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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Here we go.

The state of play at the moment.

Computer came back, fixed, (?), started to add some programmes, and then it died again. After much swearing, I rang the ‘good doctor’, and he took the patient away again.
So, next week, a mended, and virgin computer. (With any luck.). I’ll contain my excitement till I’ve had it a few days without problems. So, I’m all behind on visits, comments and posts; but I’ll eventually catch up.

In between work, dodging showers, and sorting out various backed up files, I’ve had a handsome visitor to the garden. He’s become quite a regular this week, announcing his arrival with a hearty ‘pink!

Mr. Chaffinch, in all his feathered finery. He started to arrive late in the day, about 8 p.m., but has now decided that with all the available food around, he’ll come early till late.
And he brings a couple of the kids along too.

Sometimes one, sometimes two. It’s a real treat to watch, as they follow dad around, feeding themselves, and sometimes waiting for dad to feed them. He’s not too fussed where he feeds either; sometimes from the trays on the feeders, and other times quite happy to forage in the grass, picking up what’s been dropped by the messy Starlings.

Always alert though, keeping a careful eye on what’s going on. The kids prefer the ground though,

so I’ve started putting handfuls of bird seed on the bare patches. What’s left will grow into something, I really don’t mind, it’ll serve a dual purpose.

Such charming little kids.


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer:(
    You got some great visitors Keith.Mr. Chaffinch is indeed goodlooking with an attitude:)Great shots!
    Enjoy your sunday!

  2. Sorry your computer is being difficult..although the virgin commment made me giggle....sorry.
    At first I thought that was a cross - a bluebird and house sparrow...was wrong - lol. These are such fun, I love your stories. The last picture is my favorite..the detail and angle is wonderful...so want to draw this one! Hope you have a peaceful Sunday!! Sarah

  3. I finally for now "knocking on good wood" got my PC in fine form...it took replacing the modem Twice--tho. Hopefully when your's arrives back home it will behave!
    OH I love this bird, he is brilliant...so many colors on him! Nice to know you got a whole family around and they are flourishing.

  4. Lovely captures Keith, I think Chaffinches are lovely little birds and the male is so colourful.

  5. Lovely images Keith. We do tend to overlook our beautiful chaffinches and they are colourful birds really. The Computer - where did I put that sledge hammer.??

  6. Absolutely cracking photos there Keith.

    I'll keep all my appendages crossed that you soon end up with a PC that behaves.

  7. The birds are so beautiful !! So fantastic and lovely too..Thanks for sharing..Thanks for comments on my blog Unseen Rajasthan too

  8. fantastic.... i haven't got anything to say...

  9. Thank you NatureStop. My little visitor certainly brightens the day with his noisy announcements lol

    Sarah thanks. He’s quite a common bird here, and is often overlooked for that reason.

    Thanks Dixxe. My patience with this computer is beginning to wear thin now lol

    ShySongbird, thank you. I think you’re right; they are lovely birds.

    Thanks Roy. I might need that sledgehammer if it don’t come back fixed soon lol

    Cheers John. Mine are all crossed too. I certainly miss it. :(

    Thanks Bharat.
    You have a very interesting blog :)

    Marcos, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. Appreciate it.

  10. Their eyes are so bright and intelligent.

  11. Hey Keith.
    Listen, why do you call your messages as chapters? Are you writing memoirs? :-)

  12. Sorry to hear the PC has misbehaved yet again. Hopefully the talents and administrations of the good doctors will return it to you in rude good health!! (Or at least working properly)

    Male chaffinches have some wonderful colours - cracking pics Keith :)

  13. thanks for your coment, i'm only a photography student, and i want work in this art all the rest of my life..., sorry, but my english isn't very good.

  14. Thanks Jen. He's a very alert chap. :)

    Thanks Sergey. Memoires; there's a thought lol
    I think the 'chapters' you refer to are the story of the solaf, maybe?

    Thanks Tricia. That computer is certainly testing my patience :(

    Marcos, thank you. I'm sure you'll do very well in your chosen profession.
    And your English is very good. :)

  15. These are very beautiful birds. And I also put a lot of seed on the ground for the birds and squirrels. That is their natural way to eat, scratching the ground.

    Thanks for visiting.

  16. You have some handsome visitors in the garden, which is really nice. The #1 picture and the male in alert are really nice and of course the kids are too.
    Unfortunately I see chaffinches home (at my mother) in the garden very rarely. I will try to install this autumn some birdhouses.

  17. He is a handsome bird!! I'd love to have him and his family in our garden. :-)

  18. A lovely picture of the male chaffinch, Keith.

    I remember years ago, when I walked the West Highland Way, a male chaffinch joined me at Bridge of Orchy: it hopped and skipped and chirped along with me, 'guiding' me on for a good mile before taking off and flying homeward. It was a lovely experience.

    If a male chaffinch landed in the Scilly Isles as a vagrant, tens of thousands of twitchers would flock to see it.

  19. Thanks Abe. I guess I'm lucky in one way that I don't get squirrels here, yet. More food for the birds :)

    Thanks Andor. They are lovely birds, and the males so colourful.

    Thanks Kelly. He's a real treat when he comes to visit.

    Thanks Emma. I just can't get my head round twitching. lol

    Cheers Pete. :)