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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It’s all too much

This heat; it’s all too much for me, and the birds.

I went out at the beginning of the week for a couple of hours at one of the local lakes, Willen. I walked half the lake, and usually clock up a fair number of birds, and manage to get a few pictures. But I think the sun has got to me, and the very shy birds. They had more sense than me, and kept a low profile.

There were a few around; Crows spreading their wings on the grass, and frying in the heat, Magpies noisily calling from the tops of trees, and the odd Common Tern, twisting in the air. But even they seemed to prefer just to sit on the rafts out in the lake, and do nothing.
Who can blame them.

I passed clumps of Tufted Vetch, scrambling through the brambles at the edge of the lake,

and a few Reed Warblers, secretly singing from the cover.
Blue Tits in the depths of shade searching for food, and Blackbirds probing the ground under hedges for tasty worms. But it all seemed so much quieter than usual.
Even the Heron looked as though everything was an effort.

He did perk up a little as I walked past, but couldn’t really be bothered to move.

Instead he just gave me a glance, as I carried on.

I stopped off at the fitness centre, for a check on the House Martins. Not much activity there, save for the odd one or two swooping from their nests, over the heads of the Greylag Geese, and then back again.
I made my way back towards the hide, to see if anything was about there. The odd Butterfly floated by, and one reluctantly, briefly stopped for a quick shot.

A Green-veined White, female.
In front of the hide, a pair of Great Crested Grebes were busily constructing another nest.

I think every time I’ve been just lately, they’ve been building a nest somewhere along there. Maybe they’re new to this sort of thing, and haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.

Apart from a couple of Little Egret sitting across on the island, all seemed very quiet.
The only brief bit of action was a Swan, who decided another was a bit too close,

but even he gave up after a short dash across the water.

I think he decided it was all too much as well.


My next post will be my hundredth. Ooooo.
So, I thought it would have to be something special; maybe.
Well, I decided on something different, instead.
Some time ago I wrote a children’s story, (I mentioned it a while ago), so I thought perhaps I’d do a chapter a week, or something.
So, next time will be ‘The solaf’ chapter one.
It’s got some animals in it.


  1. We experience the disappearance of the birds due to the heat very often here.The flowers wilt and everything looks so sad:(
    The images of the heron and swan are great.
    Wow!hundredth post and all interesting ones:)Waiting eagerly for your post ‘The solaf’.

  2. that heron does look like he is tired and it would take too much effort to fly. seems like being in the water would be cooler. fantastic post!

  3. Congratulations!
    Can't wait for the story to unfold.
    Stay cool.

  4. Pretty quiet down here as well. Just thank your lucky stars you are not 'cooking under glass'....I'm 'fried' out as well.
    Congrats on reaching 100 just in case I drop off for a few days. Cheers FAB

  5. Even in the heat you managed to get some smashing shots! Congratulations in advance on your 100th post - I eagerly await...

  6. Lovely collection of pictures again, Keith and an excellent description to go with them. Look forward to part 1 of the story.

  7. I totally understand about the heat. You got some really great shots though, I like that second one of the flowers, and the first bird one.

    Can't wait to read the story!

  8. You got some great shots for a slow hot day...sweltering here! I cant wait to read your story...!

  9. Lovely photos as always Keith, the Heron does look rather dejected, talk about propping up the bar! Loved the swan pic too. The heat is too much for me too, it does me no good at all.

    Looking forward to chapter one.

  10. You set and describe the scene so perfectly w/ your photos and words! That heron looks like he was lazily leaning against that post. All great photos! Looking forward to your children's story!!

  11. Thanks NatureStop. The Heron did seem kind of fed up with it all, as I watched him.

    Doreen, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. Appreciate it. Hope you come back again.

    Andrea, thank you. The forecast is for another hot day today. I never thought I’d want it to rain so much lol

    Cheers Frank. I can imagine how you’re suffering there under the ‘glass.’
    I worked in a nursery a few years ago, in the poly tunnels. Unbearable in the summer.

    Omi, thank you. Hope it cools down soon though.

    Thank you Emma, glad you enjoyed it.

    Jen, thanks. I’m definitely not a ‘hot weather person.’

    Dixxe, thank you. Much prefer the cooler weather; I think the birds do too. lol

    Thank you ShySongbird. I guess we’re not used to the sun here, and when it comes, it knocks us all for six. Soon have our usual summers no doubt; rain. :)

    Shelley, thank you. I think the Heron kind of said it all; so much better than I could. ;)

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments on the future story.
    Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  12. ...beautiful post. I could totally feel the heat of summer dripping through your words. Loved the heron...he did look done in. I can't wait to read your story. It's very exciting you're considering posting it.

  13. When we went our usual afternoon walk yesterday there was only one bird singing in the distance. Usually I am surrounded by bird song.
    My 'best buy' three years ago was an air conditioning unit. It isn't needed very often but today I can sit and enjoy the cold blast.

    Great set of photos, Keith. I did feel sorry for the Heron.

  14. Thanks Kelly. We have rain forecast for tomorrow. I guess it won't know when to stop then lol

    John, thanks. The birds certainly are feeling it at the moment.
    I reckon if I go and buy a fan, or an air con unit, the weather will change.

  15. Hi Keith - couldn't agree more about the heat!! Hopefully it will get cooler soon.....

    That heron looks as though he's using that post for support - think he's suffering too? Lol

    Interesting about the Grebes - the one's I was watching did the same thing - perhaps it's a "Grebe thing"!

  16. I like how you captured the heron. I'm not sure if he's suffering or only tired or bored, but the pictures is great.

  17. Thanks Tricia. It'll be the usual I suppose, a bit of rain, and then it won't stop for weeks lol

    Andor, thank you. I think the Heron summed up the day for me.