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Thursday, 9 July 2009

The solaf.........Chapter Two

continuing the story.........


The blackness and silence seemed to last forever. The solaf had given up his struggle. It was pointless. He would have to face what ever his fate would throw at him. He was tired, sleepy, and actually quite warm. He’d no idea what was happening, but………

A glimmer of light. Then a bit more. He felt himself rolling downward. Something soft, and it was getting brighter. He held his breath. Sunlight began to bathe him in its warm glow. Then he saw. Gemma. Another human child. He was on Gemma’s bed, in her room, and she was looking down at him…………angrily.
He went to speak, but she raised a finger to her lips. She turned, and closed the door. The solaf looked around. Tidy.

He caught sight of an old rag doll, propped up against the wardrobe. She smiled at him, and gave him a wink. He felt the corners of his mouth begin to turn upwards.

“What you grinning at solaf?” Gemma asked, as she sat down on the bed next to him.

“You were lucky it was me found you in the kitchen and nobody else. You wouldn’t be laughing then.”
The solaf stopped grinning, and quickly turned towards Gemma.

“I’m sorry,” he offered. “I was……….”

“Never mind” said Gemma. “You have to be more careful though. Could have been anybody found you.”

The solaf looked toward the rag doll, who was now glaring at him.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

He looked up at Gemma. She was smiling at him now. His gaze darted back to the rag doll, she was smiling now too. He looked back at Gemma.

“You wanna play?”

“OK,” she answered, sliding off the bed, and grabbing her coat. “We’ll go in the garden. It’s a lovely day.”

She scooped him up in her tiny hand, and carefully placed him in her coat pocket. She reached down and grabbed the rag doll, tucking her under her arm. One quick glance around the room, and they were off, through the door.

Outside, the sun was shining. It really was a lovely day. They walked toward the pond, and as Gemma sat down on the grass, she carefully placed the solaf on a large stone. Rag doll sat next to Gemma; as always. She looked around, taking off her coat. Nobody else here. Her brother was still watching the tv.

The solaf looked around the garden. It was a very large garden. A very nice garden. A peaceful, quiet garden. He had been here many times with Gemma and rag doll. Once, they had come outside, and…………..

“OK,” she giggled, “lets play!”


  1. This is very brave, worthwhile, worth reading. Don't give up with the camera. Your wildlife images are superb.

  2. Keith,this is getting more interesting...waiting for the next chapter:)

  3. You have me hooked! Well written!!

  4. oooh, what is with the Rag Doll and Gemma?

    This is really good Keith, really good!

  5. Adrian, thank you, appreciate your comment.

    NatureStop, thank you.

    Shelley, thanks. I wasn't sure how this would be received to be honest.

    Thanks Jen.
    Hmmm, the Rag Doll......

  6. Well done, its a very interesting story....even for us Grown up KIDS!

  7. Thanks Keith for the this chapter - I'm sure it appeals to the kid in all of us :)

  8. ...haha! I love it! It's fun. (You really should try to find a publisher for this.) I still want to know what a solaf is...I'll keep reading! ;-)

  9. Dixxie, thank you. A short chapter that one, but.... ;)

    Thanks Tricia. Think there's plenty of 'kid' in us all. I hate beeing a grown up at times lol

    Kelly, thank you. I'm not sure if I know what a solaf is. :)