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Sunday, 9 August 2009

It's back!

Did you hear that noise yesterday? That was me, getting the computer back!

The alarm called Jim, had me up as it was getting light; a clear sky. A signal to get out. We headed off for our morning walk/run, to join the birds singing in the new day. Sun scorching the sky red around it, as it climbed steadily upwards. No computer back yet, so the bright morning was tempting me to go out with the camera. So much to do at home, but……………..

Willen Lake had the visit yesterday. I’ve not been over there for a while, so I thought it about time I did. The usual suspects were about; Geese, Crows and Ducks; and Swans. Always obliging, and stopping by for a picture or two.

The reeds and grass that had grown rapidly in the recent rain restricted the view from the hide, and the spit of land across by the island was overgrown too. There are some goats on the island to help keep the growth in check; obviously not keeping up with Mother Nature at the moment. I counted eight Little Egrets, heads bobbing above the undergrowth, and quite a few Canada Geese happy to laze in the warming sunshine.
Further round at the ‘noisy’ part of the lake, the annual funfair had settled in for its visit, ready to amuse and take the money from its patrons.

Quiet at this time of day; a nightmare later though.

A quick check to see how the House Martins were doing,

very well by the looks of things, and I made my way back to head for home. I wasn’t sure when or if the computer was coming back today, so I thought I’d better be ready, just in case. A few more pictures taken on the way, but I’ve not got round to doing those yet. Another time.

So just after nine I rang the Doctor. Answer phone!
Too nice a day to sit about, so I headed off to Bletchley, a small town, swallowed up in the sprawl that is Milton Keyenes. I’m not the best ambassador for its promotion, I hate the place, but it has lots of those cheap bargain shops, and I wanted some planters for the garden, and to stock up on ‘bird food.’ Good ol’ Wilkinsons!
I stopped off at a garden centre on the way home, and got some more plants, and dirt, to put in the planters. A stunning Rudbeckia, in yellow and gold, another Phlox, a spindly looking Salvia that was reduced in price, (it’ll grow), another reduced Agastache, incredibly aromatic, and a Nepeta, which the hoverflies were reluctant to leave, as I pushed it round in the trolley.
My cat has taken a shine to it too.

Heavily laden, and lighter in pocket, I got back to find the Doctor had phoned while I was out. Typical!
I rang back, and he arranged to bring the cured patient over later.

I set about planting the treasures into their new homes, whilst being mobbed by numerous bees and hoverflies. And the sun was hot! A beautiful day.
True to his word, the Doctor arrived later, patient wired up in its usual place, a quick test, and then he was gone.

happy feet
Ooooooooooo. Now the work begins. I began the long process of reinstalling programmes and a few pictures, in between finishing off the planting, and taking some pictures in the garden.
The finished Phlox, ready to attract the insects. They love it, so far.

This next one was taken a few days ago, but I kinda like it, so it’s here.

A busy Saturday, and when I stopped for a quick coffee break, I noticed a white bee.
White Bee?
Well, it looked white, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a regular bee, covered in pollen.

Not the best of shots, but they show just how much he was covered. So much, that he had difficulty in flying, and spent some time trying to clean it off his body and legs.

And then back to the computer. I’ve still loads to do, but gradually getting there.

A few more days and it’ll all be like a bad dream!


  1. Congratulations on having your PC back.Must be a real relief:)Bet you got loads to do now.The first and second shots are stunning.The House Martins look so cute!!I somehow like the look of the bee covered in pollen.


  2. That is one sloppy eater that bee!..lol
    Any trip to any garden center is like putting me in a candy store, its hard not to be tempted you did very well! The Swan photos are wonderful love this droplets that will forever hang in photoland!
    Yippie on the PC home again--and Ive done what you are doing a few times after having the Hard Drive completely wiped..it is a lot of work! At least it didnt end up in the computer boneyard! :o)

  3. yeah!! the computers back. I love the bee covered in pollen. I have never seen that before. great shot!!

  4. I think that bee could pollinate every plant in the nursery by itself! Great swan captures. Love the House Martins peeping out of the nest.

    I know that long boring task of reinstalling everything, trying to find or remember IDs and passwords.

  5. Ah well, return the sledge hammer to the shed for now.

  6. So glad your computer is well again! Those House Martins are adorable, and the bee looks like he's been rolling in sugar, I've never seen one so covered!

  7. Thanks NatureStop. Good to have it back at last. A lot of work to do now putting things back to get it almost how it was lol

    Thank you Dixxe. The garden centre has certainly had plenty of my money recently. :)

    Thank you Doreen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw that bee.

    Thanks John. Not many House Martins left in their nests now; most of them are flying around with the adults.

    Roy it almost got used lol

    Thanks Omi. He was a real busy bee. lol

  8. So glad the computer is back from hospital. I have seen some laden bees but nothing like yours, a cracking photo! The House Martins are so sweet. Was the insect a grasshopper?

  9. Thanks ShySongbird. Long process now of trying to get it back to resemble what it was lol
    I think the insect was a grasshopper, (or maybe some special name, not sure), but he was crawling around one of the potted plants.

  10. Woo hoo on having your 'puter back Keith :D It's takes ages to get it back up to where it was before, but you'll get there in the end!

    Stunning shots of the swan; you've really caught the water droplets so well. As as for that super-sonic bee...... nice one Keith.

  11. Great to hear you are firing on all cylinders again.....just don't forget to do a full back-up once you've sorted everything out!!
    I see you beat me to the mark with the bee (inside a Hibiscus?) but I might post one anyway but definitely without that amount of pollen. Cheers FAB

  12. Thanks Tricia. It's a long process, but nearly there. Could do with a couple days off work lol Still trying with the Swans ;)

    Cheers Frank. Yea, that bee was on a Hibiscus. It's had loads of blooms this year.

  13. Glad your computer is back and up and running---and you had such a lovely day to boot. That sugar-dipped looking bee is cute, and I really like the green bug photo, very cool.

  14. Beautiful shots of the Swan.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Well how did that happen?
    WOOT! for the computer's return.
    Precious babes in nest look like they are about to go. I think that bee must have felt a bit drunk.


  18. I can't stop looking at those swan photos! (I love all the photos but those swan ones really grabbed me!) :-)

  19. Thanks Kelly. A long process sorting things out on it at the moment, inbetween everything else, but getting there at last.
    The bee was having a real feast ;)

  20. Thanks Jim; nice to see you back too.

    Thanks Andrea. I'm sure those young Martins will be away from the nest soon, then their big journey begins.

    Thank you Marcos, very kind of you

    Thanks Shelley, appreciate that.

  21. Beautiful series of fantastic photos !!I loved the shots !! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world with us..Unseen Rajasthan

  22. Wonderful macro and avian photography. I can "see" that your having a lot of fun with it!