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Saturday, 22 August 2009

The local

I took a short break from car hunting today, and wandered around the local lake in the sunshine. Apart from some distant trees hitting their first flushes of autumn colour in the leaves,

it felt rather pleasant. Almost like a summers day; enough to lift the spirits. Even some of the birds were a bit cooperative for a change.

Although this Blue Tit wasn’t going to come from the cover of the trees for no one.
The Canada Geese were keeping one watchful eye open, as I walked past them,

but they weren’t going to let me interrupt their breakfast.
At first glance in the distance, this chap had me thinking the white face belonged to a Barnacle Goose, but as he came closer, I realised it wasn’t.
I think he must be the result of a dalliance between a Canada and a Greylag Goose.

The butterflies were out in force, enjoying the warm sunshine.
A Painted Lady. The focus on the wrong end, but I quite liked it for the spread of the wings.

A female Common Blue. The colour in the wing tips, picked out nicely on the Common Birds-foot Trefoil. A sort of ‘two for one’ shot.
Here’s a couple more 'two for ones’,

a Six-spot Burnet on a Field Scabious.

and a Small White on Water Mint.

Amongst the various white clumps of Yarrow, I noticed this lone pink variety.

And further round the lake, some Fleabane,

shining like golden stars in the sun.

Then I saw the biggest Dragonfly I’ve ever seen.

A male Brown Hawker. He was huge. A wingspan of 102mm; that’s about four inches in proper measurements.
By contrast, a female Common Darter,

a 58mm wingspan; about two and a half inches.
And smaller still, this unknown Damselfly.
Unknown to me, anyway.

And as I sat down at the edge of the lake, three curious cygnets came over to see what I was doing.

‘Hmmmm, not a lot’, they decided.

‘If I look cute, maybe he has some bread for us’.

Realising I hadn’t, they swam off, and rested themselves.

It was time for me to head home; and rest too.


  1. Well done getting the pitched Brown Hawker Keith, I have only seen them this year as they fly by at 300mph.

    Yep that goose is either Canlag or a Greynada. {:)

  2. Plenty of variety in your walks, Keith - I love 'em. That Blue Tit looks a determined little character. Never seen a Brown Hawker - a most impressive dragon.

  3. Well I didn't like the look of those trees at all Keith, far too much of the A word creeping in there I fear!

    The first two Cygnet photos look so comical :)

    My goodness the Brown Hawker was a big chap, I don't think I've seen one of those and I really loved the Blue Tit photo.

  4. Love the cygnets - very cute! Great post

  5. nice one on the brown hawker. they seldom pose!!

  6. Keith, great images as usual. I think the damselfly is a teneral Common Blue. Great Brown hawker shot - probably the hardest odonata species to photograph (except when you have one in the hand!).

  7. All that in one day. I could walk around for hours and not spot anything except ducks. Loved the cygnets.

  8. Thanks Roy. The Goose is a strange one :) The Brown Hawker certainly fly fast, and it was after a long wait, that I managed to get him still for a moment.

    Cheers Rob. It was the first Brown Hawker I’d seen. Once I saw the first, they seemed to be everywhere.

    Thank you ShySongbird. Those trees were a little reminder of what’s to come lol

    Omi, thanks. The cygnets were very curious. As soon as I stopped to sit down, they started to swim over to investigate. :)

    Thanks Pete. Had to wait a bit for it to settle; but worth the wait.

    Marcos, thank you.

    Matt thanks for the possible damsel ID.
    It was after a fairly long wait, watching the Hawker flying round his territory, that he eventually landed quite high up. I was quite pleased with the few shots I managed, before he took off again. My first sighting too.

    Valerie, thank you. There’s always something at this lake to see. Can’t always manage to get pictures though lol

  9. What a wonderful find with the Brown Hawker - you must have been really pleased with that one! Sounds like a nice walk you had..

  10. Thanks Tricia. It was a first for me, and very pleased I got a couple of pictures too.

  11. Wow...what a variety! Love the butterflies and cygnets especially!

  12. That was for certain a pleasant morning walk and you made as usual some great pictures. I like those curious cygnets, they are really handsome.
    Like here too autumn is coming and nature is changing its color and shortly the bird will leave the continent.

  13. ....such a nice day perfectly spent! I really enjoyed the cygnets, especially the shot where he is looking down. So sweet...

  14. Squirrel, thank you. The cygnets were very co-operative. :)

    Thanks Andor. The seasons seem to change so quickly don't they.

    Kelly, thanks. It was an enjoyable bit of escape for a few hours.

  15. Good to be back online. Hawkers are too quick for me. Did consider fly spray but decided it really wasn't in the spirit of the job. Great images as usual.

  16. Hi
    What a gorgeous post with so many good pictures. I love the common blue shots, it is a so beautiful butterfly!

  17. I'm envious of all the butterflies you have there! What a extraordinary dragonfly too! And those cygnets were adorable - I probably would've raced to the store to buy them bread cuz I'm gullible like that - LOL! I enjoyed all your photos as usual.

  18. Thanks Adrian. Fly spray? tut tut lol

    Chris, thanks for stopping by, and commenting, appreciate it. The Common Blue is living up to its name here at the moment. They seem to be everywhere. lol

    Thanks Shelley. The swans and cygnets don't go short of bread there. They're so used to people feeding them, you only have to stop for a moment and they come over to see if you have food. :)

  19. I really loved the teenagers in the last 4 pictures. So awkward and sweet. A~

  20. Thanks Andrea. They're irresistible at that age. :)

  21. stunning shots as always! the cygnets are very cute. sort of like a spike hair do!

  22. Thanks for your comment Doreen. :)