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Monday, 17 August 2009

Farewell to summer.

That’s how it feels to me at the moment. Yea, we’re still getting some odd days of sunshine; the Dragons, Damsels and Butterflies are still on the wing, but where are my Swifts? Flown home?

The sky above my garden was filled every day with 30 plus Swifts not so long ago. Every year they came to herald the summer, but I’ve not seen any overhead since the beginning of the month. I still see a few when I venture out elsewhere, but for me, no Swifts screaming over my garden is a sure sign autumn is letting itself through the back door; quickly followed by winter.

And the field I take Jim for his morning run has been taken over by fairy rings in the last couple of weeks. Lots of mushrooms sprouting from the grass.
Birds, noticeable by their absence, some spending more time feeding in readiness for their long winter holidays, others going into their moult phase.

The sun is taking longer each day, before it climbs its way up the sky, and disappears quicker than the day before. Wave goodbye to summer.

At the local lake Sunday morning, berries adorning every bush, and step of the way it seemed.

Hawthorn, glistening in the weakening sunlight

Rose hips, fit to burst

Blackberries shout out pie to me; but also autumn. The gateway to winter months. I want the summer back, although apart from a few hot days at the end of May, and some at the end of June, was that really it?
I guess so.

The appropriately named Snowberry. Tiny flowers in the summer, make way for tiny snowballs hanging from the bush.

Lords and Ladies, silently growing through the year, ready to produce its red berries, to shout its way through autumn and winter.

And the lush green grass, once filled with wild flowers, now a swathe of gold and fading seed heads. But the butterflies still seeking out the last of the goodness offered.

Small Copper, Small White, Painted Lady, Common Blue, and Speckled Wood.

Tiny day flying moths mixed amongst it all, including this colourful beauty,

Pyrausta aurata. Not seen these before, and had to look up the name.

It’s not all doom and gloom then, with the passing of summer. Maybe it’s just me, and time seems to be racing away, quicker than I used to be able to savour it all.

I must be getting old.


  1. Your pictures make mee feel better about our climate. I saw swifts abroad but haven't seen one in the Midlands this year. I am working on improving the wildlife diet even more, it worked very well last winter. I miss my dog for getting me out and about with the camera.

  2. An outstanding piece, Keith. I love how you have captured the seasonal change with the autumn berries and the bedraggled butterflies. The pictures, as ever, are delightful.

  3. Aye been a depressing week. Doesn't seem two minutes since I was posting pictures of Hawthorne blossom. Still Swifts up here, there's little chance of a picture. Been a good summer for moths and butterflies. I also saw what must have been hundreds of Ichneumon the other week, they wouldn't settle for a portrait, Oh Bother!

  4. Enjoyable read, lovely photos - especially, dare I say it - the autumn berries. Sun has been a bit lacking here but the temperatures have remained high. I think you are right, as we get older Summers seem to get shorter and Winters longer. Bird activity in the garden has dropped right off this past week or so. Maybe the abundance of natural food.

  5. Oh dear! I feel the same, the signs of the approaching dreaded A word are all around. We seem to wait so long for Summer, then we get a few decent days and it's downhill all the way! Apart from the obvious signs the light suddenly looks different and there is a different 'feel' I get a sinking feeling every year when that happens but I'm sure it really is happening earlier these last few years.

    Lovely photos again, the butterflies are beautiful.

  6. I've been feeling the same about our weather here in Minnesota.

    The shot of the backlit common blue is lovely.

  7. Sorry Keith, but I think that was Summer.

  8. Looking on the bright side, Keith, all those berries will be rich pickings for your autumn and winter bird photography!

  9. Here summer is the hot humid weather that we run from unless you are fortunate enough to live by a lake or have a pool in the backyard but I know how it is to live in a harsh climate where its the snows and blasts of cold air coming off the Atlantic keeps one inside and seperated from the nature we all love so much! Luckily here I have the backyard birds that never leave and some new ones flock in to spend the winter here in the south.
    So I feel your sorrow.
    Maybe the winter hibernation will give you time to explore publishing Solaf?--
    Great photos Keith and I enjoyed your words passing the torch of summer to fall!

  10. Oh yes, I've seen my sign of summer's end with the return of grasshoppers and crickets. But we are now just getting a bit of summer heat (92) after a very wet June & July.
    You've captured a wonderful moment in time. I especially love the long grass in the meadow.

  11. Thanks Val. I think I got so used to seeing the Swifts, that I really miss them now they’ve gone.

    Thank you Emma. I’m sure the seasons are getting shorter.

    Cheers Adrian. This year really seems to have rushed past.

    Thanks John. I’ve noticed quite a few of the regular garden visitors absent. Hope they return soon, and brighten things up.

    Thanks ShySongbird. Just to make things worse, today I was planting some spring bulbs in containers. lol

    Thank you Wilma. Seems I’m not alone in these thoughts then. :)

    Roy, I think you’re right lol

    Thanks Rob, there is that. And the snowy scenes lol

    Dixxe, thanks. I suppose on the bright side, there’s the autumn and winter arrivals to look forward to. So long as I can still get out with the camera. :)

    Thanks Andrea. 92? I don’t think we reached that here. lol

  12. I'm afraid I have to agree with you Keith. I like to think of Autumn slowing down to start next Spring's regeneration of all that is beautiful. But Autumn has its own benefits as witnessed by all your berries. I was eating Blackberries from the lanes in Sussex at the weekend!

    Great pics as ever :)

  13. Thanks Tricia. Can't beat the taste of fresh picked Blackberries whilst out for a stroll :)