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Friday, 14 August 2009

The solaf...........chapter seven

continuing the story of the solaf


Gemma began to stir in her bed. The suns rays were dancing around her room, slowly making their way to where she lay. A few more seconds and they were on her face, beckoning her to wake.
She sighed, and began to open her sleep filled eyes. The sunlight danced away, as she rubbed away the last of the night. Yawning, she began to sit up, looking around her room. Her thoughts quickly wandered back to the previous day. And solaf.
‘Poor solaf,’ she thought, desperately fighting back tears. Her gaze swept around the room. No rag doll. In all the drama of the previous day, rag doll had been forgotten.

She swept her legs out of the bed, and began searching for some clothes.
‘She must still be in the garden,’ she wondered.
Hunger was pulling at her stomach, but that would have to wait. Right now she wanted; no needed, rag doll. She quietly closed her bedroom door, as she made her way into the garden.

As she made her way across the lawn, she noticed that the plants were back in their homes, planted by her father the previous day. No sign of rag doll though. She hurried to the edge of the pond, and there, floating face down was rag doll.

The solaf was beginning to wonder how he was going to get out of this. Magic didn’t seem to work. Neither did jumping; that just seemed to create more problems. He looked around him.
‘Now if there were stairs,’ he began to wonder, ‘ I could climb straight up and away.’ He smiled, thinking how silly he was sometimes. He looked back up at rag doll.
She was still there, but one leg was beginning to hang down slightly. Soaking up the water, rag doll was starting to get heavier, and sinking.

He had to think fast now, not only was he in trouble, but so was rag doll.

‘Stairs,’ he was thinking as he gazed towards the weeds where the fish lived. The solaf stared at the weeds for a moment, and his eyes followed them, up. Up to the top of the water.
He smiled. ‘My stairs.’

He began making his way toward the weeds, hoping the big fish was still sleeping. Almost there. He looked up at rag doll. She was still there, leg dangling more, her body turning slightly as the weight began pulling her down.
‘Must hurry,’ he thought as he grabbed at the tall weed in front of him.

Pulling with all his strength, he slowly began to rise upwards.
Left hand, pull. Right hand, pull. Steadily he began to scale the tall weed, wondering if he had chosen the right one.
‘Suppose this one didn’t go right to the top? Stop it solaf!’ he thought.
‘Of course it will. Believe.’ Steadily, upwards he climbed. He looked down; the pond floor leaving him now. Above him, rag doll, second leg hanging down now, slowly sinking towards him.

Gemma stared at rag doll, floating in the pond, legs dangling beneath the water.
Rag doll was beginning to sink.

Gemma quickly looked around the garden for something to use to get rag doll. A stick, anything.

The shed. Her father kept some big sticks in the shed for the plants.
She raced toward the shed, hoping it wasn’t locked. Sometimes her dad could be just too tidy. Yanking on the door, it swung open, revealing all its treasures.
Spade, fork, mower,
“Where’s the sticks!” Gemma screamed.

Rag doll was now soaking up so much water; she looked as though she was standing upright. Except, all that was visible above the water was a soggy face.
The solaf was still making progress up the weeds, but something was stirring below.

The fish was gliding from his shelter.



  1. You have a gift Keith. You write clearly and cleanly, giving enough details for the reader to get a rich image in their mind.

    I love the action in each chapter, and I love waiting to find out what happens next!

    I am so glad you shared this - have you considered getting this published? Oh, and will we know what a solaf is at the end?

  2. Thanks Jen, really appreciate that comment.

    Publishing has crossed my mind, but to be honest, I wouldn't really know where to start.

    As to what a 'solaf' is, hmmmmmmm........lol

  3. Wow...great mystery brewing! I hope Solaf will not become fish food! Getting published is not easy I self published one book and that was hard! The Writers Handbook is in all libraries and has the submission guidelines for all publishers...BUT more and more they wont take unsolicited work--so it pushes writers to get agents!..I think its worth a try for sure, what harm is it to try? I have a stack of rejection letters from publishers and fabric manufactures as well..Getting a tough skin is the first order of biz! Enjoying these posting very much Keith!

  4. You should publish this story - you are very talented! Hoping the rag doll makes it....

  5. Very enjoyable Keith and we are left wanting more again.

  6. Dixxe, thanks for your comment, and encouragement. I'll have a look out for that book. I've certainly got a thick skin lol

    Thanks Shelley. Good old Rag Doll :)

    Thanks for your comment ShySongbird. Appreciate it.

  7. Haha! I love it...I could totally see in my mind's eye the progress of Rag Doll as she soaked up the water and was slowly being weighted down. Fun and exciting...there is still so much unanswered--I'm totally hooked.

  8. Thanks Kelly, glad you are enjoying it. :)

  9. Another great cliffhanger Keith.

  10. The suspense is killing me! I was literally jigging about on my seat trying to urge everyone to hurry! Glad I got back in time for this instalment.

  11. Thanks John and Valerie; it's almost there ;)