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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

No wonder I’m going grey………….

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Blogger at the moment?

I can’t seem to copy and paste an entry into ‘New Post’ like I used to.
I’d upload the pictures, then slot the words between them from a word document. This wonderful refurbished, super duper computer has now got IE 8 on it, and I’m wondering if that’s the problem. The last post I did, I had to do it in HTML mode; not easy for an ol’ muppett like me. I’d find reading about quantum physics written in hieroglyphics simpler. So this comes courtesy of Firefox for now. (I hope)
I did notice on the Dashboard, that all the blogs I was ‘following’ had disappeared too; although they’ve come back now.

This kinda portrays how I’m feeling at the moment……

Not ‘fun’ as in funfair; more like colourful language and going round in circles on a merry-go-round! I hate computers at the moment!!

Enough whinging, here’s some pictures I’ve come across while still trying to get the pc back to resembling how it was.

Marbled White

Painted Lady

Common Tern

Young Willow Warbler

Common Blue

And last one for now, the young Willow Warbler giving his take on how I feel about computers at the moment

Pen and paper was so much easier.

This has taken five attempts, an error code from Firefox, and back to Quantum HTML on IE.

I give up!!


  1. Poor Keith--I feel your pain--
    Well--thats one reason Im hanging back from Vista and IE8.0...just dont want to relearn everything-- Never tried firefox..but when I checked my blog from the computers at the library the entire page was HUGE-- looked so different..But your post came out very nice so I think you mastered it!
    Im loving that shot of the common BLUE with the light coming thru the wings..just awesome perspective.

  2. hello there - i've been having problems with blogger and facebook for several days - and with one of my personal email sites which i've not been able to access for several days now - must the the planets out of alignment again!

    your images are just breathtaking - and literally "take" me away from this screen and into the "natural world"!!!

  3. Poor old Keith - you are not having fun with your computer. Make sure your IE8 is fully patched up to date as Micro$oft keep issuing updates to make it work properly with things which had no problems in IE7.

    Another superb selection of photos. I was really struck with the Common Tern and the Marbled White.

    Haven't noticed any major problems with Blogger apart from it occasionally taking two goes to accept my comments on my own blog.

  4. Lovely moth selection.
    Sorry to hear your frustration.
    But you've summed it up with humor!

  5. I'm running IE8 along with btinternet and don't seem to have any problems with blogger. I have written some of my pieces in MS Word and pasted them into the editore in blogger ok.
    Any way, Keith: Lovely pictures as ever, particularly the marbled white which I don't think we get up here. Don't pull out too much of your hair!

  6. No, I had no problems with blogger today. I think there is a possibility to compose your post as an email and send it to an email address and it will be posted automatically, but you need to set this option in the blog settings. However sometimes it's very slow and the pictures are resized strangely. That could be an alternative to html composition - however not a good one.

    I like the penultimate shot with the butterfly - excellent composition with the light coming from above.

  7. Hi Keith. Careful yo don't go bald!
    I've had a few glitches with IE8 but switched on 'Display all websites in Compatability View' which seems to have helped but 'blogger' was playing up last night. Good suggestion to run all relevant updates from MSoft just in case.
    Thanks for sharing the Marbled White. FAB

  8. Thanks everyone. Seems like it’s just me and computers falling out at the moment. lol

    Thanks Dixxe, I’m still using XP too. It does all I need really, or used to. lol
    I’ll persevere.

    Gypsywoman thanks. Technology has a way of messing me up at times. Hope these planets sort their selves out soon. :)
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    John, thanks. I get the ‘two go’ thing as well lol

    Thanks Andrea. I think if I couldn’t see the funny side of all this I’d go mad. So frustrating though. :)

    Emma, thanks. The ‘paste’ option just isn’t there for me for some reason when I right click the mouse to paste into a new blog entry.
    The hair stays……..for now ;)

    Thanks for the suggestion Andor. Does seem a lot of work though.
    Maybe I should persevere with HTML, and try and understand it a bit better.

    Frank, cheers. I’ll try that one with the Compatability View, nothing to loose ;)
    Baldness is not an option lol

    Field of View, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate it. :)

  9. i am sorry to hear this Keith, i wish i could help you, im not a techie myself. but i wish it could be fixed soon, and you have no right to disappear either,lol. thank you Keith for always with me on my site.So keep cool and relax, things will get back into place.

  10. Sorry you are having such problems Keith. I have to say I much prefer Firefox and have done for some time, I particularly like the fact it has such a variety of useful add-ons such as add-blockers, spell-checkers etc. However, back to blogger. I always do my posts in 'compose mode', (forgive me if you know about this) above the new post there is the option to do the post in 'edit html' form or 'compose' and when I first started blogging I always did my posts in 'compose' mode (didn't even know what 'edit html' meant then!) until one day I unwittingly did something which put me into 'edit html' mode, it was a real baptism of fire although I did pick it up quite quickly but after several posts I discovered that if I hit 'compose' (next to 'edit html', just above new post it went back to what I had been used to which to me is no different to writing in this comment box. I know this may not be one of the problems you are having but just thought I would mention it.

    Anyway I loved your photos as usual, how nice to have photos of that quality 'tucked away' for occasions like this, I loved the Tern in flight, I have been trying to photograph a rather large bird in flight this week and it is not easy as you will see on a future blog ;)

    Good luck with the 'puter, hope you don't pull too much of that abundant hair out :)

  11. Thanks lolit. More or less there now, with the computer. It’s just the copy/paste thing that’s causing problems at the moment.

    Thanks Shysongbird. I’ve tried various combinations of posting, but it seems for some reason I can only paste text in HTML mode when I’ve uploaded pictures. The option to ‘paste’ in compose isn’t highlighted when I right click. It all works fine in the comment box, but not when I try to do a post. Very strange.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures though. And I’ve still got the hair left lol

  12. I like the header picture. Nice shot.


  13. Thanks for stopping by Carol, and commenting. Appreciate it.
    You have some beautiful pictures on your blog.

  14. I have had problems in the past that you are having now. knock on wood........ I have not been having any problems as of late. hope it straightens out for you!! could be the new program. takes a while to tune up. ??

    awesome shots as always Mr. Holdingmoments!!

  15. LOL - I wish I could help you, but I cannot. When I have computer issues I use control-alt-delete.

    That doesn't always work.

    I love that colorful horse!

  16. Thanks Doreen. Hopefully it'll soon be sorted, and back to normal. :)

    Thanks Jen. I even thought about a large hammer at one time lol

  17. Hi Keith great photos as always. Fortunately I saw the light and stopped using Windows several years ago. (I'm a Mac) but that doesn't help you. I would always advise any Windows PC user to preferably through it all in the bin (or if not in a position to at the time), use Firefox every time and never use IE of any denomination. I use edit HTML on the blogger as I find that the images stay where you put them. It is probably something to do with IE that you are having problems.

  18. Thanks Roy. I think you're right about IE. It seems to be the main culprit at the moment.

    Maybe a Mac is something to consider for the future too.

  19. Hi Keith, I use Live writer, set it up to download to your blog. then all you have to do is drag and drop images and type where you think fit. Must be easy I did it. The big bonus is it's free. I have mixed feelings about Windows updates, seems that half the time they cause more problems than they solve. Great photos as usual.

  20. Thanks Adrian. Hadn't thought about 'Live Writer.' I used to use it when I had a 'Space', a few years ago. Didn't know it worked with other blogs.