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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I paid a very quick visit to the local lake on Sunday. Didn’t want to chance going too far, as the car is feeling its age at the moment. A bit like me.

For once I didn’t seem to take many pictures, I was too busy just watching, and taking it all in. A few for now of a family of Great Crested Grebes, that just begged captions.

‘Look, there’s yer dad. Keep quiet; he’ll only start moaning again.’

‘Are you still carrying that lad around? Let him swim. He’ll never learn if you keep fussing him like that.’

‘Pssst, mum. My legs ache. I wanna carry.’

‘Quick then, climb back on while yer dad’s gone fishing.’

A few more another time…………..


  1. What a lovely sequence Keith, you always put a smile on my face :) lovely captures. Mum looks so sweet carrying little one. I hope the computer will start behaving soon!

  2. ...ahhh...that was so cute and sweet! :-) Lovely photos too.

  3. Thanks ShySongbird. I love the way the little ones scramble onto the backs of the adults while they are out swimming.
    The computer should be back this week, but I'm working odd shifts at the moment. Hopefully by the weekend. :)

    Thanks Kelly. :)

  4. Great sequence and pics Keith; the light in the first picture was good; not easy taking GC Grebes in ripping water.

    The little ones are so funny when then clamber on and off Mum and Dad's backs!

    Fingers crossed you and your computer will be back to normal working patterns very soon :)

  5. Another great bit of bird behaviour brought to us there, Keith. My kids do that to me sometimes, the main difference being that I sink as a consequence.

  6. A good picture of the Crested Grebe, and with her little one on her back.

  7. Lovely pictures of one of my favourite birds, Keith. The young are delightful.

  8. they are so cute, like human it seems, so caring, when can we really understand and appreciate their existence? well they are still lucky though.

  9. Lovely sequence.Really cute.Human behaviour is so similar(reminds me of Diya growing up:)You really bring a smile with your witty humour.Great captures.

  10. Thanks Tricia. It was doubly difficult because the sun was behind them too. lol
    Good to watch them though.

    Thanks Rob. I would imagine the young one is a fair bit of weight for the adult to carry at times.

    Thanks for stopping by Bob, and your comment. Appreciate it.

    Thanks Emma. This pair only seem to have the one youngster; maybe that's why they seemed extra protective.

    lolit, thank you. They do seem to be very good parents.

    Thanks NatureStop, glad you enjoyed it. :)

  11. Lovely photos perfectly topped off with hilarious captions. Really brought a smile to my face on a grey old day.

  12. Sometimes it is just great to be free of all that camera stuff and watch through the binoculars Keith.

  13. Great shots, love that first one.

  14. Thanks John, glad you enjoyed it :)

    Cheers Roy. I'm glad I had the camera with me, but it didn't get much use that morning.

    Paul, thanks. :)

  15. I just adored that shot of that baby grebe riding on its parents back! I didn't realize they did that! Reminds me of my Loons! Wonderful photos!

  16. Good One! Thanks for the chuckle.
    Amazing shots.

  17. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with me/us. They are beautiful.

  18. WoW...some very beautifully captured shots!

  19. Thanks Shelley. They carry the young like that for the first couple of weeks to give them a chance against the predators. Always nice to see.

    Thanks Andrea :)

    Thanks for stopping by Jan, and leaving a comment. Appreciate it. :)

    flyingstars, thank you for visiting, and your comment.

  20. These are wonderful images, you have captured precious life moments. I think that first image goes perfectly with your blogs name: Holding moments ;-}

  21. AWW wow what a wonderful activity to witness! Animals know how to raise young ones...we could learn a thing or two from them. Wonderful images Keith!!

  22. Thanks for stopping by Tammie, and your comment. You hae some beautiful pictures over on your blog.

    Thanks Dixxe. I agree, they could certainly teach us a lot :)