Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Oldies, again

Thought I'd raid the archives again, till I can get some new stuff sorted.
These were all taken during January this year.

A little backlit Squirrel.

A Greylag Goose flying past, on his way to join his mates.

This little Dunnock was a regular visitor to the garden during a very cold spell. I don't see him so much at the moment though.

A visit to a local park found this inquisitive Great Tit,

and his cousin, the smaller Blue Tit, tempted by some nuts, left in the snow.

A freezing cold mornings visit to Whipsnade Zoo, found this Tiger.

And a posing Gull.

Walking on the water. Show off!

And a very cold tree to finish on.

And after a very long day today, I think I'll head off to bed. Early start again tomorrow; and all being well, a fixed computer :)


  1. Excellent pictures. I feel sometimes that the winter light is better for photography than mid summer! (Or what passes for summer).

    That Tiger picture had me doing a double take - but then read your caption and learnt that it wasn't in your garden :D

    Sleep well - you'll need to be fit to cope with all that excitement on the morrow!

  2. Great winter pictures. I am to much of a sissy to shot in the winter. I hate the cold! This may change now that I Blog. More macro work indoors, less landscape, wildlife etc.. Christmas time and sells keep me busy. May-be I'll venture out in the new year.

  3. fantastic series of photos. always a joy to visit here.

  4. The tiger took my breath away - that one and the tree are my faves on this post.

    Well done!

  5. Great selection!The tiger is a beauty and love the shot of the cold tree.After seeing you with the camera bet the Gull must have really been showing off!!The Greylag Goose looks so cute flying:)

  6. Another great selection from your archives, Keith. Nice to see a squirrel where it belongs instead of swinging upside down from my seed feeders :)

    Hope you manage to get the main PC fixed before the men in white coats carrying a straight-jacket arrive.

  7. Thanks Tricia. Have to agree with your comment about winter light. So much better, usually.
    Had a lousy sleep; Jim had an upset stomach, so I was up and down most of the night. And the pc? Had to be taken away for an 'in depth' look. :(

    Thanks David. Winter can provide some great opportunities; just get a big warm coat lol

    Thank you Doreen, appreciate your comment.

    Jen, thanks. The tiger was a beauty; but a freezing cold day. Snow, a thick frost, and thick mist/fog. Challenging, but enjoyable.

    NatureStop, thank you for your comment. :)

    Thanks John. I'm lucky that I don't get squirrels raiding my feeders. Not yet, anyway.
    The pc saga goes on, sadly. The 'white coats' could be here by the weekend at this rate. lol

  8. Aw Keith - it's all happening with you at the mo. Sorry to hear Jim's not so good and you lost sleep as a result. And the PC's gone into "intensive care"!!

    Get better soon - all of you :)

  9. Thanks Tricia. Jim's much better now, and I booked a day off work tomorrow in the hope of 'playing' with the pc. At least if it's dry I can get out with the camera perhaps.

  10. Each one wonderful!! I also did a double take with when I scrolled to the Tiger! Great stuff Keith--hope you get your PC woes over with soon, I seem to have mine under control for now!

  11. You know how it's said ... oldies but goldies. The lonely tree is very artistic ... a fine picture.

  12. You take some amazing photos! I love squirrels and this one looks great with his tail lit up like that. My favourite picture has to be the last one, the lonely tree, stunning!

    Glad Jim is feeling better. Good luck with pc.

  13. Thank you Dixxe. Woe is me; still lol

    Andor, thank you, appreciate your comment.

    Thank you for your kind words Omi. :)

  14. It must be nice to have such a diversity.

    Thank you for your comments on my blogs. I do appreciate it a lot.

  15. Great bird shots, the blue tit, great tit and dunnock are my faves. Have to say the tiger was disconcerting - my first thought was that Milton Keynes must have changed a lot since I was last there... it's become a right jungle!

  16. Thanks Abe. It seems every corner, sometimes, will turn up something new.

    Bird, thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment.
    Parts of MK are a bit of a jungle, after dark lol

  17. The oldies are great Keith, I had a bit of a shock though before I read the caption about the Tiger, (Tigers in Milton Keynes??)

  18. Thanks Roy. A Tiger would be a nice addition to the garden lol