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Saturday, 25 July 2009

An update

Yesterday started bright, the sun was out to play, so I took a slow drive to the local, Caldecote Lake. Slow, because the cars exhaust is beginning to announce to everyone its arrival, (if it can hold on for a couple of weeks another car is in the pipeline), and slow, because as I left my gardening job on Thursday, I spotted a little van parked on the verge ahead. Back door open, and a camera crew in the back. I glanced at the speedo, to be informed I was doing 35;
Oops, 30 limit. Bugger!

So, the lake. I was expecting the mate in the morning to come and resurrect the computer from its slumber, so just a quick visit. I fancied taking some shots of Swans; I always find these difficult to capture. I can never seem to do them the justice such regal looking birds deserve.

The overnight rain had still clung onto the grass and plants, awaiting the sun to send it on its way, and this Orange Balsam looked quite attractive, with its tiny beads of rain droplets.

The young birds were out in force,

Lost his red head feathers now, and beginning to look more like an adult Coot.

Young Great Crested Grebe, still calling and following mum everywhere.

Two young Common Terns, with rings, happy to just watch the morning’s events unfold

And a small group of Reed Warblers, waiting for mum to bring breakfast.

And on cue, she obliged.

Mindful of the time, I decided on just a half circuit for now, and made my way to where I’d seen an injured Heron a couple of weeks ago. Apart from his left leg trailing behind when he flew, he looked ok. I wanted to see how he was faring.
And just up ahead, there he was.

Looking rather fit and handsome, despite his injury.

The leg, or foot, obviously still injured, but he was surviving.

And finally the Swans.I’d reached a shady part of the lake, with reeds and willows, and the water bathed in harsh early morning sunlight. And on cue, a regal looking swan swam over to investigate me.

Deciding I had no food to offer, he began looking for his own,

but kept one eye on me, just in case.

Another soon joined him, for a double pose,

giving me an opportunity for some quick experimental shots.

And then, time to go, just as I felt I was getting the shots I was after.

So, the computer.
After much prodding, poking, chin scratching, intense staring, and a few attempts at a re-install from a disc, the prognosis is…………….a new hardrive, and fresh install of Windows. A pain, if you’ll excuse the pun.
The spare drive with Windows on that my mate brought with him couldn’t be connected; my cables were different. Hmmmmm.
It looks to be back to the start, when said gubbings is acquired and fitted in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I’ve still got the laptop to be going on with, and a fair chance that another of our drivers at work, can do some magic on the knackered drive; and recover my ‘lost’ files.
I’m lucky I’ve got some good mates.


  1. Lovely set again Keith, I particularly like the last Mute shot.
    That computer of yours, perhaps a Sledge hammer.??

  2. The computer and car. My friend, when you have problems you really have problems! I have my fingers crossed for you. I like the heron pictures. Good luck!

  3. A great read again Keith. Lovely photos. The 2nd limping Heron shot is beautifully clear.

    Sorry to read your HD maybe kaput. I am told that some recovery programs can read at low level and pick out certain types of files but it really is beginning to sound like a 'bin it' job as a friend of mine always says.

    Little holes in exhausts make a such a deafening noise. Hope that holds out for you. It is so embarrassing when everyone turns round to see where the noise is coming from.

  4. Sorry to hear about the ever more ailing PC - not good news but handy you've got the laptop to keep you going till.... And the exhaust too....

    That final shot of the Mute swan is amazing - stuff that wins competitions!

  5. ...PCs can be such "pains" (especially when they are running Windows). I love the little orange flower--it looks like a cornucopia! Beautiful photos of the grebes and the swans. Glad you had a lovely walk...

  6. Hi Keith,loved the first pic with the raindrops.Glad you posted the swans again.The last shot is great.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. may one ask if the first warbler after the juve terns is not a lesser whitethroat?

  8. Hubble, bubble, toil & trouble - let's hope someone can waive a magic wand over your PC.
    As for the speeding & exhaust, well that makes three so no more problems then!
    Stay well my friend. FAB

  9. Gorgeous photos Keith, the rain drops on the flower is so delicate and the last Swan photo in particular is very clever. I also enjoyed the latest Solaf episode and am eagerly looking forward to the next. Sorry to hear about the speeding problem, it is starting to feel like 30mph is the required speed just about everywhere!

  10. Hi Keith - I love all of your photographs. I love the story, which to pics tell.

  11. Thanks Roy. The sledge hammer was the first thing I thought of when it went wrong lol I was rather pleased myself with that Swan shot :)

    David, thanks. There’s a saying that things come in threes; I hope I’ve had mine for now lol

    John, thanks. I’m trying hard not to use the car so much at the moment, but next week I need it for a little garden job; hopefully it’ll hold out.

    Thanks Tricia. If I ever get this pc sorted, I might print that Swan shot up, see what it’s like.

    Thanks Kelly. It was good to get out for a little while, just to take my mind off things for a bit. I heard yesterday that we’ve got a new General Manager at work. That always creates fun and games. Things can only get better from now on…………

    NatureStop, thank you. glad you liked the Swans ;)

    Thanks Pete. I did wonder that at first, but there were a few of them around, then the mum turned up with food, so I thought ‘Reed’. Probably my dodgy processing on this laptop.

    Cheers Frank. Trouble in threes usually happens doesn’t it. lol

    ShySongbird thank you. If I get done for the speed, it’ll be the first black mark in over forty years driving. :(

    Thanks for your comment Lenora. :)

  12. Preciosas y originales fotografias.

  13. Thank you Pedro, for stopping by, and commenting. :)