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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lazy Saturday

I spent most of Saturday doing very little; actually, I didn’t do much at all. I was lazy!

I phoned a bloke who advertises in the local paper, who visits and fixes computers at your home. A Doctor Watson. Seemed like a good idea, and by now I’m climbing the walls without it. Yea, I’ve got the laptop, which has meant the men in white coats haven’t been knocking on the door, but its not the same.
I expected a man in a white coat and stethoscope when he arrived; don’t know why, but anyway, he seemed quite normal; just a small metal case with his instruments of magic in. He probably thought I was the strange one.

He switched it on, watched it do its thing, plugged a little thing into it, and then said,
Yea, I know what’s wrong.
Hail the wizard!!
It’s your graphics card.
He took it out, gave it a clean, put it back, and……………

So he’s coming back in the week with a new one.

So the garden provided the rest of the entertainment, while I lazily swung on the hammock, cameras at the ready, and a bottle of red. I took lots of pictures of the flowers,


Not sure what this is called, but it’s popular with bees and butterflies.
And this Cosmos.

The bits sticking up in the middle reminded me of candles, on a Christmas table decoration. Maybe the wine was kicking in a little by then.

The sky was filled with up to 40 Swifts, circling overhead, screaming as they went. For a while they filled the sky, then flew off somewhere else, then came back. All afternoon they performed like this, and it was great to watch. On two separate occasions a Sparrowhawk or Kestrel, (too high to tell properly), flew amongst them, legs dangling, and being mobbed by the smaller Swifts.
When they had cleared the air space, it was quickly filled by Black-headed Gulls, silent for once, flying around in equally large numbers. They’d come, then return, over and over.
A flotilla of Gliders were out in force too, one after the other, silently cruising overhead. And higher still, various airlines were streaking across the sky. A lot of activity in the sky, including the clouds, scudding along. Some white, glistening in the sunlight, some dark and menacing.
Down at garden level, the Butterflies ruled. Fluttering from one flower to the next, along with the bees.

Gatekeeper. Lots of these.

Painted Lady. Quite a few about.

Holly Blue. Not many, and very active, barely staying still long enough for a picture.
And white ones. Lots.

A very tatty looking Small White?

A Green-veined White, I think.

And then this next one completely threw me.

None of my books seem to have this ones markings; the spots are in the wrong place.
Either a Small White, or Green-veined White.
I’ll call it a ‘White One’ for now.

And the birds?
Well, they were a bit shy while I was outside. A couple of Collared Doves did brave one of the feeders,
till I fired the shutter; then they left.

A couple of Sparrows briefly came down.

This one looked very indignant at me being there.

And for the Starlings, it was business as usual.

Time for a drink at the dog bowl.

And a real poser, this one. Standing like a prima donna celebrity.
Hope I got her best side.


  1. Yes your world looks pretty good from a hammock - probably would even without the bottle of red. I don't any sign of looking through 'red' colored glasses.

  2. do you have crazy glue on your plants so the butterflies land long enough so you can shoot them? :-)

  3. I do love your blog!! I love the did nothing Saturday and the fact that the Geek squad might have thought you odd - LOL!! Giggle!
    My Mother gave me a love for birds. I love drawing them, watching them and the photos - yup love that too!! Wonderful shots of all!! My butterfly bush has yet to bloom this year - cool here in the NW of the US. Hope it does, it attracts scads of butterflies!!! Hope your Sunday is just as lazy!!

  4. Thanks Ginger. It was rather good to just, well, sit and do nothing much at all. lol

    Doreen, thanks. Took a lot of misses to get the hits; and a bit of patience.

    Thanks Sarah. Yup, another lazy day today. :)

  5. Beautiful garden you've got there, Keith, and you're right to sit back and enjoy it - so we can too.
    The graphics card went in my old machine, btw, and I found a 'remedy' on the web involving burning a little meths fire on the back of it to 'reflow' whatever wasn't flowing properly. Come Nov 5th, I might try it...

  6. Thanks Rob.
    That 'cure' for Nov. 5th did make me laugh out loud. Good cure for a lot of things that don't work lol

  7. Your description of the one flower being a christmas table decoration was perfect - such a nice photo. Loved your tough looking starling too! LOL! :-)

  8. Keith, the shrub is a Hibiscus & I'd go with Small White. Nice selection of visitors while you chilled out. FAB

  9. oh my Gosh! absoooooolutely amazing! so nice to see early in the morning, it can make one's day.it's true Keith! ilove it all.

  10. Thanks Shelley. Those Starlings certainly have attitude lol

    Frank, thanks for the ID's mate. I've had that Hibiscus a few years now, and never knew what it was lol

    Thanks lolit. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a nice way to just unwind.

  11. Keith, you are right. Nothing wrong with shooting flowers, you have posted some beauties. My wife has enjoyed them and others have commented in favor of more. My heart longs for speed and action shots. Not much going on around here in the way of sports, but there is a bird sanctuary about 20 or 30 minutes away. I hope to make it there soon. Capturing a small bird in flight will get the heart a pumping. Thanks for checking in and leaving kind words. I am inspired and motivated by you work. Thanks

  12. Keith,I somehow missed your last post on Solaf but am really wondering what must have happened to Solaf.You are a great story writer:)
    Your lazy saturday seems full of life and to me it looks more the relaxing sorts!Loved the description of the bloom with christmas candles.Wow!You have variety of butterflies in your garden.Lovely!The last shot is great!

  13. ...gosh Keith...the first and fourth flower photos are stunning (orange and red)--the angles are so unique. Sounds like the perfect day! I did a bit of lounging today also. (I have a Blog Friend award for you if you're interested...)

  14. Great stuff Keith and some cracking butterfly images. The last one in your post is small white. Having a broken computer is so frustrating and hope it gets fixed soon.


  15. Well - I also enjoyed your lazy day in the garden. Really lovely pictures as usual especially the fluters.

    And.... considering the hammock (likely to swing about) and the bottle of red (likely to have YOU swinging about), the pictures are remarkably sharp ;) :D

  16. David, thanks for your comment, and your kind words, much appreciated.
    Small birds in flight will certainly give you a challenge.

    NatureStop, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. The butterflies are beginning to find their way here at last.

    Thanks Kelly. It was nice to stop, and just relax totally for a while. :)
    Curious about the Blog Friend award; I’ll pop over soon.

    Thanks Matt. The good computer doctor is due anytime; I hope. lol
    Small White it is then; thanks. These are as bad as some birds to ID :)

    Tricia, thank you. I did manage to roll off the hammock occasionally lol

  17. LOL - love the long hair!! My hubby had long hair for years and cut it off for Guard duty. He's done in Nov. I'm hoping he will grow it back. Thanks for popping by my blog!! Sarah

  18. Keith well done,yet another great show.
    Loved the Butterflies.

  19. Well, if that's your idea of a lazy day, I wouldn't like to see you busy. And what a day - such a lovely set of pictures, Keith. I can't get over your having all of those butterflies in the garden - the holly blue is very beautiful.

  20. Thanks for your comment John :)

    Thanks Emma. I think it's surprising sometimes just what is on our own 'doorstep'.
    The Holly Blue have been coming every year for some time; they love the Ivy scrambling over the fence at the bottom of the garden.

  21. Hey hey you cannot call this a lazy moment, lol, these are beautiful images captured and so much work into this post. BTW I hate computer problems, lol....Anna :)

  22. Hey Keith,you had asked about the butterfly surrounded by the Painted Ladies in our post.Well, that is a Striped Albatross (male).This was taken back in India(Shillong):)
    Have a great day!

  23. Oh yes, hammock, a bottle od ref and some good photographic subjects in the garden. That's triple pleasure ;-)
    The first flower picture is beatiful, a very "clean" work.

  24. Keith, Im coming out from under computer problems again, finally able to get to the blogs! WOW--flowers and flutterbys, some of my favorite things!..you have some great one too! Thanks for the visits to my spot and the wonderful words of support on the dog issue, which is ongoing!..Very hot and humid here so I havent been out much with my camera..been doing some edit work tho--something I enjoy a lot! Tarrah--

  25. Thank you Anna for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again.
    Computers are great, when they're doing what they should lol

    Thanks Shantana, he's a real beauty. Never seen or heard of those before.

    Thank you Andor, yea, it was a perfect lazy day lol

    Dixxe, thank you. Hope the dog issue gets resolved soon.
    Good luck with the editing. I really need to get out with my camera again soon.

  26. Lol, see what you mean about the Christmas table decoration! That's a very cheeky one taking a drink at Jim's bowl!

  27. Thanks Omi. Those cheeky birds even take a bath in the bowl sometimes lol