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Thursday, 23 July 2009

The solaf...........chapter four

continuing the story of the solaf...........

Chapter Four

Gemma sat up like a bolt.

Crab, (the cat), had leapt over her, and was pouncing on something by the pond. “Crab!” she yelled, annoyed that he’d spoilt the fun. “Get away!”
Then she realised; solaf. Where was he? Her eyes darted around the garden. The shrubs were lying on the grass, where they had fallen. Rag doll was stretched out, as though crawling to the pond. Solaf. Where was solaf?

Crab had nonchalantly made his way to the flower border near the pond, washing himself.

“Solaf”, she called. “Solaf!” louder now with a frantic urgency in her voice.
Tears were welling in her eyes as she crawled to the edge of the pond. Crab glanced over for a moment, then continued with his washing. The stone solaf loved to sit on was still there, but no solaf. Gemma’s heart was beginning to sink. A tear was making its way down her cheek. Her tiny fingers were searching amongst the plants and stones at the edge of the pond. He was gone.

The tear momentarily swung from her nose, before splashing into the water below.
Then another.

She looked toward Crab. She went to speak, but the lump in her throat was stopping words from escaping. The tears were now cascading from her eyes, as frantic fingers tore at the pondside in a vain bid of search. Her world was collapsing all around her. Solaf was gone. Gemma looked in the direction of Crab, still washing. She tore at the earth in front of her, and flung a large handful at Crab. He jumped, and shot into the bushes.

“Oi! What you doing?” It was Roger, slowly walking towards the sobbing Gemma.

Roger surveyed the scene in seconds. Plants uprooted from the garden, and his sister, muddy hands and crying.

“I’m telling dad.” he said. “What you do that for?” gesturing toward the carnage before him. “He’ll go mental.”

Gemma didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore. Solaf was gone. Her brother wouldn’t understand. No one would. Nobody else knew about solaf. Only Gemma. She wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand, but they kept coming.

“Did you hear me?” said Roger. “Dad’s gonna kill you when he gets home.”

Gemma turned, looked at her brother standing there grinning. He enjoyed getting her into trouble. Sometimes she hated him. But right now, all she felt was emptiness. She swung her head back to the pond, to resume her search, probing the far edge of the pond with her eyes, looking for any movement that might be solaf. The tears slowing to a steady trickle now.

“You’re mad,” mocked Roger.
Gemma spun round, scooping a handful of earth in the process. In a single move, she aimed and released her missile toward her brother.

It caught him square in the face.
She was both shocked and surprised at her action. And the accuracy.

Roger was too. He stood, briefly, mud sliding from his cheek. A hand slowly wiped it away. It stung. He turned on his heels, running back to the house. Crying all the way.

Gemma went back to her search. But deep in her heart, she was beginning to realise how fruitless it was.
Solaf was gone. She glanced in the direction of Crab’s escape route. He had long since gone.

He had taken solaf. She slumped forward, head in her hands and cried.

Her world had just ended.


  1. I hope it hasn't ended ... I need to know what happened to solaf. This is spellbinding storytelling at it's best.

  2. A real heart-stopper this episode.

  3. Thanks Valerie, appreciate that.

    Cheers John.

  4. OH MY what happened to Solaf? Has Crab eaten him/it? I cant wait for the next episode! Excellent writing!

  5. Oh no!

    I am desperate to see what happens next...is he really gone???

    This is why I am a dog person. LOL!

  6. I am very suspicious of Crab! Great story...I'm anxious to hear what happens next.

  7. Oh no!!! Where is the solaf? He has to have escaped that bad kitty (who's probably eaten a few birds in his time too). Keith, I love it!

  8. On the edge of my seat.........

  9. Thanks Dixxe :)

    Jen, thanks. :)

    Shelley, thanks. :)

    Thanks Kelly. :)

    Thanks Tricia. lol