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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Problem

Oh #*$£!!!!!

My computer has decided to throw a wobbly, and a mate has tried everything for the last 2hrs; all to no avail. It just goes round in a loop, and won't boot up. Dam!!

It means I won't be online much for a few days till he gets me a disc, or another drive, to do a re-install.
He's confident that all the files on the hard drive are ok; just the windows thingy.

Can you tell I'm not computer literate. Aint got a clue what he's on about, but he's confident he can sort it by the weekend. Hope so.

So, this post comes courtesy of an old laptop, dust brushed off, and put into service. Not very good for much, except checking e-mail. I just hope this post works.

If the other computer is completley dead, then I've got most of everything backed up on an external drive, up to the end of June, so not a complete disaster. Sometimes I have a few bright moments. :)
Just the pictures I've taken this month, including yesterday. SOB!

Anyway, appologies again, and hopefully back by the weekend.

I could always do some housework, and.........................nah!

I'll be back; somehow!!

So, appologies for not replying on the blog; or catching up with others posts.

Keith :(


  1. Oh dear Keith - that doesn't sound nice at all. Hope your friend comes up trumps now because you can't disappear for tooooo long.

    Housework!!! What language Mr. O'H !!!

  2. Keith, the old laptop came through with the post! Now, take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.
    Housework? Perhaps weeding? A~

  3. Listen to me Keith.
    If you had Windows OS, then it's good chance to rid of this proprietary rubbish! As a supporter of open source, I recommend, install Linux !!! ...and I forget what viruses are.

  4. Oh no!! Keith...I hope he is able to get your computer up and operational soon. (I should be doing housework myself...at least cleaning my office, but I'm not doing it either!) Have fun...

  5. Reminds me to do a back up myself, tonight. Best of luck.

  6. great reminder for us all to do a backup on a external disc.

    aren't we just totally lost without our computers? mine should be sent in for some work but I just can't part with it yet.

    hope you will be back soon!

  7. That's really sad.However that reminds me to do a back up as well.Hoping you will be back soon.So long enjoy your break from the comp.:)

  8. Been there, done that, got the T shirt as they say. I do sympathise and hope you get sorted and manage to recover everything. Windoze can be a real pain at times.

    Like you I have an external drive and back up all my photos, videos, etc. to that - often daily since the last disaster.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the recent comments on the posts; I really appreciate it right now. This laptop is a bit slow; reminds me of when I had ‘dial up’ lol, but I’ll do my best to reply to everyone. Hopefully back to normal by the weekend, if my mate can fix the main pc.

    Tricia, thank you. You’ll be pleased to know the only ‘housework’ done, was hovering out the dust from inside the computer while my mate had the back off it. I was surprised just how much dust was in there!

    Andrea, thanks. Trying to think positive, but the car’s playing up now. I might cut the grass later; if the mower starts. :)

    Thanks BrainWorker. I don’t think it’s a virus, especially with all the security stuff I’ve got running. More like a bit on the hard drive with the operating system on feeling poorly. My ‘surfing’ is limited to ‘safe’ sites these days, and picture editing.

    Thanks Kelly. This should be a good time to catch up on all the other things I’ve neglected doing. Hmmm, should be lol

    David, hope you did your backup. I’m hoping all is not lost; but if it is, most is backed up anyway.

    Thanks Doreen. I’m certainly missing mine already. I use it for everything; music, dvd’s, pictures, shopping, surfing………makes me wonder what I did before I had one.

    NatureStop, thanks. Not too long before back to some sort of normality.

    John, thank you. It’s a situation you think will never happen to you. When it does it’s a bit of a shock.

  10. I never wanted a computer, now I wonder how I'd manage without one. When mine die, they get buried ... great excuse to get a new one.

  11. Just get on with that housework Keith.

  12. Keith, well you know the kind of day I had last Friday it was literally the day from hell then later an electric storm fried my MODEM so I was 2 days trying to get that back up to snuff! I did it myself...and had to do system restore twice and finally got the drivers for the modem to load! I am on dial up and its pathetic~ but I have no choice- being in the 65% of Americans who have been left out of the loop!
    I sincerely hope you didnt loose your great photos and its not too painful to get your computer back up and running...it can be a blow to the pocket for sure!...
    I also back up regularily. I purchased an external drive...and it has One TRIG of memory!
    Everything should be squeeky clean by the weekend over at your place!

  13. Oh, that's a really annoying situation, but if your mate thinks that is only a problem with windows and the files are Ok, he must have some reasons to think so. I didn't have any problem with my windows in the last 3-4 years, but it's really unpredictable, it's not bad to make regularly some backup.
    I hope your can recover all your files and it's only a windows problem.

  14. Valerie I’m certainly missing mine, had one for so long. Could do with a new one; maybe a Christmas treat to myself :)

    Roy, stop that sort of language lol

    Dixxe, I didn’t realise so many Americans were still on dial up. Grrrrr, that’d drive me crazier than I am. lol
    Just had an e-mail from my mate; he’s coming over tomorrow morning. Just hope it can be fixed ok, and not lose everything.

    Thanks Andor; I’m hopeful.
    A bit ;)

    Thanks Lenora :)