want know the technical information, because i want to learn of these photos.

    (sorry, but my english is very bad... if you can't underestand me you can tell me it)

  19. Computer trouble; apologies for late replies.

    Thanks Dixxe. Bit of a fun post really, and such beautiful birds.

    Sarah, thank you. I’ll pop back to yours when I’m all sorted :)

    Shelley, thanks. They really are entertaining to watch, and very noisy when begging for food lol

    Sergio, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate it.

    Cheers Roy. They are little beauties the Goldies; always brighten the day with their visits.

    Marcos, thanks for your visit, and comment.
    The technical bit; the ISO varied from 800 to 1250.
    First shot was at iso 1250, 1/500s, and f7.1
    Most of the time I shoot in AV mode, (aperture priority), and set the ISO to give me a fast shutter speed, depending on the subject, and weather. Auto white balance, and a lot of luck :) That’s about it really.

    Thanks Andrea :)