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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Just messing

In between the showers of rain this morning, and while waiting for the clock to tick round to ‘work time’, I thought I’d poke the camera outside at the birds on the feeders. Mainly to play around with various settings. The only trouble with that is, I never remember what I had it set on afterwards.
Thank goodness for an exif viewer!

Anyway, here’s a few that I’ve done so far, got more to sort another time.
Starlings, Sparrows, Collared Dove, and Goldfinch.

A posing Starling. Always willing subjects, they seldom move too far from the food, no matter how close you tend to get.

House Sparrow. Another visitor reluctant to move; thankfully.

A female was busily feeding a youngster on the shed roof.

I think this is one of the younger Collared Doves. Quite happy to strut around the grass while I fiddled with various settings.

The Goldfinches are a little more wary, so patience is the thing here. I’m a bit short on that sometimes though.

And last one for now, a Starling about to land on the fat ball feeder.

A slowish shutter speed, 1/100, to catch a bit of movement.

I’ve got to do some movement now, and get off to work.
Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it.


  1. Thanks for these, when one sees some of the rubbish paid for by magazine editors makes me wonder what you are doing in a day job.

  2. Your beautiful photos are a great way to start my morning!

  3. OMG that Goldfinch has the face of a woodpecker, the tail of a blue jay and the wings of a finch..fantastic...way different from our American Goldfinch! Suet and the heat dont mix here...I can only give it in winter...sure brings in the good ones right! Marvelous shots..I have been practicing with using aperture settings and then +/- more minus...I want to get lower light so the colors will pop more. ITs fun to relearn photography in this digital age! Hope work wasnt too hard for you today.

  4. Do you make a home made bird mix to feed in your feeder? Nice to find subjects so close to home. Its time to fill my feeders again.

  5. Great stuff Keith. How lucky to have those Goldfinches in your garden. I wonder if you could make up a suet mix and stick part of an old tree in the ground for Woodpeckers ?

  6. Great results from your experiments with the camera Keith! Doesn't work get in the way of better things though!

  7. Lovely photos Keith, I particularly liked the Starling and the Sparrow on the feeder.

  8. Keith loved the Starling,top shot.
    Very nice selection,the British seem to be at home in the rain, maybe it brings the best out of us and our birds.

  9. What a beautiful collection of garden birds, Keith. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  10. Thank you Adrian, very nice of you to say that.

    Shelley thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Dixxe. I think the Goldfinch is one of our most colourful birds here. I’m lucky that they visit every day, throughout the day. It was good to experiment this morning, and not have to worry too much how they came out.
    As for work; hmmm, glad today is over lol

    David I sometimes make some suet seed cake, but I usually make such a mess doing it. The birds seem to appreciate it, but I do buy it usually.

    Cheers Nick. Not seen any Woodpeckers near here, but I’ll give that a go for the winter months, to see if I can attract any.

    Thanks Tricia. Yea, work does get in the way; but I’ve got a week off soon, so I’m going to try and get out somewhere everyday.

    Thank you ShySongbird. Those two behaved rather well together. Different story if it was two Starlings though :)

    Thanks Pete. Still got a few to wade through yet, but I was pleased with those ones.

    John, thank you. You’re probably right about the rain; it’s what we’re used to lol

    Emma, thank you. There’s always plenty of Starlings in the garden, along with the Sparrows. And very patient too, while I mess around.

  11. Nice selection of early morning visitors.
    All work and no play, etc, etc...never mind. Have fun when you can my friend.

  12. Cheers Frank. Got this weekend off, so plenty of playtime; I hope ;)

  13. As always, I love looking at all your pictures. My favorite this time is the house sparrow being fed by the parent. So perfect!

  14. The Goldfinches are beautiful.Lucky you have them visiting you.I guess because they are colourful they cheer you up.I somehow like house-sparrows so for me the house sparrow shots were great!Enjoy your day!

  15. ...beautiful birds. I always love your goldfinches. I keep trying to play with shutter speed as well, and learn more about controlling the camera (instead of vice versa!). Sweet photo of the house sparrows...

  16. That's a superb Goldfinch image Keith.

  17. I can't ever get over how much more attractive your gold finch is than our yellow ones that look a lot like a canary. But on any given day I would say the gold finch we have is nice too.

  18. Your goldfinch has such striking markings.
    I am so glad you photo birds as I am unable.
    Your images are a delight.

  19. Squirrel, thank you. That little Sparrow got impatient waiting in the end, and began following the mother around to get the food quicker.

    NatureStop, thanks. The Goldfinches always manage to brighten even a dull day, especially with their ‘tinkling’ song as they fly about.

    Thanks Kelly. I usually have the camera set on AV mode when I’m out, so it made a change to have to think a little more on manual.

    Thanks Roy. They are lovely birds. :)

    Abe, thank you. I think both types are real beauties.

    Andrea, thank you, glad you liked them. Birds are my favourite subject, and very rewarding when the results are ok.

  20. Lovely portraits of your local visitors. Great shot of the woodpecker in the previous entry.

  21. I am a bit slow on commenting this week. today we go home to Friburgo and I am READY. I love the starling in movement. I am extremely lazy only using the auto settings on my Nikon d40, but usually get an occaisonal shot that really pleases me. the photo of the bird feeding the youngster is REALLY really great. good job.
    I always say i will carry a small notebook to make notes on my photos - then just click click click without paying the slightest attention.
    have a great weekend.

  22. Thanks John. I'd love to get a Woodpecker visit the garden, but I think the bigger trees are just a bit too far away from me.

    Ginger, thanks. It's good to experiment occasionaly; doesn't always seem to work for me though lol
    Have a safe journey back home.