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Saturday, 8 August 2009


Friday morning was dull. Cloudy and dull. I wasn’t starting work till 2 p.m. so the morning was reasonably free. I had a couple of options for the ‘spare’ time on my hands. Housework is never an option, so that one quickly left my mind as I picked up Jims half eaten chews and bones, and put them to one side, so I didn’t keep treading on them.
It looked like rain, not good for an early visit to the local lake, and the poor quality pictures it may produce. Doctor Doom still hadn’t brought back the ailing computer, despite having it since last Saturday, and an inquisitive call from me on Tuesday, enquiring into its health.

‘I’ll be home from work after 4 p.m.’ I announced. ‘Got strange shifts this week.’
was the answer.

But it’s Friday, no computer.
Do you detect a hint of anger here?

So do I wait, in the hope he comes before I leave for work? Do I go shopping to fill the bare bits in the cupboard; and risk missing him? Do I ring him again, with my ‘nice’ voice on?

I sat staring at the screen on the laptop, checking e-mails, visiting a few blogs, keeping the annoyance at the back of my mind.
‘Pink! Pink! Pink!’ I heard from the garden.

I glanced out, and there was Pink; the name I’ve christened Mr. Chaffinch. A smile curled round my face, as he announced his morning arrival. Good job I’d already topped up the feeders.

A bigger smile crept across my face as I saw he’d brought the kids along.

Not one, as is usual, or sometimes two; but four! For a single parent, he’s doing a great job of raising his family by himself. I’ve never seen his good lady with him, so I’m assuming he’s managed this all by himself. They hopped around him, as he foraged amongst the seed I’d thrown on the grass. One seemed reliant on being fed by dad still, while the others explored for themselves; but happy to take food when offered by Pink.

The fourth was out of shot, but they all quickly sought cover when Jim decided to investigate the noise.
The House Sparrows were busily taking advantage of the fare too, before the rowdy Starlings arrived to take over everything.

The regular pair of Goldfinches, minus the youngster, were having their fill of the sunflower hearts on the other feeder,

and a young Blue Tit, now big enough to fend for himself, was making fleeting visits; grab a seed, then fly to next doors Elder tree to eat in safety.

They all seemed so busy, while I lazily sat watching.
I went shopping.
Doctor Doom didn’t show.
I went to work.
The sun came out.
Doctor Doom phoned.



  1. Oh how I recognise your "what's the best option" dilemma - so frustrating when waiting for phone calls/news! I hope Dr. Doom's phone call was productive and what you wanted to hear!

    Chaffinches are lovely birds and so very colourful. Nice shots of Pink & Co and all his friends..

  2. Thanks Tricia. Yea, Pink is a great little visitor with his cheery greeting in the morning.

    Unfortunatley the doctor rang while I was at work,(he must have forgot when I told him when I would be about), and the answerphone was off, so no message left. Tried this morning to ring him, and he's out. I'm wondering how much longer my patience will hold........

  3. A great series of photos of you bird visitors. Love the first one of a knock kneed Pink :)

    I hope Dr. Doom has good news for you Keith.

  4. Pink is doing a great job!The housesparrows look very busy indeed.Great captures as usual!

    Am sure Dr.Doom will turn up soon with the cured computer:)

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I so enjoyed your shots of Pink and family. I'm glad you've been managing with the Laptop to share your garden visitors and hope that the Computer is able to be restored soon. A~

  6. Ba HUM BUG to DR. Doom...either he can fix it or he cant...dont ya hate that? lol
    Poor Keith you have lots of patience...I would most certainly have lost mine---
    I see my favorite up there the Goldfinch...and he looks awesome.and Rowdy is the perfect adjective to use for EU Starlings..lol

  7. Great stuff Keith. The weather may have been dull, but your photos are not , and you have a wonderful active garden !

  8. You have quite a gathering there Keith, great photos. Hope Dr Doom comes up with a cure soon!

  9. in spite of all your computer problems you still seem to be a regular visitor. thanks so much! I always love your posts and photos. very cool!

  10. Apologies for late replies; computer came back yesterday. :) Been a bit busy ;)

    Thanks John. Mr. Pink was standing a little strangely wasn’t he lol

    Thank you NatureStop. I think the birds have kept me sane while I’ve been waiting for the pc. lol

    Andrea, thank you. The laptop has proved its worth just recently. :)

    Dixxe thanks. Yea, patience isn’t my strongest trait at times like that usually.
    I always think of Starlings as ‘the hooligans of the bird world.’ Love ‘em though lol

    Cheers Nick. The visitors to the garden have really increased since my cat is too old to bother with them lol

    Thanks ShySongbird. Mr. Pink is a great father.

    Thank you Doreen. Glad you enjoy your visits. :)