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Friday, 31 July 2009

The solaf......Chapter Five

solaf, continued

Chapter Five

Gemma lay on her bed, still sobbing. Her father had come home from work, and was very angry at the news that had greeted him. Especially after a bad day at work. The last thing he wanted, was to come home to bad children.
He couldn’t understand why Gemma had tore up the garden. And fighting with her brother. Well, she would stay in her room all night. A fitting punishment he thought. And this nonsense about the cat, eating her friend. One thing he would not tolerate was lies. He had tried so hard to be a good father and husband……….but sometimes.

Well, she can stay in her room tonight. Maybe that will teach her a lesson.

Gemma was still sobbing, as she slowly drifted off to sleep. It was now very late; the whole house was asleep. All except rag doll. In all the commotion and confusion, she had been left outside, in the garden. By the pond.

The moonlight was dancing off the waters surface, as she dragged herself to the edge. She peered into the deep murky water. Nothing. She couldn’t believe that the solaf was gone, yet alone eaten by a mangy cat called Crab.
Not a sound could be heard. No movement anywhere. She sat on the stone where the solaf had been earlier that day, bathed in the moonlight, looking like some princess in a fairy tale.
Except this was no fairy tale. This was a nightmare. Her head dropped into her hands. She shifted her position, to get more comfortable, and as she did……..a small stone ‘plopped’ into the pond. It weaved its way downward, from side to side, gently falling.
She gazed forward, and slowly began to sleep.

The stone continued its journey through the dark waters. Falling, gently swaying, watched by a fish, curious as to what this intrusion was in his world, until it finally came to rest. The fish blinked. He slowly turned, and slipped away into the safety of the weeds.

The stone lay in its resting place for a moment, and then slowly slid along the bottom of the pond. Careful not to disturb anything, gently picking its way forward. Finally the stone reached its destination. It stopped; gazing ahead. And there before it, lay…………a solaf.

Lying peacefully on the pond floor. Chest slowly rising, and falling. Breathing. Alive. The stone inched forward again, towards the solaf. Moving closer all the while, until it reached a tiny ear.
Closer still, now just touching. It paused for a moment, as though gaining strength. Then, slowly at first, it began to vibrate. Barely noticeable at first, but steadily gaining in strength and speed. Tiny sound waves began to filter into the solaf’s ear, growing louder with each second.

The solaf twitched. The noise grew louder. He twitched again. The noise was becoming deafening, until……..the solaf sat bolt upright, hand clasped over his tiny ear.
He gasped, and tiny bubbles streamed upwards through the water. Steadily rising to the surface, where they silently popped. He looked around, confused. Where was he? How did he get here? Where was Gemma? He went to call her name, but no words were forthcoming. Just bubbles. Floating gently upwards. He looked up, but the water was too dark and murky to see anything clearly. Just a shadow, by the edge of the pond. He strained his eyes to see more clearly. Something was there, but he couldn’t make out exactly what.

He rose to his feet, looking around him. The small stone was quiet now. Peacefully lying on the bottom of the pond. This would be his new home. He needed to rest, for tomorrow would be a busy day for such a tiny stone.

The solaf began to take a few faltering steps. He felt strange. Floaty. This was weird. He’d never felt anything like this before. He opened his mouth again, and tiny bubbles began to float upwards.
So much to see in this strange new world. But where was Gemma, he kept thinking. And rag doll. Where was she?

He gazed upwards again to the silhouette at the edge of the pond. He still couldn’t decide what it was, but whatever it was, it hadn’t moved. He tried to jump up towards it, but just slowly rose a few inches, and gently fell back down again.
‘How strange’ he thought.
He tried again, and then again, but each time just gently rose, and gently fell. He called out; but just bubbles, slowly rising upwards, and disappearing in the darkness.

A pair of eyes, and a large mouth slowly emerged from the weed.

The fish, wondering what all this commotion was about in his world, had come to investigate. He glided nearer to get a better view. The solaf, completely unaware of this new presence continued his futile jumping exercise. The fish moved closer, eyes locked on this strange morsel dangling in front of him. The solaf jumped, the fish glided nearer.
‘Just a few more inches, and suppertime.’ thought the fish.

‘I’m getting tired of this.’ thought the solaf. ‘One more, and then that’s it.’
He jumped upwards with all the strength he could muster, just as the fish darted forward for the kill.

As the solaf rose through the water, the fish propelled himself forward to where he judged this meal would be, mouth open, ready to swallow this tasty meat before him. The sudden current surge in the water threw the solaf tumbling backwards, over the back of the fish, as it shot forwards into nothing.

It thrashed its tail, making a sharp turn, to head back the way it had come. The solaf floated to the bottom of the pond, bouncing over a large stone, landing behind it. The fish was still. Staring ahead, eyes searching for the prey that had eluded him.
The solaf lay silent, too scared to move. Slowly, the fish inched closer, eyes twitching, scanning for the slightest movement.

In all the commotion the bottom of the pond had been stirred up, sending countless bubbles to the surface. One by one they popped when they reached the top.

And the fish inched ever closer.


  1. Keith!!! This is sooo good. You totally had me sitting on the edge of my chair. You need to find a publisher, or better yet, maybe one will find you! This has been the best chapter yet. Love the water images...

  2. and...and...and.... Please, Keith, don't leave it too long before the next one.....

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  4. Another cracking cliffhanger of a chapter. With illustrations this would make a superb childrens story book.

  5. Kelly, thank you. Right now that comment means a lot.
    Not good news on the pc front, and I'm a bit down. Thanks.

    Tricia, thanks. I hope it won't be.

    Bhavesh, thanks for stopping by. I'll pop over later. Thanks. :)

    Thanks John. If only I could draw lol

  6. ooooh! I knew he didn't die!

    Is he trapped in the water now?

    You have a FABULOUS story here - you really should send this to a publisher. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

  7. So glad to know the solaf is alive although he seems to be in a pickle for sure! BUT I have a feeling he has more adventure coming his way..Awesome writing Keith..
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Totally absorbing! I can't for the next instalment. I'm away for twelve days from tomorrow so I hope I don't miss it.

  9. This is very imaginative Keith, you definitely leave us wanting more. Sorry things are still difficult concerning the PC, it's horrible when that happens, I do hope things improve soon.
    I was sure I had commented on your last post (I definitely read it!) but apparently I didn't, sigh! Anyway I thought your archive photos were beautiful and the Wintery ones would grace any Christmas card or calendar.

  10. Thanks Jen. Well, he’s survived so far……….

    Thanks Dixxe. :)

    Thanks Valerie. Have a good holiday.

    Thanks ShySongbird. Still problems; but getting there, I think. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  11. Great to know that Solaf is still ok.Really interesting stuff.

    Have a great sunday!

  12. Thanks NatureStop. Glad you are enjoying the story. :)